Melissa Davis

Melissa Davis

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Melissa Davis's voice acting career, they have worked with Shelley Calene-Black the most times ... totalling 25 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 135
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Shelley Calene-Black25 times with
Shelley Calene-Black
Brittney Karbowski23 times with
Brittney Karbowski
Luci Christian22 times with
Luci Christian
Rob Mungle20 times with
Rob Mungle
Andrew Love20 times with
Andrew Love
Chris Patton18 times with
Chris Patton
Hilary Haag17 times with
Hilary Haag
David Matranga17 times with
David Matranga
Maggie Flecknoe16 times with
Maggie Flecknoe
Greg Ayres16 times with
Greg Ayres
Illich Guardiola15 times with
Illich Guardiola
Serena Varghese14 times with
Serena Varghese
Andy McAvin13 times with
Andy McAvin
Emily Neves13 times with
Emily Neves
David Wald13 times with
David Wald
Chris Hutchison12 times with
Chris Hutchison
Leraldo Anzaldua12 times with
Leraldo Anzaldua
John Swasey12 times with
John Swasey
Blake Shepard12 times with
Blake Shepard
Elizabeth Bunch12 times with
Elizabeth Bunch
Corey Hartzog11 times with
Corey Hartzog
John Gremillion11 times with
John Gremillion
Jessica Boone11 times with
Jessica Boone
Kalob Martinez10 times with
Kalob Martinez
Taylor Hannah10 times with
Taylor Hannah
Christopher Ayres10 times with
Christopher Ayres
Jay Hickman10 times with
Jay Hickman
Lesley Tesh Pedersen8 times with
Lesley Tesh Pedersen
Shannon Emerick8 times with
Shannon Emerick
Monica Rial8 times with
Monica Rial
Stephanie Wittels7 times with
Stephanie Wittels
Kara Greenberg7 times with
Kara Greenberg
Justin Doran7 times with
Justin Doran
Mark X Laskowski7 times with
Mark X Laskowski
Marcy Bannor7 times with
Marcy Bannor
Jessie James Grelle6 times with
Jessie James Grelle
Jovan Jackson6 times with
Jovan Jackson
Todd Waite6 times with
Todd Waite
Christine Auten5 times with
Christine Auten
Rozie Curtis5 times with
Rozie Curtis
Adam Van Wagoner5 times with
Adam Van Wagoner
Vic Mignogna5 times with
Vic Mignogna
Ernie Manouse4 times with
Ernie Manouse
Kaytha Coker4 times with
Kaytha Coker
Brandon Hearnsberger4 times with
Brandon Hearnsberger
Charles Campbell4 times with
Charles Campbell
Carli Mosier4 times with
Carli Mosier
Alice Fulks4 times with
Alice Fulks
George Manley4 times with
George Manley
Clint Bickham3 times with
Clint Bickham
Tiffany Grant3 times with
Tiffany Grant
Kira Vincent-Davis3 times with
Kira Vincent-Davis
Cynthia Martinez3 times with
Cynthia Martinez
Allison Sumrall3 times with
Allison Sumrall
Jason Douglas3 times with
Jason Douglas
Tommy Drake2 times with
Tommy Drake
Jason Carroll2 times with
Jason Carroll
Kim Ly Nguyen2 times with
Kim Ly Nguyen
Bree Welch2 times with
Bree Welch
Adam Gibbs2 times with
Adam Gibbs
Samuel Roman2 times with
Samuel Roman
Deke Anderson2 times with
Deke Anderson
Emily Carter Essex2 times with
Emily Carter Essex
Tamara Levine2 times with
Tamara Levine
Joanne Bonasso2 times with
Joanne Bonasso
Kim Prause2 times with
Kim Prause
Matt Crawford1 time with
Matt Crawford
Greg Irwin1 time with
Greg Irwin
Dylan Godwin1 time with
Dylan Godwin
Isidro Gallegos1 time with
Isidro Gallegos
Kris Carr1 time with
Kris Carr
Jose Diaz1 time with
Jose Diaz
Colleen Clinkenbeard1 time with
Colleen Clinkenbeard
Fred Walters Jr.1 time with
Fred Walters Jr.
Adam Conlon1 time with
Adam Conlon
Carlee Gabrisch1 time with
Carlee Gabrisch
Marisa Kreitz1 time with
Marisa Kreitz
Melissa Pritchett1 time with
Melissa Pritchett
Quentin Haag1 time with
Quentin Haag
Jacob A Gragard1 time with
Jacob A Gragard
Scott Fults1 time with
Scott Fults
Dana Perez1 time with
Dana Perez
Robin Terry1 time with
Robin Terry
Mike Yager1 time with
Mike Yager
Reeves Gentry1 time with
Reeves Gentry
Rebecca McAnally1 time with
Rebecca McAnally
Reuben Langdon1 time with
Reuben Langdon
Natalie Arneson1 time with
Natalie Arneson
Charlie Ashley1 time with
Charlie Ashley
Shelly Thomas1 time with
Shelly Thomas
Alexandra Bentlif1 time with
Alexandra Bentlif
Mariela Ortiz1 time with
Mariela Ortiz
Donna Hannah1 time with
Donna Hannah
Tyler Galindo1 time with
Tyler Galindo
David Born1 time with
David Born
Michelle Guevara1 time with
Michelle Guevara
Kelly Manison1 time with
Kelly Manison
Eve Jones1 time with
Eve Jones
Logan Keslar1 time with
Logan Keslar
Houston Hayes1 time with
Houston Hayes

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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