Martin Billany

Martin Billany

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Martin Billany's voice acting career, they have worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 3 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 149
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Cristina Valenzuela3 times with
Cristina Valenzuela
Keith Silverstein3 times with
Keith Silverstein
Amanda Celine Miller3 times with
Amanda Celine Miller
Benjamin Diskin2 times with
Benjamin Diskin
Patrick Seitz2 times with
Patrick Seitz
Karen Strassman2 times with
Karen Strassman
Cassandra Lee Morris2 times with
Cassandra Lee Morris
Ben Lepley2 times with
Ben Lepley
Kira Buckland2 times with
Kira Buckland
Xander Mobus2 times with
Xander Mobus
Max Mittelman2 times with
Max Mittelman
Chris Hackney2 times with
Chris Hackney
Christopher Niosi2 times with
Christopher Niosi
Kaiji Tang2 times with
Kaiji Tang
Steve Kramer2 times with
Steve Kramer
Doug Stone2 times with
Doug Stone
Lucien Dodge2 times with
Lucien Dodge
Kirk Thornton2 times with
Kirk Thornton
Kyle McCarley2 times with
Kyle McCarley
Todd Haberkorn2 times with
Todd Haberkorn
Michael McConnohie2 times with
Michael McConnohie
Dave Mallow2 times with
Dave Mallow
Sarah Williams2 times with
Sarah Williams
Grant George2 times with
Grant George
Xanthe Huynh2 times with
Xanthe Huynh
Robbie Daymond2 times with
Robbie Daymond
Cindy Robinson2 times with
Cindy Robinson
Jason Marnocha2 times with
Jason Marnocha
Christine Marie Cabanos2 times with
Christine Marie Cabanos
Carrie Keranen2 times with
Carrie Keranen
Griffin Burns2 times with
Griffin Burns
Tara Jayne Sands1 time with
Tara Jayne Sands
Joe Ochman1 time with
Joe Ochman
Marieve Herington1 time with
Marieve Herington
Joe Zieja1 time with
Joe Zieja
Tom Fahn1 time with
Tom Fahn
Shelby Lindley1 time with
Shelby Lindley
Edward Bosco1 time with
Edward Bosco
Emily Fajardo1 time with
Emily Fajardo
Caitlyn Elizabeth1 time with
Caitlyn Elizabeth
Richard Epcar1 time with
Richard Epcar
DC Douglas1 time with
DC Douglas
Laura Post1 time with
Laura Post
Scott Frerichs1 time with
Scott Frerichs
Tim Friedlander1 time with
Tim Friedlander
Jamieson Price1 time with
Jamieson Price
Imari Williams1 time with
Imari Williams
Tom Bauer1 time with
Tom Bauer
Alexis Tipton1 time with
Alexis Tipton
Sean Chiplock1 time with
Sean Chiplock
Reba Buhr1 time with
Reba Buhr
Megan Shipman1 time with
Megan Shipman
Beau Billingslea1 time with
Beau Billingslea
Julie Ann Taylor1 time with
Julie Ann Taylor
Austin Lee Matthews1 time with
Austin Lee Matthews
Armen Taylor1 time with
Armen Taylor
Dorothy Fahn1 time with
Dorothy Fahn
Joe J Thomas1 time with
Joe J Thomas
Erika Harlacher1 time with
Erika Harlacher
Brianna Knickerbocker1 time with
Brianna Knickerbocker
Lawrence Simpson1 time with
Lawrence Simpson
Jessica Gee1 time with
Jessica Gee
Chris Cason1 time with
Chris Cason
Marc Diraison1 time with
Marc Diraison
Erica Mendez1 time with
Erica Mendez
Mark Whitten1 time with
Mark Whitten
Spike Spencer1 time with
Spike Spencer
Jonathan Fahn1 time with
Jonathan Fahn
Chris Tergliafera1 time with
Chris Tergliafera
Melissa Sternenberg1 time with
Melissa Sternenberg
Laura Stahl1 time with
Laura Stahl
Michelle Ruff1 time with
Michelle Ruff
Kristen McGuire1 time with
Kristen McGuire
Corinne Sudberg1 time with
Corinne Sudberg
Jake Eberle1 time with
Jake Eberle
Zach Aguilar1 time with
Zach Aguilar
Daniel Woren1 time with
Daniel Woren
Christopher Bevins1 time with
Christopher Bevins
Josh Tomar1 time with
Josh Tomar
Abby Trott1 time with
Abby Trott
Kate Higgins1 time with
Kate Higgins
Stephen Mendel1 time with
Stephen Mendel
Elizabeth Maxwell1 time with
Elizabeth Maxwell
Anthony Sardinha1 time with
Anthony Sardinha
Johnny Yong Bosch1 time with
Johnny Yong Bosch
John DeMita1 time with
John DeMita
Michael Johnston1 time with
Michael Johnston
Amanda Gish1 time with
Amanda Gish
Cedric Williams1 time with
Cedric Williams
Taliesin Jaffe1 time with
Taliesin Jaffe
Chris Jai Alex1 time with
Chris Jai Alex
Joshua Gotay1 time with
Joshua Gotay
Derek Stephen Prince1 time with
Derek Stephen Prince
Christopher Guerrero1 time with
Christopher Guerrero
Jalen K. Cassell1 time with
Jalen K. Cassell
Janice Kawaye1 time with
Janice Kawaye
Paul St Peter1 time with
Paul St Peter
Jon Allen1 time with
Jon Allen
Skyler Davenport1 time with
Skyler Davenport
Laura Bailey1 time with
Laura Bailey

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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