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Lucas Gilbertson

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(on how to get into voice work)
"I was extremely fortunate in that my eldest sibling, who's about 12 years my senior, is an established actress and singer in Calgary where we live. She got involved with Blue Water and then a while later she told me that they were having open auditions. That was in August 2001. I auditioned and then two weeks later I got my first part, which was in a Gundam cartoon. I think the best thing you can do for yourself is make a voice demo, about 1-2 minutes long (or 3 depending on who you talk to) with nothing but your best voices. You can do that yourself if you have the equipment or pay a studio to do it, just do some research. Then with that demo you can apply for agency representation, get someone that specializes in voice acting. You can research all the major dubbing companies to find out when they're having their open auditions (if they do that) look for any open auditions in fact. Keep in mind that there are plenty of different places to look for work as a VA, commercial, poetic, etc. There will always be tons of small studios peppering your city that no one knows about, these are great places to start."

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