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said at 7:11 AM on Wed Apr 18 2018
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His performance as Shay Obsidian was just shocking to me since this is a 4K dub and they're not exactly known for having the best dubs but Matt completely knocked it outta the park (also helps is that he's an incredibly big fan of Yu-Gi-Oh).

It's great that he's with FUNi now.
said at 9:31 PM on Tue Apr 17 2018
Matt great as Hiro, Shay Obsidian, and Kazuya Kujo
said at 8:16 PM on Tue Feb 27 2018
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I am enjoying his Hiro in "Darling in the Franxx". What I find funny is that while Hiro is paired with Zero Two, Matt has been dating Brittney "Ichigo" Lauda for over 7 years now. Sly dog.
said at 12:56 PM on Sun Aug 20 2017
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Happy belated Birthday Matt Shipman! His work as Shay Obsidian in Arc-V is nothing short of incredible. It's unironically one of the best performances I've ever heard in anime dubbing, and it's in a 4KMEDIA dub of all things XD

(Then again, the voice direction for Arc-V's english dub IS actually fairly solid overall)
said at 6:52 PM on Sat Aug 19 2017
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Happy Birthday Matt Shipman! The Anime Husband of Brittany Lauda! Amazing work as Kazuya Kujou in Gosick! And welcome to Hyoka as well!
said at 8:41 PM on Mon Dec 26 2016
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Matt Shipman is hands down the biggest highlight of the Arc-V dub. His performance is fantastic, and some of the strongest acting I've heard in a Yu-Gi-Oh! dub yet. I also love that he's a genuine fan of the Yugioh franchise. (he even watches the Japanese version!)

Hopefully he continues to get more and more roles. I'd love to see him become a big name in the New York voice acting scene.
said at 3:13 PM on Fri May 5 2017
I can't stand the Arc V dub, and even I agree with this, his performance really stands out to me as the character- it's the only dub voice I generally liked (save for recurring characters from previous Yu-Gi-Oh Series) in what little I've seen of it.
said at 7:15 PM on Fri May 5 2017
@WrightWay I think it helps that Matt understands his character better, thanks to watching the Japanese version. I'm honestly impressed he's able to deliver as impressive of a performance as he has despite the dub's issues. If he's that good in an edited dub, just imagine an uncut dub!
said at 3:55 PM on Tue May 9 2017
Very true. Apparently, Matt Shipman has gotten some work with FUNimation as of late, too, interested to hear more from him.
said at 8:03 PM on Wed Jun 14 2017
@WrightWay I saw that! I'm excited to see he's branching out.

I wonder what the odds of Matt playing Yusaku in VRains eventual dub are?
said at 12:58 PM on Sun Aug 20 2017
@1dbad He definitely is rather great. Him and Billy Bob Thompson as Akaba are really good voices I feel.
said at 3:27 PM on Sun Aug 20 2017
@HylianBelmont Agreed. They're two of the biggest highlights of the Arc-V dub, IMO.
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