Michelle Armeneau

Michelle Armeneau

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Michelle Armeneau's voice acting career, they have worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 7 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 113
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Jonathan Love7 times with
Jonathan Love
Roger Rhodes7 times with
Roger Rhodes
Carol Anne Day6 times with
Carol Anne Day
Steve Olson6 times with
Steve Olson
Byron Close6 times with
Byron Close
Elinor Holt5 times with
Elinor Holt
Dave Pettitt5 times with
Dave Pettitt
Onalea Gilbertson5 times with
Onalea Gilbertson
Angie Beers5 times with
Angie Beers
Meredith Taylor Parry5 times with
Meredith Taylor Parry
Mariette Sluyter5 times with
Mariette Sluyter
Mike Shepherd5 times with
Mike Shepherd
Brett Bauer5 times with
Brett Bauer
Sean Broadhurst4 times with
Sean Broadhurst
Ben Jeffery4 times with
Ben Jeffery
Dan Gascon4 times with
Dan Gascon
Randall Wiebe4 times with
Randall Wiebe
Maizun Jayoussi3 times with
Maizun Jayoussi
Scott Roberts3 times with
Scott Roberts
Victor Atelevich3 times with
Victor Atelevich
Lucas Gilbertson3 times with
Lucas Gilbertson
Ethan Cole3 times with
Ethan Cole
Melanie Risdon3 times with
Melanie Risdon
Brendan Hunter3 times with
Brendan Hunter
Adam Hunter3 times with
Adam Hunter
Jennifer Bain2 times with
Jennifer Bain
Paul Cowling2 times with
Paul Cowling
Annika Odegard2 times with
Annika Odegard
Doug McKeag2 times with
Doug McKeag
Leda Davies2 times with
Leda Davies
Noah Umholtz2 times with
Noah Umholtz
Corby Proctor2 times with
Corby Proctor
Graham Ko2 times with
Graham Ko
Leah Dubbin-Steckel2 times with
Leah Dubbin-Steckel
Katie Rowan2 times with
Katie Rowan
Marcy Lannan2 times with
Marcy Lannan
Tracy Sutton2 times with
Tracy Sutton
Rocio Barahona2 times with
Rocio Barahona
Gerald Matthews2 times with
Gerald Matthews
Tommy James2 times with
Tommy James
Jim Sarantis2 times with
Jim Sarantis
Lori Bachynski2 times with
Lori Bachynski
Caitlynne Medrek2 times with
Caitlynne Medrek
Zane Sampson2 times with
Zane Sampson
Richard Lee2 times with
Richard Lee
Phil Fulton2 times with
Phil Fulton
Tom Edwards2 times with
Tom Edwards
Cheryl McMaster2 times with
Cheryl McMaster
Jeffrey Watson2 times with
Jeffrey Watson
Dave Kelly2 times with
Dave Kelly
Dean Bareham2 times with
Dean Bareham
John Knight1 time with
John Knight
Kendra Masonchuck1 time with
Kendra Masonchuck
Mark Gatha1 time with
Mark Gatha
April McGregor1 time with
April McGregor
Jennifer Reynolds1 time with
Jennifer Reynolds
Matt Embry1 time with
Matt Embry
Ryan Stockert1 time with
Ryan Stockert
Allyson June Smith1 time with
Allyson June Smith
Chris Wynters1 time with
Chris Wynters
Darcy Han1 time with
Darcy Han
Don Brown1 time with
Don Brown
Jennifer Holder1 time with
Jennifer Holder
Graden Gant1 time with
Graden Gant
Macy Brown1 time with
Macy Brown
Stewart Burdett1 time with
Stewart Burdett
Shannon Strumecki1 time with
Shannon Strumecki
Michelle Warkentin1 time with
Michelle Warkentin
Suzette Mattar1 time with
Suzette Mattar
Jasmin Dobranski1 time with
Jasmin Dobranski
Andi Zack-Johnson1 time with
Andi Zack-Johnson
Randy Brososky1 time with
Randy Brososky
Jonathan Lachlan Stewart1 time with
Jonathan Lachlan Stewart
Shyla Franco1 time with
Shyla Franco
Clark Robertson1 time with
Clark Robertson
Maddie Duke1 time with
Maddie Duke
Allan Boss1 time with
Allan Boss
Mike Thiessen1 time with
Mike Thiessen
Will Wood1 time with
Will Wood
Elizabeth Stepkowski1 time with
Elizabeth Stepkowski
Matthew Erickson1 time with
Matthew Erickson
Jillian Hannah1 time with
Jillian Hannah
Kristin Nowosad1 time with
Kristin Nowosad
Lisa Christie1 time with
Lisa Christie
Abby Charchun1 time with
Abby Charchun
Barb Mitchell1 time with
Barb Mitchell
Bryce Kulak1 time with
Bryce Kulak
Paul Boucher1 time with
Paul Boucher
Jeremiah Yurk1 time with
Jeremiah Yurk
Cole Howard1 time with
Cole Howard
Barbara Beall1 time with
Barbara Beall
Stephen Holgate1 time with
Stephen Holgate
Dean Galloway1 time with
Dean Galloway
Morgan Partridge1 time with
Morgan Partridge
Maureen Jones1 time with
Maureen Jones
Emily Bachynski1 time with
Emily Bachynski
C. Adam Leigh1 time with
C. Adam Leigh
Richard Meen1 time with
Richard Meen
Marianna Jaromi1 time with
Marianna Jaromi
Valerie Howell1 time with
Valerie Howell

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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