Michelle Sobel

Michelle Sobel

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Michelle Sobel's voice acting career, she has worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 6 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 63
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Tom Gottlieb6 times with
Tom Gottlieb
Andy Poland6 times with
Andy Poland
Phil Ridarelli5 times with
Phil Ridarelli
Pamela Rose3 times with
Pamela Rose
Phoebe Fuller3 times with
Phoebe Fuller
Larry King3 times with
Larry King
Brian Chard3 times with
Brian Chard
Becca Kaufman3 times with
Becca Kaufman
Patrick Heupel3 times with
Patrick Heupel
Jamie Vann3 times with
Jamie Vann
David Houghtaling2 times with
David Houghtaling
Mary Garvey2 times with
Mary Garvey
Lisa Helfer2 times with
Lisa Helfer
Joel Husenits2 times with
Joel Husenits
John Wodynski2 times with
John Wodynski
Lina Chern2 times with
Lina Chern
Peter B. Spector2 times with
Peter B. Spector
Marta Segal Block2 times with
Marta Segal Block
Ali Davis2 times with
Ali Davis
David Nathanielsz2 times with
David Nathanielsz
Harry Gottlieb2 times with
Harry Gottlieb
Mike Finney2 times with
Mike Finney
Sean Abley2 times with
Sean Abley
Tim Sniffen2 times with
Tim Sniffen
Arnie Niekamp2 times with
Arnie Niekamp
Joe Janes2 times with
Joe Janes
Olive Polken2 times with
Olive Polken
Nell Carter1 time with
Nell Carter
Erik Estrada1 time with
Erik Estrada
Terrian Jordan1 time with
Terrian Jordan
Griffin Dunne1 time with
Griffin Dunne
Gail Stern1 time with
Gail Stern
Greg Bolsinga1 time with
Greg Bolsinga
Jenny Thielen1 time with
Jenny Thielen
Phyllis Diller1 time with
Phyllis Diller
Ted Lange1 time with
Ted Lange
Milton Berle1 time with
Milton Berle
Tom Wuttke1 time with
Tom Wuttke
Lila Michael1 time with
Lila Michael
Devon Orrin1 time with
Devon Orrin
Charles Nelson Reilly1 time with
Charles Nelson Reilly
Ed McMahon1 time with
Ed McMahon
Dan Simon1 time with
Dan Simon
Brian McGovern1 time with
Brian McGovern
Mick Fleetwood1 time with
Mick Fleetwood
Florence Henderson1 time with
Florence Henderson
Catherine Rich1 time with
Catherine Rich
Terry Hackett1 time with
Terry Hackett
PJ Sonnichsen1 time with
PJ Sonnichsen
Mahesh Chandrasekhar1 time with
Mahesh Chandrasekhar
Tim Allen1 time with
Tim Allen
Vanessa Williams1 time with
Vanessa Williams
Scott Parkinson1 time with
Scott Parkinson
Catherine Oddy1 time with
Catherine Oddy
Heather Bick1 time with
Heather Bick
Carl Reiner1 time with
Carl Reiner
Dana Carvey1 time with
Dana Carvey
Michael Gold1 time with
Michael Gold
Dennis Miller1 time with
Dennis Miller
Dan Fiden1 time with
Dan Fiden
Lauren Tewes1 time with
Lauren Tewes
Kevin Bacon1 time with
Kevin Bacon
Gabe Val1 time with
Gabe Val


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