Michael Hanegbi

Michael Hanegbi


Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Michael Hanegbi's voice acting career, they have worked with Ohad Shachar the most times ... totalling 7 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 69
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Ohad Shachar8 times with
Ohad Shachar
Dov Reiser6 times with
Dov Reiser
Yoram Yosephsberg6 times with
Yoram Yosephsberg
Shafrira Zakai6 times with
Shafrira Zakai
Shimon Cohen5 times with
Shimon Cohen
Micha Uzin-Salian5 times with
Micha Uzin-Salian
Albert Cohen4 times with
Albert Cohen
Amnon Wolf4 times with
Amnon Wolf
Lauren Savir3 times with
Lauren Savir
Assaf Pariente3 times with
Assaf Pariente
Zvika Fohrman3 times with
Zvika Fohrman
Muli Shulman3 times with
Muli Shulman
Eran Mor3 times with
Eran Mor
Ami Mandelman3 times with
Ami Mandelman
Eldad Prives3 times with
Eldad Prives
Hadar Shahaf3 times with
Hadar Shahaf
Yigal Sade3 times with
Yigal Sade
Sarit Vino-Elad3 times with
Sarit Vino-Elad
Liron Lev3 times with
Liron Lev
Gilad Kletter3 times with
Gilad Kletter
Sarit Seri2 times with
Sarit Seri
Simcha Barbiro2 times with
Simcha Barbiro
Efron Etkin2 times with
Efron Etkin
Eli Lulai2 times with
Eli Lulai
Eli Gorenstein2 times with
Eli Gorenstein
Michal Reshef2 times with
Michal Reshef
Gadi Levy2 times with
Gadi Levy
Iftach Ofir2 times with
Iftach Ofir
Dan Kiesler2 times with
Dan Kiesler
Alon Ofir2 times with
Alon Ofir
Orit Yaron2 times with
Orit Yaron
Limor Shapira1 time with
Limor Shapira
Doron Plaskow1 time with
Doron Plaskow
Sapir Darmon1 time with
Sapir Darmon
Dikla Hadar1 time with
Dikla Hadar
Talya Barkay1 time with
Talya Barkay
Yoav Tzafir1 time with
Yoav Tzafir
Adi Kozlovsky1 time with
Adi Kozlovsky
Rona Danieli1 time with
Rona Danieli
Ariel Forman1 time with
Ariel Forman
Israel Gurion1 time with
Israel Gurion
Matti Atlas1 time with
Matti Atlas
Lillian Barreto1 time with
Lillian Barreto
Avraham Mor1 time with
Avraham Mor
Shmulik Tene1 time with
Shmulik Tene
Momi Levy1 time with
Momi Levy
Gilan Shahaf1 time with
Gilan Shahaf
Yuval Segal1 time with
Yuval Segal
Eti Castro1 time with
Eti Castro
Sharon Cohen1 time with
Sharon Cohen
Itzik Saidoff1 time with
Itzik Saidoff
Amos Shoov1 time with
Amos Shoov
Anat Erlich1 time with
Anat Erlich
Orly Terry1 time with
Orly Terry
Yonit Tobi1 time with
Yonit Tobi
Abraham Celektar1 time with
Abraham Celektar
Yuval Zamir1 time with
Yuval Zamir
Debbi Besserglick1 time with
Debbi Besserglick
Kobi Likverman1 time with
Kobi Likverman
Adam Neustein1 time with
Adam Neustein
Robert Henig1 time with
Robert Henig
Aviva Ger1 time with
Aviva Ger
Tamar Keynan1 time with
Tamar Keynan
Ania Bukstein1 time with
Ania Bukstein
Dor Srugo1 time with
Dor Srugo
Gil Segal1 time with
Gil Segal
Jonathan Magon1 time with
Jonathan Magon
Yehoyachin Friedlander1 time with
Yehoyachin Friedlander
Chen Hagai1 time with
Chen Hagai


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