Matthew Kaminsky

Matthew Kaminsky

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Matthew Kaminsky's voice acting career, he has worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 2 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 141
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Josh Keaton2 times with
Josh Keaton
Dwight Schultz2 times with
Dwight Schultz
Tara Strong2 times with
Tara Strong
Fred Tatasciore2 times with
Fred Tatasciore
Stephen Stanton2 times with
Stephen Stanton
Ogie Banks2 times with
Ogie Banks
Michael J. Gough2 times with
Michael J. Gough
Andre Sogliuzzo2 times with
Andre Sogliuzzo
Lauren Tom2 times with
Lauren Tom
Susan Eisenberg1 time with
Susan Eisenberg
Quinton Flynn1 time with
Quinton Flynn
Erin Matthews1 time with
Erin Matthews
Roberta Callahan1 time with
Roberta Callahan
Phil Buckman1 time with
Phil Buckman
David Kaufman1 time with
David Kaufman
Sean Marquette1 time with
Sean Marquette
Brian Cummings1 time with
Brian Cummings
Francoise Gralewski1 time with
Francoise Gralewski
Luc Robitaille1 time with
Luc Robitaille
Jeff Bennett1 time with
Jeff Bennett
Candi Milo1 time with
Candi Milo
Jessica DiCicco1 time with
Jessica DiCicco
Rene Mujica1 time with
Rene Mujica
Debi Derryberry1 time with
Debi Derryberry
Debi Mae West1 time with
Debi Mae West
Nicki Rapp1 time with
Nicki Rapp
Suzetta Minet1 time with
Suzetta Minet
Marc John Jefferies1 time with
Marc John Jefferies
Nika Futterman1 time with
Nika Futterman
Cristina Pucelli1 time with
Cristina Pucelli
Josh Blake1 time with
Josh Blake
Mark Hamill1 time with
Mark Hamill
Michael Broderick1 time with
Michael Broderick
James C Mathis III1 time with
James C Mathis III
Mia Korf1 time with
Mia Korf
Jennifer Hale1 time with
Jennifer Hale
Melissa Disney1 time with
Melissa Disney
Myles Jeffrey1 time with
Myles Jeffrey
August Paro1 time with
August Paro
Steve Blum1 time with
Steve Blum
Zoe Galvez1 time with
Zoe Galvez
Shannon Kenny1 time with
Shannon Kenny
Cutter Garcia1 time with
Cutter Garcia
Kathy Najimy1 time with
Kathy Najimy
Chris Cox1 time with
Chris Cox
Brett Walter1 time with
Brett Walter
Ulysses Cuadra1 time with
Ulysses Cuadra
Kevin Michael Richardson1 time with
Kevin Michael Richardson
Jeannie Elias1 time with
Jeannie Elias
Alan Blumenfeld1 time with
Alan Blumenfeld
Rachael Harris1 time with
Rachael Harris
Robert Costanzo1 time with
Robert Costanzo
Jim Ward1 time with
Jim Ward
Bill Tanzer1 time with
Bill Tanzer
Paul Collins1 time with
Paul Collins
Mat Hoffman1 time with
Mat Hoffman
Ed Asner1 time with
Ed Asner
Warren Burton1 time with
Warren Burton
Jeffrey Jones1 time with
Jeffrey Jones
Michelle Ruff1 time with
Michelle Ruff
Andy Morris1 time with
Andy Morris
Heather Halley1 time with
Heather Halley
Colleen O'Shaughnessey1 time with
Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Nick Jameson1 time with
Nick Jameson
Jacob Vargas1 time with
Jacob Vargas
Michael Bell1 time with
Michael Bell
Dee Bradley Baker1 time with
Dee Bradley Baker
Joey Camen1 time with
Joey Camen
Joe Lala1 time with
Joe Lala
Simbi Khali1 time with
Simbi Khali
Sherman Howard1 time with
Sherman Howard
John de Lancie1 time with
John de Lancie
Jim Piddock1 time with
Jim Piddock
Obba Babatunde1 time with
Obba Babatunde
Rick Fox1 time with
Rick Fox
David Hayter1 time with
David Hayter
Richard McGonagle1 time with
Richard McGonagle
Matt Levin1 time with
Matt Levin
Tony Hawk1 time with
Tony Hawk
Lara Jill Miller1 time with
Lara Jill Miller
David Boat1 time with
David Boat
Doug Giorgis1 time with
Doug Giorgis
Charles Shaughnessy1 time with
Charles Shaughnessy
David Kaye1 time with
David Kaye
Mae Whitman1 time with
Mae Whitman
Crystal Scales1 time with
Crystal Scales
Faith Abrahams1 time with
Faith Abrahams
Andy Valvur1 time with
Andy Valvur
Jim Cummings1 time with
Jim Cummings
David Newsom1 time with
David Newsom
Julie Nathanson1 time with
Julie Nathanson
Tim Lounibos1 time with
Tim Lounibos
Scott Menville1 time with
Scott Menville
Robin Atkin Downes1 time with
Robin Atkin Downes
Gideon Emery1 time with
Gideon Emery
Gregg Rainwater1 time with
Gregg Rainwater
Patrick Fraley1 time with
Patrick Fraley
Martin Jarvis1 time with
Martin Jarvis
Daniel Hansen1 time with
Daniel Hansen
Paul Eiding1 time with
Paul Eiding

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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