Kim Seung Jun

Kim Seung Jun


Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Kim Seung Jun's voice acting career, they have worked with Seo Mun Seok the most times ... totalling 5 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 69
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Seo Mun Seok5 times with
Seo Mun Seok
Jung Mi Sook4 times with
Jung Mi Sook
Lee Jin-hwa3 times with
Lee Jin-hwa
Oh Seung-yoon3 times with
Oh Seung-yoon
Jang Seung-gil3 times with
Jang Seung-gil
Kang Su Jin3 times with
Kang Su Jin
Ham Soo-jung3 times with
Ham Soo-jung
Lee Jong-goo2 times with
Lee Jong-goo
Yoo Dong-hyun2 times with
Yoo Dong-hyun
Jeong Gi-hang2 times with
Jeong Gi-hang
Lee In Seong2 times with
Lee In Seong
Im Eun-jung2 times with
Im Eun-jung
Park Il2 times with
Park Il
Kim Hwan-jin2 times with
Kim Hwan-jin
Kim Jin-tae2 times with
Kim Jin-tae
Yoo Kang-jin2 times with
Yoo Kang-jin
Lee Ho-in2 times with
Lee Ho-in
Yu Hae-mu2 times with
Yu Hae-mu
Kim Byung-gwan2 times with
Kim Byung-gwan
Lee Hyun-sun2 times with
Lee Hyun-sun
Park Ji-hyun1 time with
Park Ji-hyun
Jang Gwang1 time with
Jang Gwang
Soo-hye1 time with
Goo Ja Hyeong1 time with
Goo Ja Hyeong
Lee Seon-young1 time with
Lee Seon-young
Yu Hui-seong1 time with
Yu Hui-seong
In Byeong-guk1 time with
In Byeong-guk
Lee Sang-ik1 time with
Lee Sang-ik
Kim Seo Young1 time with
Kim Seo Young
Lee Yun-sun1 time with
Lee Yun-sun
Yeong Seon Eun1 time with
Yeong Seon Eun
Choi Dukhee1 time with
Choi Dukhee
Moon Hee-kyung1 time with
Moon Hee-kyung
Mun Seon-hui1 time with
Mun Seon-hui
Kim Min-sang1 time with
Kim Min-sang
Kim Jae-woo1 time with
Kim Jae-woo
Yoo Hee-sung1 time with
Yoo Hee-sung
Kim Ok-kyung1 time with
Kim Ok-kyung
Nam Gyeong-ju1 time with
Nam Gyeong-ju
Lee Hee-jung1 time with
Lee Hee-jung
Kim Ik-tae1 time with
Kim Ik-tae
Seol Young-beom1 time with
Seol Young-beom
Sang Hyeon Eom1 time with
Sang Hyeon Eom
Kim Jun1 time with
Kim Jun
Sa Seong-woong1 time with
Sa Seong-woong
Chia Shi-ra1 time with
Chia Shi-ra
Song Yong-tae1 time with
Song Yong-tae
Choi Won-hyeong1 time with
Choi Won-hyeong
On Young-sam1 time with
On Young-sam
Yang Jeong-hwa1 time with
Yang Jeong-hwa
Kim Yeong Seon1 time with
Kim Yeong Seon
Lee Bong-jun1 time with
Lee Bong-jun
Suk Kyeong Jeon1 time with
Suk Kyeong Jeon
Jung Hyun-bin1 time with
Jung Hyun-bin
Lee Seong-hoon1 time with
Lee Seong-hoon
Han Ho-woong1 time with
Han Ho-woong
Lee Seong-yeong1 time with
Lee Seong-yeong
Lee Young-joo1 time with
Lee Young-joo
Choi Byung-sang1 time with
Choi Byung-sang
Jeon Tae-yeol1 time with
Jeon Tae-yeol
Kim Seong-gi1 time with
Kim Seong-gi
So Yeon1 time with
So Yeon
Yoon Bok-hee1 time with
Yoon Bok-hee
Lee Dae-won1 time with
Lee Dae-won
Lee Chan-ju1 time with
Lee Chan-ju
Oh In Seong1 time with
Oh In Seong
Han Sang-deok1 time with
Han Sang-deok
Park Jo-ho1 time with
Park Jo-ho
Jeong Seong-wook1 time with
Jeong Seong-wook


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