Michael T Coleman

Michael T Coleman

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Michael T Coleman's voice acting career, he has worked with Christopher Corey Smith the most times ... totalling 5 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 101
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Christopher Corey Smith5 times with
Christopher Corey Smith
Christopher Bevins4 times with
Christopher Bevins
Laura Bailey4 times with
Laura Bailey
Taliesin Jaffe4 times with
Taliesin Jaffe
Doug Erholtz4 times with
Doug Erholtz
Kat Steel4 times with
Kat Steel
Travis Willingham4 times with
Travis Willingham
Peter Beckman4 times with
Peter Beckman
Kyle Hebert4 times with
Kyle Hebert
Brittney Lee Harvey4 times with
Brittney Lee Harvey
Isaac C Singleton Jr4 times with
Isaac C Singleton Jr
Jason Liebrecht4 times with
Jason Liebrecht
Bob Carter4 times with
Bob Carter
Caitlin Glass4 times with
Caitlin Glass
Jessica Straus4 times with
Jessica Straus
Gerald C Rivers4 times with
Gerald C Rivers
Reuben Langdon4 times with
Reuben Langdon
Michael Sorich3 times with
Michael Sorich
Todd Haberkorn3 times with
Todd Haberkorn
Jason Miller3 times with
Jason Miller
Michael McConnohie3 times with
Michael McConnohie
David Vincent3 times with
David Vincent
Keith Silverstein3 times with
Keith Silverstein
Stuart McLean3 times with
Stuart McLean
Ted Sroka3 times with
Ted Sroka
Karen Strassman3 times with
Karen Strassman
Dave Mallow3 times with
Dave Mallow
Michelle Ruff3 times with
Michelle Ruff
John Snyder3 times with
John Snyder
Gina Grad2 times with
Gina Grad
JB Blanc2 times with
JB Blanc
Jesse Merlin2 times with
Jesse Merlin
Jessica D Stone2 times with
Jessica D Stone
Matthew Mercer2 times with
Matthew Mercer
Carrie Savage2 times with
Carrie Savage
Mike McFarland2 times with
Mike McFarland
Patrick Seitz2 times with
Patrick Seitz
Douglas Lee2 times with
Douglas Lee
Chris Cain2 times with
Chris Cain
Johnny Yong Bosch2 times with
Johnny Yong Bosch
TJ Storm2 times with
TJ Storm
Jamieson Price2 times with
Jamieson Price
Bonnie Gordon2 times with
Bonnie Gordon
GK Bowes2 times with
GK Bowes
Erica Lindbeck2 times with
Erica Lindbeck
Dameon Clarke2 times with
Dameon Clarke
Chris Rickabaugh2 times with
Chris Rickabaugh
Marc Swint2 times with
Marc Swint
Lance J Holt2 times with
Lance J Holt
Karen Dyer2 times with
Karen Dyer
Lisa Ortiz1 time with
Lisa Ortiz
David Wald1 time with
David Wald
Imari Williams1 time with
Imari Williams
Erica Mendez1 time with
Erica Mendez
Gideon Emery1 time with
Gideon Emery
Joy Jacobson1 time with
Joy Jacobson
Michael Evans1 time with
Michael Evans
Cristina Valenzuela1 time with
Cristina Valenzuela
Kira Buckland1 time with
Kira Buckland
Jessica Calvello1 time with
Jessica Calvello
Cherami Leigh1 time with
Cherami Leigh
Jonathan Klein1 time with
Jonathan Klein
Cindy Robinson1 time with
Cindy Robinson
Elizabeth Maxwell1 time with
Elizabeth Maxwell
DC Douglas1 time with
DC Douglas
Jeannie Tirado1 time with
Jeannie Tirado
Benjamin Diskin1 time with
Benjamin Diskin
Debi Derryberry1 time with
Debi Derryberry
Sarah Williams1 time with
Sarah Williams
Mike DeBonis1 time with
Mike DeBonis
Xander Mobus1 time with
Xander Mobus
Annie Wood1 time with
Annie Wood
Anna Mazza1 time with
Anna Mazza
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn1 time with
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Doug Stone1 time with
Doug Stone
Darren Scott1 time with
Darren Scott
Liam O'Brien1 time with
Liam O'Brien
Chris Cason1 time with
Chris Cason
Jordan Byrne1 time with
Jordan Byrne
Dave Fennoy1 time with
Dave Fennoy
Fryda Wolff1 time with
Fryda Wolff
Megan Taylor Harvey1 time with
Megan Taylor Harvey
Chris Hackney1 time with
Chris Hackney
Matthew Sizemore1 time with
Matthew Sizemore
Brian Oliveira1 time with
Brian Oliveira
Richard Epcar1 time with
Richard Epcar
Lauren Landa1 time with
Lauren Landa
Zach Hanks1 time with
Zach Hanks
Edward Bosco1 time with
Edward Bosco
Brad Swaile1 time with
Brad Swaile
Lisle Wilkerson1 time with
Lisle Wilkerson
Josh Petersdorf1 time with
Josh Petersdorf
David Jeremiah1 time with
David Jeremiah
Tia Ballard1 time with
Tia Ballard
Melissa Hope1 time with
Melissa Hope
Peter Rosas1 time with
Peter Rosas
Michele Knotz1 time with
Michele Knotz
Bill Rogers1 time with
Bill Rogers
Jon Bailey1 time with
Jon Bailey
Ian Sinclair1 time with
Ian Sinclair

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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