Jill Bottcher

Jill Bottcher


Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Jill Bottcher's voice acting career, they have worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 10 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 120
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Julia Meynen10 times with
Julia Meynen
Giuliana Jakobeit10 times with
Giuliana Jakobeit
Michael Iwannek9 times with
Michael Iwannek
Gerald Schaale7 times with
Gerald Schaale
Stefan Gossler6 times with
Stefan Gossler
Klaus-Dieter Klebsch6 times with
Klaus-Dieter Klebsch
Tilo Schmitz6 times with
Tilo Schmitz
Rubina Kuraoka6 times with
Rubina Kuraoka
Karlo Hackenberger5 times with
Karlo Hackenberger
Gerald Paradies5 times with
Gerald Paradies
Anja Rybiczka5 times with
Anja Rybiczka
Ilona Brokowski5 times with
Ilona Brokowski
Sebastian Schulz5 times with
Sebastian Schulz
Tanya Kahana5 times with
Tanya Kahana
Wanja Gerick4 times with
Wanja Gerick
Stefan Staudinger4 times with
Stefan Staudinger
Cathlen Gawlich4 times with
Cathlen Gawlich
Hannes Maurer4 times with
Hannes Maurer
Julia Stoepel4 times with
Julia Stoepel
Julia Ziffer4 times with
Julia Ziffer
Silvia Missbach4 times with
Silvia Missbach
Bianca Krahl4 times with
Bianca Krahl
Magdalena Turba4 times with
Magdalena Turba
Gerrit Schmidt Foss4 times with
Gerrit Schmidt Foss
Robin Kahnmeyer4 times with
Robin Kahnmeyer
Rainer Fritzsche4 times with
Rainer Fritzsche
Kathrin Neusser3 times with
Kathrin Neusser
Jaron Lowenberg3 times with
Jaron Lowenberg
Esra Vural3 times with
Esra Vural
Michael Pan3 times with
Michael Pan
Santiago Ziesmer3 times with
Santiago Ziesmer
Claudia Urbschat-Mingues3 times with
Claudia Urbschat-Mingues
Elmar Gutmann3 times with
Elmar Gutmann
Eberhard Pruter3 times with
Eberhard Pruter
Dirk Petrick3 times with
Dirk Petrick
Tobias Kluckert3 times with
Tobias Kluckert
Diana Borgwardt3 times with
Diana Borgwardt
Florian Halm3 times with
Florian Halm
Daniela Reidies3 times with
Daniela Reidies
Tanja Schmitz Kemmerling3 times with
Tanja Schmitz Kemmerling
Boris Tessmann3 times with
Boris Tessmann
Luisa Wietzorek3 times with
Luisa Wietzorek
Liane Rudolph3 times with
Liane Rudolph
Oliver Stritzel2 times with
Oliver Stritzel
Julien Haggege2 times with
Julien Haggege
Carmen Katt2 times with
Carmen Katt
David Nathan2 times with
David Nathan
Nadine Zaddam2 times with
Nadine Zaddam
Marie Bierstedt2 times with
Marie Bierstedt
Oliver Siebeck2 times with
Oliver Siebeck
Maria Koschny2 times with
Maria Koschny
Arianne Borbach2 times with
Arianne Borbach
Tim Moeseritz2 times with
Tim Moeseritz
Konrad Bosherz2 times with
Konrad Bosherz
Anne Helm2 times with
Anne Helm
Nico Sablik2 times with
Nico Sablik
Irina von Bentheim2 times with
Irina von Bentheim
Roland Hemmo2 times with
Roland Hemmo
Tommy Morgenstern2 times with
Tommy Morgenstern
Ricardo Richter2 times with
Ricardo Richter
Constantin von Jascheroff2 times with
Constantin von Jascheroff
Kim Hasper2 times with
Kim Hasper
Amadeus Strobl1 time with
Amadeus Strobl
Julia Kaufmann1 time with
Julia Kaufmann
Marie Christin Morgenstern1 time with
Marie Christin Morgenstern
Peggy Sander1 time with
Peggy Sander
Axel Lutter1 time with
Axel Lutter
Jan Josef Liefers1 time with
Jan Josef Liefers
Frank Roth1 time with
Frank Roth
Jennifer Weiss1 time with
Jennifer Weiss
Hans-Werner Bussinger1 time with
Hans-Werner Bussinger
Giovanna Winterfeldt1 time with
Giovanna Winterfeldt
Bjorn Schalla1 time with
Bjorn Schalla
Michi Beck1 time with
Michi Beck
Jurgen Kluckert1 time with
Jurgen Kluckert
Lutz Riedel1 time with
Lutz Riedel
Christian Gaul1 time with
Christian Gaul
Helmut Krauss1 time with
Helmut Krauss
Marie Luise Schramm1 time with
Marie Luise Schramm
Heike Schroetter1 time with
Heike Schroetter
Joseline Gassen1 time with
Joseline Gassen
Christin Marquitan1 time with
Christin Marquitan
Christian Zeiger1 time with
Christian Zeiger
Pauline Hillebrand1 time with
Pauline Hillebrand
Uwe Buschken1 time with
Uwe Buschken
Christoph Banken1 time with
Christoph Banken
Eva Maria Werth1 time with
Eva Maria Werth
Sarah Tkotsch1 time with
Sarah Tkotsch
Jan David Ronfeldt1 time with
Jan David Ronfeldt
Bernhard Volger1 time with
Bernhard Volger
Rick Kavanian1 time with
Rick Kavanian
Catrin Dams1 time with
Catrin Dams
Willi Robke1 time with
Willi Robke
Lydia Morgenstern1 time with
Lydia Morgenstern
Susanne Kaps1 time with
Susanne Kaps
Sabine Jaeger1 time with
Sabine Jaeger
Sebastian Kluckert1 time with
Sebastian Kluckert
Peter Flechtner1 time with
Peter Flechtner
Joachim Kaps1 time with
Joachim Kaps
Ingo Albrecht1 time with
Ingo Albrecht

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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