Mick Lauer

Mick Lauer

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Mick Lauer's voice acting career, he has worked with Kellen Goff the most times ... totalling 4 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 233
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Kellen Goff4 times with
Kellen Goff
Xander Mobus3 times with
Xander Mobus
Sean Chiplock3 times with
Sean Chiplock
Lizzie Freeman3 times with
Lizzie Freeman
Alejandro Saab3 times with
Alejandro Saab
Josh Tomar3 times with
Josh Tomar
Christopher Niosi3 times with
Christopher Niosi
Lucien Dodge2 times with
Lucien Dodge
Armen Taylor2 times with
Armen Taylor
Apphia Yu2 times with
Apphia Yu
Amber Lee Connors2 times with
Amber Lee Connors
Brook Chalmers2 times with
Brook Chalmers
Jeannie Tirado2 times with
Jeannie Tirado
Eileen Montgomery2 times with
Eileen Montgomery
Joe Hernandez2 times with
Joe Hernandez
Aleks Le2 times with
Aleks Le
John Mondelli2 times with
John Mondelli
Marissa Lenti2 times with
Marissa Lenti
Matthew Mercer2 times with
Matthew Mercer
Francine L Farley2 times with
Francine L Farley
Skyler Davenport2 times with
Skyler Davenport
Kira Buckland2 times with
Kira Buckland
Jason Marnocha2 times with
Jason Marnocha
Ezra Weisz2 times with
Ezra Weisz
Chris Hackney2 times with
Chris Hackney
Ty Konzak2 times with
Ty Konzak
Greg Chun2 times with
Greg Chun
Erica Mendez2 times with
Erica Mendez
Justin Briner2 times with
Justin Briner
Ben Lepley2 times with
Ben Lepley
Caitlin Glass2 times with
Caitlin Glass
Morgan Berry2 times with
Morgan Berry
Christopher Guerrero2 times with
Christopher Guerrero
Jalen K. Cassell2 times with
Jalen K. Cassell
Patrick Seitz2 times with
Patrick Seitz
Laila Berzins2 times with
Laila Berzins
Steve Staley1 time with
Steve Staley
Cristina Valenzuela1 time with
Cristina Valenzuela
Lindsay Seidel1 time with
Lindsay Seidel
Jennifer Alyx1 time with
Jennifer Alyx
Kamran Nikhad1 time with
Kamran Nikhad
Abby Trott1 time with
Abby Trott
Aaron Aryanpur1 time with
Aaron Aryanpur
Alison Viktorin1 time with
Alison Viktorin
Phil Parsons1 time with
Phil Parsons
Clifford Chapin1 time with
Clifford Chapin
Noah Scammon1 time with
Noah Scammon
Anthony Sardinha1 time with
Anthony Sardinha
Jordan Reynolds1 time with
Jordan Reynolds
Jamie Marchi1 time with
Jamie Marchi
Anastasia Munoz1 time with
Anastasia Munoz
Rachel Robinson1 time with
Rachel Robinson
Stan Robak1 time with
Stan Robak
Dawn M. Bennett1 time with
Dawn M. Bennett
Dustin Simington1 time with
Dustin Simington
Kyle Johnson1 time with
Kyle Johnson
Kara Edwards1 time with
Kara Edwards
James Arnold Taylor1 time with
James Arnold Taylor
Jim Foronda1 time with
Jim Foronda
Marianne Miller1 time with
Marianne Miller
Anna Kingsley1 time with
Anna Kingsley
Nick Landis1 time with
Nick Landis
Howard Wang1 time with
Howard Wang
Michelle Marie1 time with
Michelle Marie
Monica Rial1 time with
Monica Rial
J Michael Tatum1 time with
J Michael Tatum
Scott Freeman1 time with
Scott Freeman
Kimlinh Tran1 time with
Kimlinh Tran
Curtis Arnott1 time with
Curtis Arnott
Zach Aguilar1 time with
Zach Aguilar
Jordan Dash Cruz1 time with
Jordan Dash Cruz
Chuck Huber1 time with
Chuck Huber
Todd Haberkorn1 time with
Todd Haberkorn
Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld1 time with
Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Holly Franklin1 time with
Holly Franklin
Andrew Dennis1 time with
Andrew Dennis
Alex Cazares1 time with
Alex Cazares
Jonathan David Bullock1 time with
Jonathan David Bullock
Michele Knotz1 time with
Michele Knotz
Charles Campbell1 time with
Charles Campbell
Ric Spiegel1 time with
Ric Spiegel
Ray Hurd1 time with
Ray Hurd
John Aponte1 time with
John Aponte
Frank Todaro1 time with
Frank Todaro
Cindy Robinson1 time with
Cindy Robinson
Lydia Mackay1 time with
Lydia Mackay
Katelyn Barr1 time with
Katelyn Barr
Brian Hanford1 time with
Brian Hanford
Steve Blum1 time with
Steve Blum
Roger Craig Smith1 time with
Roger Craig Smith
Bill Jenkins1 time with
Bill Jenkins
Julia McIlvaine1 time with
Julia McIlvaine
Michael Johnston1 time with
Michael Johnston
Khoi Dao1 time with
Khoi Dao
Brianna Roberts1 time with
Brianna Roberts
Kirk Thornton1 time with
Kirk Thornton
Ted Sroka1 time with
Ted Sroka
Rachelle Heger1 time with
Rachelle Heger
Brad Venable1 time with
Brad Venable
Jared J. Lee1 time with
Jared J. Lee

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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