Michael McElhatton

Michael McElhatton

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Michael McElhatton's voice acting career, they have worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 2 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 95
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Joanna Ruiz2 times with
Joanna Ruiz
Gunnar Cauthery2 times with
Gunnar Cauthery
Timothy Watson2 times with
Timothy Watson
Rachel Atkins2 times with
Rachel Atkins
Nicholas Boulton2 times with
Nicholas Boulton
Colin Ryan2 times with
Colin Ryan
Gemma Lawrence2 times with
Gemma Lawrence
Luke Allen-Gale2 times with
Luke Allen-Gale
Sheila Steafel2 times with
Sheila Steafel
Tracy Ann Oberman2 times with
Tracy Ann Oberman
Michael Maloney2 times with
Michael Maloney
Peter Bramhill2 times with
Peter Bramhill
Jaimi Barbakoff2 times with
Jaimi Barbakoff
Bethan Walker2 times with
Bethan Walker
Nigel Pilkington2 times with
Nigel Pilkington
Robyn Addison2 times with
Robyn Addison
Annabel Scholey2 times with
Annabel Scholey
Beatriz Romilly2 times with
Beatriz Romilly
Robert Vernon2 times with
Robert Vernon
Hannah Arterton2 times with
Hannah Arterton
Matt Stokoe2 times with
Matt Stokoe
Jonathan Bailey2 times with
Jonathan Bailey
Matt McCooey2 times with
Matt McCooey
Laura Aikman2 times with
Laura Aikman
Adam Howden2 times with
Adam Howden
Rene Zagger2 times with
Rene Zagger
Joe Dempsie2 times with
Joe Dempsie
Blake Ritson2 times with
Blake Ritson
Carina Reeves2 times with
Carina Reeves
Mario Rosenstock1 time with
Mario Rosenstock
Joe Tandberg1 time with
Joe Tandberg
Charlie Rix1 time with
Charlie Rix
Olivia Morgan1 time with
Olivia Morgan
Alfrun Rose1 time with
Alfrun Rose
Emily Polydoros1 time with
Emily Polydoros
Andrew Koji1 time with
Andrew Koji
Nina Yndis1 time with
Nina Yndis
Rove McManus1 time with
Rove McManus
Heather Graham1 time with
Heather Graham
Melkorka Oskarsdottir1 time with
Melkorka Oskarsdottir
John Heffernan1 time with
John Heffernan
Benjamin Diskin1 time with
Benjamin Diskin
Salome R. Gunnarsdottir1 time with
Salome R. Gunnarsdottir
Susie Power1 time with
Susie Power
Nigel Betts1 time with
Nigel Betts
Zoe Tapper1 time with
Zoe Tapper
Kristian Phillips1 time with
Kristian Phillips
Emma Ballantine1 time with
Emma Ballantine
Pauline McLynn1 time with
Pauline McLynn
Tommy Tiernan1 time with
Tommy Tiernan
Daniel Fraser1 time with
Daniel Fraser
Neil Delamere1 time with
Neil Delamere
Anna Rust1 time with
Anna Rust
Jason Byrne1 time with
Jason Byrne
Stephen Hoo1 time with
Stephen Hoo
Ciaran Owens1 time with
Ciaran Owens
Edward Dogliani1 time with
Edward Dogliani
Cian O'Dowd1 time with
Cian O'Dowd
Simon Greenall1 time with
Simon Greenall
Loretta Devine1 time with
Loretta Devine
Naoko Mori1 time with
Naoko Mori
Janet Varney1 time with
Janet Varney
Colm Meaney1 time with
Colm Meaney
Brendan Gleeson1 time with
Brendan Gleeson
Salome Jens1 time with
Salome Jens
Gabriel Iglesias1 time with
Gabriel Iglesias
Bill Nighy1 time with
Bill Nighy
Ken Jeong1 time with
Ken Jeong
Maya Feltheimer1 time with
Maya Feltheimer
GK Bowes1 time with
GK Bowes
Rick D Wasserman1 time with
Rick D Wasserman
Keith Ferguson1 time with
Keith Ferguson
Mikey Kelley1 time with
Mikey Kelley
Jess Harnell1 time with
Jess Harnell
Kate Higgins1 time with
Kate Higgins
Debi Derryberry1 time with
Debi Derryberry
Charlie Adler1 time with
Charlie Adler
James Goode1 time with
James Goode
Max Spitz1 time with
Max Spitz
Gwilym Lee1 time with
Gwilym Lee
Ryan Gage1 time with
Ryan Gage
Nick Shakoour1 time with
Nick Shakoour
Philip Jackson1 time with
Philip Jackson
David Rintoul1 time with
David Rintoul
Dan Gordon1 time with
Dan Gordon
Anthony Howell1 time with
Anthony Howell
Rosie Jones1 time with
Rosie Jones
Eleanor Matsuura1 time with
Eleanor Matsuura
David Menkin1 time with
David Menkin
Bruce Mackinnon1 time with
Bruce Mackinnon
Brian Protheroe1 time with
Brian Protheroe
Antony Byrne1 time with
Antony Byrne
Ciaran Hinds1 time with
Ciaran Hinds
Rob Schneider1 time with
Rob Schneider
Eric Price1 time with
Eric Price


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