Juan Miguel Valdivieso

Juan Miguel Valdivieso


Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Juan Miguel Valdivieso's voice acting career, they have worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 8 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 94
[ Click on VA links below to view all the titles they worked on together ]

Jesus Barrero8 times with
Jesus Barrero
Dulce Guerrero8 times with
Dulce Guerrero
Mario Arvizu4 times with
Mario Arvizu
Alfonso Obregon4 times with
Alfonso Obregon
Angel De Gracia4 times with
Angel De Gracia
Juan Fernandez3 times with
Juan Fernandez
Ricardo Tejedo3 times with
Ricardo Tejedo
Eugenio Derbez3 times with
Eugenio Derbez
Nuria Trifol3 times with
Nuria Trifol
Jordi Ribes3 times with
Jordi Ribes
Juan Carlos Gustems2 times with
Juan Carlos Gustems
Enzo Fortuny2 times with
Enzo Fortuny
Raul Anaya2 times with
Raul Anaya
Jose Luis Orozco2 times with
Jose Luis Orozco
Moises Ivan Mora2 times with
Moises Ivan Mora
Jonatan Lopez2 times with
Jonatan Lopez
Ulises Maynardo Zavala2 times with
Ulises Maynardo Zavala
Ricardo Mendoza2 times with
Ricardo Mendoza
Angela Villanueva2 times with
Angela Villanueva
Salvador Reyes2 times with
Salvador Reyes
Humberto Solorzano2 times with
Humberto Solorzano
Sergio Gutierrez Coto2 times with
Sergio Gutierrez Coto
Jesse Conde2 times with
Jesse Conde
Carlos Vicente2 times with
Carlos Vicente
Luis Daniel Ramirez1 time with
Luis Daniel Ramirez
Guillermo Martinez1 time with
Guillermo Martinez
Carla Castaneda1 time with
Carla Castaneda
Ernesto Lezama1 time with
Ernesto Lezama
Paolo Minguer1 time with
Paolo Minguer
Melanie Henriquez1 time with
Melanie Henriquez
Manuel Gimeno1 time with
Manuel Gimeno
Ernesto Aura1 time with
Ernesto Aura
Armando Rendiz1 time with
Armando Rendiz
Maria Fernanda Morales1 time with
Maria Fernanda Morales
Alfonso Soto1 time with
Alfonso Soto
Gerardo Reyero1 time with
Gerardo Reyero
Yaraivi Alcedo1 time with
Yaraivi Alcedo
Ricardo Silva1 time with
Ricardo Silva
Ricardo Brust1 time with
Ricardo Brust
Leyla Rangel1 time with
Leyla Rangel
Pedro Molina1 time with
Pedro Molina
Vicente Gil1 time with
Vicente Gil
Annie Rojas1 time with
Annie Rojas
Carlos del Campo1 time with
Carlos del Campo
Enrique Hernandez1 time with
Enrique Hernandez
Rocio Garcel1 time with
Rocio Garcel
Carlos Inigo1 time with
Carlos Inigo
Armando Volcanes1 time with
Armando Volcanes
Arturo Casanova1 time with
Arturo Casanova
Arturo Mercado1 time with
Arturo Mercado
Marina Garcia Guevara1 time with
Marina Garcia Guevara
Idzi Dutkiewicz1 time with
Idzi Dutkiewicz
Eduardo Fonseca1 time with
Eduardo Fonseca
Rebeca Aponte1 time with
Rebeca Aponte
Luis Carreno1 time with
Luis Carreno
Victor Trujillo1 time with
Victor Trujillo
Juan Carlos Tinoco1 time with
Juan Carlos Tinoco
Salvador Aldeguer1 time with
Salvador Aldeguer
Elsa Covian1 time with
Elsa Covian
Berta Cortes1 time with
Berta Cortes
Isabel Valls1 time with
Isabel Valls
David Brau1 time with
David Brau
Jorge Santos1 time with
Jorge Santos
Ana Orra1 time with
Ana Orra
Liliana Barba1 time with
Liliana Barba
Humberto Velez1 time with
Humberto Velez
Yensi Rivero1 time with
Yensi Rivero
Alberto Mieza1 time with
Alberto Mieza
Hector Indriago1 time with
Hector Indriago
Xochitl Ugarte1 time with
Xochitl Ugarte
Regulo Rios1 time with
Regulo Rios
Irwin Daayan1 time with
Irwin Daayan
Meritxell Ane1 time with
Meritxell Ane
Jose Posada1 time with
Jose Posada
Alfonso Valles1 time with
Alfonso Valles
Maggie Vera1 time with
Maggie Vera
Rebeca Patino1 time with
Rebeca Patino
Jhonny Torres1 time with
Jhonny Torres
Sarah Souza1 time with
Sarah Souza
Jose Antonio Macias1 time with
Jose Antonio Macias
Norma Iturbe1 time with
Norma Iturbe
Rebeca Manriquez1 time with
Rebeca Manriquez
Cristina Hernandez1 time with
Cristina Hernandez
Anabella Silva1 time with
Anabella Silva
Paco Gazquez1 time with
Paco Gazquez
Frank Maneiro1 time with
Frank Maneiro
Renzo Jimenez1 time with
Renzo Jimenez
German Fabregat1 time with
German Fabregat
Luis Fernando Orozco1 time with
Luis Fernando Orozco
Alan Prieto1 time with
Alan Prieto
Maria Jose Estevez1 time with
Maria Jose Estevez
Gaby Ugarte1 time with
Gaby Ugarte
Moises Palacios1 time with
Moises Palacios
Angel Balam1 time with
Angel Balam


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