Lynda Boyd

Lynda Boyd

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Lynda Boyd's voice acting career, they have worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 6 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 91
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Cathy Weseluck6 times with
Cathy Weseluck
Venus Terzo6 times with
Venus Terzo
Paul Dobson6 times with
Paul Dobson
Michael Donovan4 times with
Michael Donovan
Scott McNeil4 times with
Scott McNeil
Michael Dobson4 times with
Michael Dobson
Robert O Smith4 times with
Robert O Smith
Ian James Corlett4 times with
Ian James Corlett
Richard Newman4 times with
Richard Newman
Lee Tockar3 times with
Lee Tockar
Kathleen Barr3 times with
Kathleen Barr
Matt Hill3 times with
Matt Hill
Ted Cole3 times with
Ted Cole
Willow Johnson3 times with
Willow Johnson
David Kaye3 times with
David Kaye
Kelly Sheridan3 times with
Kelly Sheridan
Teryl Rothery3 times with
Teryl Rothery
Garry Chalk3 times with
Garry Chalk
Angela Costain2 times with
Angela Costain
Doug Parker2 times with
Doug Parker
Phil Hayes2 times with
Phil Hayes
Janyse Jaud2 times with
Janyse Jaud
Terry Klassen2 times with
Terry Klassen
John Payne2 times with
John Payne
Saffron Henderson2 times with
Saffron Henderson
Sarah Sawatsky2 times with
Sarah Sawatsky
Kyle Labine2 times with
Kyle Labine
Babz Chula2 times with
Babz Chula
Gerard Plunkett2 times with
Gerard Plunkett
Myriam Sirois2 times with
Myriam Sirois
Lalainia Lindbjerg2 times with
Lalainia Lindbjerg
Dale Wilson2 times with
Dale Wilson
James Sherry1 time with
James Sherry
Blu Mankuma1 time with
Blu Mankuma
Ken Kramer1 time with
Ken Kramer
Eric Pawson1 time with
Eric Pawson
Lisa Ann Beley1 time with
Lisa Ann Beley
Joey Lawrence1 time with
Joey Lawrence
Al Jordan1 time with
Al Jordan
Sarah Strange1 time with
Sarah Strange
L Harvey Gold1 time with
L Harvey Gold
Pauline Newstone1 time with
Pauline Newstone
Fran Dowie1 time with
Fran Dowie
Michael Dorn1 time with
Michael Dorn
French Tickner1 time with
French Tickner
Katie Murray1 time with
Katie Murray
Julia Brahms1 time with
Julia Brahms
Ken Morrison1 time with
Ken Morrison
Andrea Libman1 time with
Andrea Libman
Andrew Francis1 time with
Andrew Francis
Maxine Miller1 time with
Maxine Miller
Christine Lippa1 time with
Christine Lippa
Tong Lung1 time with
Tong Lung
Kate Robbins1 time with
Kate Robbins
Chris Wilding1 time with
Chris Wilding
Norma Macmillan1 time with
Norma Macmillan
Kevin Hayes1 time with
Kevin Hayes
Dean Cain1 time with
Dean Cain
Tiffani Thiessen1 time with
Tiffani Thiessen
Jay Benedict1 time with
Jay Benedict
Lisa Bunting1 time with
Lisa Bunting
Alec Willows1 time with
Alec Willows
Britain Durham1 time with
Britain Durham
Doris Chillcott1 time with
Doris Chillcott
Brad Swaile1 time with
Brad Swaile
Donna Yamamoto1 time with
Donna Yamamoto
Julie Eva Faye1 time with
Julie Eva Faye
Denica Fairman1 time with
Denica Fairman
Andrew Seebaran1 time with
Andrew Seebaran
Mark Hildreth1 time with
Mark Hildreth
Laura Harris1 time with
Laura Harris
Jeremy Jacobson1 time with
Jeremy Jacobson
Diana Kaarina1 time with
Diana Kaarina
Tony Ail1 time with
Tony Ail
Marc Smith1 time with
Marc Smith
Cheralynn Bailey1 time with
Cheralynn Bailey
Matt Smith1 time with
Matt Smith
Barbara Whiting1 time with
Barbara Whiting
Ward Perry1 time with
Ward Perry
Ryan Reynolds1 time with
Ryan Reynolds
Rob Morton1 time with
Rob Morton
Marcy Goldberg1 time with
Marcy Goldberg
PJ Barbera1 time with
PJ Barbera
Jim Byrnes1 time with
Jim Byrnes
Stacey Gregg1 time with
Stacey Gregg
Tom Davidson1 time with
Tom Davidson
Brent Chapman1 time with
Brent Chapman
Nick Misura1 time with
Nick Misura
Alvin Sanders1 time with
Alvin Sanders
Shirley Millner1 time with
Shirley Millner
Liza Ross1 time with
Liza Ross


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