June Yoon

June Yoon

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of June Yoon's voice acting career, they have worked with Emi Lo the most times ... totalling 4 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 133
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Emi Lo4 times with
Emi Lo
Patrick Seitz3 times with
Patrick Seitz
Matthew David Rudd3 times with
Matthew David Rudd
Christopher Sabat2 times with
Christopher Sabat
John Swasey2 times with
John Swasey
Trina Nishimura2 times with
Trina Nishimura
Sean Hennigan2 times with
Sean Hennigan
Ian Sinclair2 times with
Ian Sinclair
Xanthe Huynh2 times with
Xanthe Huynh
Jarrod Greene2 times with
Jarrod Greene
Michelle Rojas2 times with
Michelle Rojas
Alan Lee2 times with
Alan Lee
Justin Briner2 times with
Justin Briner
Dani Chambers2 times with
Dani Chambers
Lee George2 times with
Lee George
SungWon Cho2 times with
SungWon Cho
Aleks Le2 times with
Aleks Le
Caleb Yen2 times with
Caleb Yen
Cory Yee2 times with
Cory Yee
Courtney Lin2 times with
Courtney Lin
Seth Fuentes2 times with
Seth Fuentes
Mike Pollock1 time with
Mike Pollock
Johnny Yong Bosch1 time with
Johnny Yong Bosch
Wayne Grayson1 time with
Wayne Grayson
Kent Williams1 time with
Kent Williams
Caitlin Glass1 time with
Caitlin Glass
Sam Riegel1 time with
Sam Riegel
Marc Thompson1 time with
Marc Thompson
Grant George1 time with
Grant George
Carrie Savage1 time with
Carrie Savage
J Michael Tatum1 time with
J Michael Tatum
Tom Wayland1 time with
Tom Wayland
Matthew Mercer1 time with
Matthew Mercer
Todd Haberkorn1 time with
Todd Haberkorn
Jason Griffith1 time with
Jason Griffith
Anastasia Munoz1 time with
Anastasia Munoz
Scottie Ray1 time with
Scottie Ray
Anthony Bowling1 time with
Anthony Bowling
Alexis Tipton1 time with
Alexis Tipton
Jim Foronda1 time with
Jim Foronda
David Wald1 time with
David Wald
Kaiji Tang1 time with
Kaiji Tang
Kira Buckland1 time with
Kira Buckland
Tyson Rinehart1 time with
Tyson Rinehart
Zeno Robinson1 time with
Zeno Robinson
Billy Bob Thompson1 time with
Billy Bob Thompson
Sarah Williams1 time with
Sarah Williams
Austin Tindle1 time with
Austin Tindle
Ricco Fajardo1 time with
Ricco Fajardo
Imari Williams1 time with
Imari Williams
Vanessa Johansson1 time with
Vanessa Johansson
Morgan Lauré Garrett1 time with
Morgan Lauré Garrett
Christopher Wehkamp1 time with
Christopher Wehkamp
Brittany Lauda1 time with
Brittany Lauda
Bryn Apprill1 time with
Bryn Apprill
Megan Shipman1 time with
Megan Shipman
Amber Lee Connors1 time with
Amber Lee Connors
Mick Lauer1 time with
Mick Lauer
Dawn M. Bennett1 time with
Dawn M. Bennett
Kristen McGuire1 time with
Kristen McGuire
Kenneisha Thompson1 time with
Kenneisha Thompson
Brook Chalmers1 time with
Brook Chalmers
Rich Brown1 time with
Rich Brown
Jesse Inocalla1 time with
Jesse Inocalla
Amber Connor1 time with
Amber Connor
Daniel J. Edwards1 time with
Daniel J. Edwards
Adin Rudd1 time with
Adin Rudd
Bryson Baugus1 time with
Bryson Baugus
Alejandro Saab1 time with
Alejandro Saab
Matt Shipman1 time with
Matt Shipman
Anne Yatco1 time with
Anne Yatco
Aaron LaPlante1 time with
Aaron LaPlante
Kyle Igneczi1 time with
Kyle Igneczi
Stephen Fu1 time with
Stephen Fu
Nazeeh Tarsha1 time with
Nazeeh Tarsha
Ivy Dupler1 time with
Ivy Dupler
Nicholas Andrew Louie1 time with
Nicholas Andrew Louie
Tiana Camacho1 time with
Tiana Camacho
Taylor Harris1 time with
Taylor Harris
Ryan Andes1 time with
Ryan Andes
Kane Jungbluth-Murry1 time with
Kane Jungbluth-Murry
Jennifer Losi1 time with
Jennifer Losi
Landon McDonald1 time with
Landon McDonald
Kimberley Anne Campbell1 time with
Kimberley Anne Campbell
Alex Mai1 time with
Alex Mai
Matt Holmes1 time with
Matt Holmes
Chris Gardner1 time with
Chris Gardner
Robb Moreira1 time with
Robb Moreira
Brian Kim1 time with
Brian Kim
Lisa Reimold1 time with
Lisa Reimold
Stephanie Southerland1 time with
Stephanie Southerland
Yong Yea1 time with
Yong Yea
Alex Hom1 time with
Alex Hom
Brent Mukai1 time with
Brent Mukai
Ryan Colt Levy1 time with
Ryan Colt Levy
Geoff Bisente1 time with
Geoff Bisente
Aaron Michael1 time with
Aaron Michael
Sara Rahman1 time with
Sara Rahman
Mike Bodie1 time with
Mike Bodie
Kevin K. Gomez1 time with
Kevin K. Gomez

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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