John Schwab

John Schwab

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of John Schwab's voice acting career, he has worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 5 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 209
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Jules de Jongh5 times with
Jules de Jongh
Mikey O'Connor5 times with
Mikey O'Connor
Glenn Wrage4 times with
Glenn Wrage
Kerry Shale4 times with
Kerry Shale
Ronan Summers4 times with
Ronan Summers
Tom Clarke Hill4 times with
Tom Clarke Hill
William Roberts4 times with
William Roberts
Lewis Macleod3 times with
Lewis Macleod
Skye Bennett3 times with
Skye Bennett
John Guerrasio3 times with
John Guerrasio
Jonathan Keeble3 times with
Jonathan Keeble
Larissa Murray3 times with
Larissa Murray
Corey Johnson3 times with
Corey Johnson
Eric Meyers3 times with
Eric Meyers
Robbie Stevens3 times with
Robbie Stevens
Samantha Dakin3 times with
Samantha Dakin
Alexander Morton3 times with
Alexander Morton
David Menkin3 times with
David Menkin
Nicholas Rowe2 times with
Nicholas Rowe
Stanley Townsend2 times with
Stanley Townsend
Anna Koval2 times with
Anna Koval
Sean Pertwee2 times with
Sean Pertwee
Doug Cockle2 times with
Doug Cockle
Nigel Whitmey2 times with
Nigel Whitmey
Joseph May2 times with
Joseph May
Tim Beckmann2 times with
Tim Beckmann
Trevor Dion Nicholas2 times with
Trevor Dion Nicholas
Becca Stewart2 times with
Becca Stewart
Sean Barrett2 times with
Sean Barrett
Rasmus Hardiker2 times with
Rasmus Hardiker
Stefan Ashton Frank2 times with
Stefan Ashton Frank
Ramon Tikaram2 times with
Ramon Tikaram
Laurel Lefkow2 times with
Laurel Lefkow
Jennifer Taylor Lawrence2 times with
Jennifer Taylor Lawrence
Daniel Buckley2 times with
Daniel Buckley
Peter Marinker2 times with
Peter Marinker
Stephen Critchlow2 times with
Stephen Critchlow
Christopher Ragland2 times with
Christopher Ragland
Brian Cox2 times with
Brian Cox
Julian Kostov2 times with
Julian Kostov
Paul Thornley2 times with
Paul Thornley
Jessica Preddy2 times with
Jessica Preddy
Gary Martin2 times with
Gary Martin
Laila Pyne2 times with
Laila Pyne
Jo Wyatt2 times with
Jo Wyatt
Jaimi Barbakoff2 times with
Jaimi Barbakoff
Dar Dash2 times with
Dar Dash
Rebecca Kiser2 times with
Rebecca Kiser
Christopher Fairbank2 times with
Christopher Fairbank
Teresa Gallagher2 times with
Teresa Gallagher
Morgan Cambs1 time with
Morgan Cambs
Nigel Lindsay1 time with
Nigel Lindsay
Andres Williams1 time with
Andres Williams
Jimmy Livingstone1 time with
Jimmy Livingstone
Colin McFarlane1 time with
Colin McFarlane
Jeff Branson1 time with
Jeff Branson
Alexis Rodney1 time with
Alexis Rodney
Damian Lynch1 time with
Damian Lynch
Blake Ritson1 time with
Blake Ritson
Theo Devaney1 time with
Theo Devaney
Joe Hernandez-Kolski1 time with
Joe Hernandez-Kolski
Catrin-Mai Huw1 time with
Catrin-Mai Huw
Larissa Kouznetsova1 time with
Larissa Kouznetsova
Alan D Marriott1 time with
Alan D Marriott
Trevor White1 time with
Trevor White
Denise Gough1 time with
Denise Gough
Caitlin Thorburn1 time with
Caitlin Thorburn
Keith Bartlett1 time with
Keith Bartlett
Katie McGuinness1 time with
Katie McGuinness
Charles Dance1 time with
Charles Dance
Patrick Drury1 time with
Patrick Drury
Janine Harouni1 time with
Janine Harouni
Simon Greenall1 time with
Simon Greenall
Morgan Deare1 time with
Morgan Deare
Walter Lewis1 time with
Walter Lewis
Guy Oliver-Watts1 time with
Guy Oliver-Watts
Kate Robbins1 time with
Kate Robbins
Tim Gettys1 time with
Tim Gettys
Carina Reeves1 time with
Carina Reeves
Gene Farber1 time with
Gene Farber
James Barriscale1 time with
James Barriscale
Lisa Banes1 time with
Lisa Banes
Daniel Barker1 time with
Daniel Barker
Susan Wokoma1 time with
Susan Wokoma
Gideon Emery1 time with
Gideon Emery
Lorelei King1 time with
Lorelei King
Michael Maloney1 time with
Michael Maloney
Lucy Newman-Williams1 time with
Lucy Newman-Williams
William Meredith1 time with
William Meredith
Paula Varjack1 time with
Paula Varjack
Adam Howden1 time with
Adam Howden
Luis Soto1 time with
Luis Soto
Noah Lee Margetts1 time with
Noah Lee Margetts
Richard Hawley1 time with
Richard Hawley
Nikki Hartung1 time with
Nikki Hartung
David Yip1 time with
David Yip
William Hope1 time with
William Hope
Nico Lennon1 time with
Nico Lennon
Kevin Dorman1 time with
Kevin Dorman
Adrian Bower1 time with
Adrian Bower

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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