Marta Mota

Marta Mota


Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Marta Mota's voice acting career, they have worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 2 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 69
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Joana Castro2 times with
Joana Castro
Ana Rita Tristao2 times with
Ana Rita Tristao
Sissi Martins2 times with
Sissi Martins
Ricardo Monteiro2 times with
Ricardo Monteiro
Lina Mendes2 times with
Lina Mendes
Rafael Quelle1 time with
Rafael Quelle
Natalia Ruggiero1 time with
Natalia Ruggiero
Viviane Munuera1 time with
Viviane Munuera
Leandro Loureiro1 time with
Leandro Loureiro
Demetrios Augustus1 time with
Demetrios Augustus
Amanda Moreira1 time with
Amanda Moreira
Joao Vieira1 time with
Joao Vieira
Enio Vivona1 time with
Enio Vivona
Raissa Bueno1 time with
Raissa Bueno
Carla Martelli1 time with
Carla Martelli
Leandro Luna1 time with
Leandro Luna
Marisol Marcondes1 time with
Marisol Marcondes
Victoria Kuhl1 time with
Victoria Kuhl
Cristina Basilio1 time with
Cristina Basilio
Filipe Abreu1 time with
Filipe Abreu
Carina Leitao1 time with
Carina Leitao
Manolo Rey1 time with
Manolo Rey
Ana Rita Monteiro1 time with
Ana Rita Monteiro
Cheila Lima1 time with
Cheila Lima
Rui Drumond1 time with
Rui Drumond
Flor Costa1 time with
Flor Costa
Nina Medeiros1 time with
Nina Medeiros
Joao Frizza1 time with
Joao Frizza
Leticia Soares1 time with
Leticia Soares
Fernando Ferraz1 time with
Fernando Ferraz
Andrezza Massei1 time with
Andrezza Massei
Tiago Abravanel1 time with
Tiago Abravanel
Rodrigo Miallaret1 time with
Rodrigo Miallaret
Shallana Costa1 time with
Shallana Costa
Pedro Pernas1 time with
Pedro Pernas
Rita Avila1 time with
Rita Avila
Julia Ribak1 time with
Julia Ribak
Paula Fonseca1 time with
Paula Fonseca
Sylvia Salustti1 time with
Sylvia Salustti
Mabel Cezar1 time with
Mabel Cezar
Ana Vieira1 time with
Ana Vieira
Guilherme Lopes1 time with
Guilherme Lopes
Vania Pereira1 time with
Vania Pereira
Barbara Lourenco1 time with
Barbara Lourenco
Carlos Macedo1 time with
Carlos Macedo
Pedro Bargado1 time with
Pedro Bargado
Sergio Moreno1 time with
Sergio Moreno
Claudia Victoria1 time with
Claudia Victoria
Mafalda Luis de Castro1 time with
Mafalda Luis de Castro
Vagner Santos1 time with
Vagner Santos
Alexandre Carvalho1 time with
Alexandre Carvalho
Eduardo Borgerth1 time with
Eduardo Borgerth
Joao Capelli1 time with
Joao Capelli
Sofia Cruz1 time with
Sofia Cruz
Tiago Retre1 time with
Tiago Retre
Italo Luiz1 time with
Italo Luiz
Bianca Alencar1 time with
Bianca Alencar
Guilherme Macedo1 time with
Guilherme Macedo
Christiano Torreao1 time with
Christiano Torreao
Aline Ghezzi1 time with
Aline Ghezzi
Renan Freitas1 time with
Renan Freitas
Teline Carvalho1 time with
Teline Carvalho
Marcio Aguena1 time with
Marcio Aguena
Ruben Madureira1 time with
Ruben Madureira
Sandra de Castro1 time with
Sandra de Castro
Carla Garcia1 time with
Carla Garcia
Isabel Ribas1 time with
Isabel Ribas
Peter Michael1 time with
Peter Michael
Raphael Rossato1 time with
Raphael Rossato


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