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said at 8:23 PM on Tue Feb 13 2018
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John such a talent he great as Thrym, Edmond Honda, Kanryu Takeda, Gakushu, Ronald " Ron " MacDougall, and Chairman Isaac Netero
said at 10:54 PM on Sun Sep 24 2017
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I'm really looking forward to hearing his performance as Netero in the Chimera Ant arc. I've always enjoyed Snyder's work, and I think he's a little underappreciated, but Netero is probably going to be one of the most challenging and significant roles he's had in his VA career.

I hope he nails it.
said at 4:48 AM on Sun Jun 19 2016
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So that's the man behind Ivan Buckley, huh?
said at 11:01 AM on Sun May 7 2017
and Joe diMucci
Polyester Funk
said at 12:26 AM on Mon Jul 27 2015
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Maybe it's just me, but I think he sounds like a gruffer/gravellier James Woods.
said at 4:14 PM on Tue Aug 13 2013
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Thats just great. Another VA with multiple psudonyms. Meaning hard to track.
NCZ (Admin)
said at 10:30 PM on Fri Feb 28 2014
@xRighteous Take note of the little blurb right next to the comment box:

"Note: Comments *related to requests* or deemed inappropriate/offensive will be removed."

The comments section is not the place to make requests. That would be the forum.

Also there's no 100% solid information about what this guy's real name is, just all of the various names that he's used. At this point in time the names Ivan Buckley, John Snyder, Joe DiMucci, Stephen Martello etc. are no more or less valid than each other.
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