Matthew Dale

Matthew Dale

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Matthew Dale's voice acting career, he has worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 1 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 66
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Mike McFarland1 time with
Mike McFarland
Ian Sinclair1 time with
Ian Sinclair
Robert McCollum1 time with
Robert McCollum
Rupert Degas1 time with
Rupert Degas
Chris Rager1 time with
Chris Rager
Catherine Moore1 time with
Catherine Moore
Cherami Leigh1 time with
Cherami Leigh
Kenneisha Thompson1 time with
Kenneisha Thompson
Christopher Bevins1 time with
Christopher Bevins
Nicholas Cassium1 time with
Nicholas Cassium
Chuck Huber1 time with
Chuck Huber
David Eddings1 time with
David Eddings
Caitlin Glass1 time with
Caitlin Glass
Andrea Freyberg1 time with
Andrea Freyberg
Phil Parsons1 time with
Phil Parsons
Brian Meegan1 time with
Brian Meegan
Josh Grelle1 time with
Josh Grelle
Jo Turner1 time with
Jo Turner
Dameon Clarke1 time with
Dameon Clarke
Scott Freeman1 time with
Scott Freeman
Maya Stange1 time with
Maya Stange
Kent Williams1 time with
Kent Williams
Richard Carter1 time with
Richard Carter
J Michael Tatum1 time with
J Michael Tatum
Stan Robak1 time with
Stan Robak
Laurie Steele1 time with
Laurie Steele
Amanda Bishop1 time with
Amanda Bishop
Barry Yandell1 time with
Barry Yandell
Julian Garner1 time with
Julian Garner
Monica Rial1 time with
Monica Rial
Randall Pitchford1 time with
Randall Pitchford
Jamie Marchi1 time with
Jamie Marchi
Ashly Burch1 time with
Ashly Burch
Stephanie Young1 time with
Stephanie Young
Constance Jones1 time with
Constance Jones
Bryan Massey1 time with
Bryan Massey
Rawly Pickens1 time with
Rawly Pickens
Christopher Sabat1 time with
Christopher Sabat
Anthony Phelan1 time with
Anthony Phelan
Jonathan Rhodes1 time with
Jonathan Rhodes
Justin Cook1 time with
Justin Cook
Bruce Spence1 time with
Bruce Spence
Jason Liebrecht1 time with
Jason Liebrecht
Clifford Chapin1 time with
Clifford Chapin
Chris Cason1 time with
Chris Cason
Justin Cotta1 time with
Justin Cotta
Jennifer Green1 time with
Jennifer Green
Ben Hessel1 time with
Ben Hessel
Colleen Clinkenbeard1 time with
Colleen Clinkenbeard
Markus Lloyd1 time with
Markus Lloyd
Wendy Powell1 time with
Wendy Powell
Akron Watson1 time with
Akron Watson
Brina Palencia1 time with
Brina Palencia
Candida Gubbins1 time with
Candida Gubbins
Micah Solusod1 time with
Micah Solusod
Donald A. Shults1 time with
Donald A. Shults
Jim Foronda1 time with
Jim Foronda
Elle Dawe1 time with
Elle Dawe
John Burgmeier1 time with
John Burgmeier
Marcus Mauldin1 time with
Marcus Mauldin
Leah Clark1 time with
Leah Clark
Bob Hess1 time with
Bob Hess
J Paul Slavens1 time with
J Paul Slavens
Joshua Davidson1 time with
Joshua Davidson
Lydia Mackay1 time with
Lydia Mackay
Tessa Lind1 time with
Tessa Lind


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