Lucas Schuneman

Lucas Schuneman

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Lucas Schuneman's voice acting career, he has worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 3 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 544
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Amber Lee Connors3 times with
Amber Lee Connors
Marissa Lenti3 times with
Marissa Lenti
Brad Venable3 times with
Brad Venable
Brian Mathis3 times with
Brian Mathis
Ian Sinclair3 times with
Ian Sinclair
Patrick Seitz3 times with
Patrick Seitz
Christopher Sabat3 times with
Christopher Sabat
Brina Palencia3 times with
Brina Palencia
Sonny Strait3 times with
Sonny Strait
Eric Vale3 times with
Eric Vale
Luci Christian3 times with
Luci Christian
Colleen Clinkenbeard3 times with
Colleen Clinkenbeard
Stephanie Young3 times with
Stephanie Young
Kyle Hebert2 times with
Kyle Hebert
Tamara Fritz2 times with
Tamara Fritz
Bradley Campbell2 times with
Bradley Campbell
Laura Wetsel2 times with
Laura Wetsel
Felecia Angelle2 times with
Felecia Angelle
Mike McFarland2 times with
Mike McFarland
Greg Ayres2 times with
Greg Ayres
Nicholas Andrew Louie2 times with
Nicholas Andrew Louie
Matthew Mercer2 times with
Matthew Mercer
Justin Briner2 times with
Justin Briner
Monica Rial2 times with
Monica Rial
Justin Cook2 times with
Justin Cook
DC Douglas2 times with
DC Douglas
Josh Grelle2 times with
Josh Grelle
Apphia Yu2 times with
Apphia Yu
Christopher Wehkamp2 times with
Christopher Wehkamp
Elizabeth Maxwell2 times with
Elizabeth Maxwell
Tia Ballard2 times with
Tia Ballard
John Swasey2 times with
John Swasey
Jason Liebrecht2 times with
Jason Liebrecht
Duncan Brannan2 times with
Duncan Brannan
Ray Hurd2 times with
Ray Hurd
Leo Fabian2 times with
Leo Fabian
Linda Young2 times with
Linda Young
Sean Schemmel2 times with
Sean Schemmel
Kenny Green2 times with
Kenny Green
Matt Shipman2 times with
Matt Shipman
Laurie Steele2 times with
Laurie Steele
Kira Buckland2 times with
Kira Buckland
Kamran Nikhad2 times with
Kamran Nikhad
Dani Chambers2 times with
Dani Chambers
Ken Marmon2 times with
Ken Marmon
Phil Parsons2 times with
Phil Parsons
Laura Bailey2 times with
Laura Bailey
Andy Mullins2 times with
Andy Mullins
Andrew Love2 times with
Andrew Love
Leah Clark2 times with
Leah Clark
Micah Solusod2 times with
Micah Solusod
Daman Mills2 times with
Daman Mills
Rachael Messer2 times with
Rachael Messer
Tiffany Grant2 times with
Tiffany Grant
Joe Zieja2 times with
Joe Zieja
Maya Tuttle2 times with
Maya Tuttle
David Matranga2 times with
David Matranga
Bruce Carey2 times with
Bruce Carey
Johnny Yong Bosch2 times with
Johnny Yong Bosch
Sean Hennigan2 times with
Sean Hennigan
Charles Campbell2 times with
Charles Campbell
Francis Henry2 times with
Francis Henry
Major Attaway2 times with
Major Attaway
Scott McNeil2 times with
Scott McNeil
Chris Rager2 times with
Chris Rager
Greg Dulcie2 times with
Greg Dulcie
Philip Weber2 times with
Philip Weber
Skyler Davenport2 times with
Skyler Davenport
Ed Blaylock2 times with
Ed Blaylock
Anthony Bowling2 times with
Anthony Bowling
Todd Haberkorn2 times with
Todd Haberkorn
Bryan Massey2 times with
Bryan Massey
Lydia Mackay2 times with
Lydia Mackay
Lindsay Seidel2 times with
Lindsay Seidel
Jessica Cavanagh2 times with
Jessica Cavanagh
Morgan Berry2 times with
Morgan Berry
Taliesin Jaffe2 times with
Taliesin Jaffe
Jonathan Brooks2 times with
Jonathan Brooks
John Gremillion2 times with
John Gremillion
Chris McCann2 times with
Chris McCann
Howard Wang2 times with
Howard Wang
Tyson Rinehart2 times with
Tyson Rinehart
Charlotte Ann2 times with
Charlotte Ann
Garret Storms2 times with
Garret Storms
Kellen Goff2 times with
Kellen Goff
Jenny Stoneking1 time with
Jenny Stoneking
Ivan Jasso1 time with
Ivan Jasso
Wayne Grayson1 time with
Wayne Grayson
Adam Montoya1 time with
Adam Montoya
Juli Erickson1 time with
Juli Erickson
Jaime Soria1 time with
Jaime Soria
Oliver Wyman1 time with
Oliver Wyman
Natasha Malinsky1 time with
Natasha Malinsky
Allan Lau1 time with
Allan Lau
Jesse Hooker1 time with
Jesse Hooker
Orion Pitts1 time with
Orion Pitts
Daisy Guevara1 time with
Daisy Guevara
Janelle Lutz1 time with
Janelle Lutz
Cheryl Lowber1 time with
Cheryl Lowber
Kevin M Connolly1 time with
Kevin M Connolly

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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