Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Jensen Ackles's voice acting career, he has worked with Fred Tatasciore the most times ... totalling 5 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 63
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Fred Tatasciore5 times with
Fred Tatasciore
Bruce Boxleitner2 times with
Bruce Boxleitner
Olivia Wilde2 times with
Olivia Wilde
Nolan North2 times with
Nolan North
Jim Piddock1 time with
Jim Piddock
Titus Welliver1 time with
Titus Welliver
Laura Bailey1 time with
Laura Bailey
Bruce Greenwood1 time with
Bruce Greenwood
Dee Bradley Baker1 time with
Dee Bradley Baker
Joe Smith1 time with
Joe Smith
Robin Atkin Downes1 time with
Robin Atkin Downes
Jim Pirri1 time with
Jim Pirri
Matthew Lillard1 time with
Matthew Lillard
Jared Padalecki1 time with
Jared Padalecki
Neil Patrick Harris1 time with
Neil Patrick Harris
Grey DeLisle-Griffin1 time with
Grey DeLisle-Griffin
Gary LeRoi Gray1 time with
Gary LeRoi Gray
Joe J Thomas1 time with
Joe J Thomas
Josh Duhamel1 time with
Josh Duhamel
Andrea Romano1 time with
Andrea Romano
Greg Chun1 time with
Greg Chun
Eric Bauza1 time with
Eric Bauza
Billy Burke1 time with
Billy Burke
Bruce Timm1 time with
Bruce Timm
Keri Tombazian1 time with
Keri Tombazian
Kevin Michael Richardson1 time with
Kevin Michael Richardson
James M Connor1 time with
James M Connor
Dwight Schultz1 time with
Dwight Schultz
James Frain1 time with
James Frain
Gary Cole1 time with
Gary Cole
Misha Collins1 time with
Misha Collins
Phil LaMarr1 time with
Phil LaMarr
Frances Callier1 time with
Frances Callier
Carlos Alazraqui1 time with
Carlos Alazraqui
Patrick Cavanaugh1 time with
Patrick Cavanaugh
TC Carson1 time with
TC Carson
Melinda Hill1 time with
Melinda Hill
Natalie Lander1 time with
Natalie Lander
Naya Rivera1 time with
Naya Rivera
Jason Isaacs1 time with
Jason Isaacs
David Dastmalchian1 time with
David Dastmalchian
John DiMaggio1 time with
John DiMaggio
Vincent Martella1 time with
Vincent Martella
Wally Wingert1 time with
Wally Wingert
Molly C Quinn1 time with
Molly C Quinn
Brian George1 time with
Brian George
Stephen Stanton1 time with
Stephen Stanton
Kegan Frith1 time with
Kegan Frith
Wade Williams1 time with
Wade Williams
John Glover1 time with
John Glover
Julie Nathanson1 time with
Julie Nathanson
Troy Baker1 time with
Troy Baker
Chris Jai Alex1 time with
Chris Jai Alex
Michael Villani1 time with
Michael Villani
Alastair Duncan1 time with
Alastair Duncan
Jack Quaid1 time with
Jack Quaid
Frank Welker1 time with
Frank Welker
Alexander Martella1 time with
Alexander Martella
Kari Wahlgren1 time with
Kari Wahlgren
Yvonne Strahovski1 time with
Yvonne Strahovski
Kate Micucci1 time with
Kate Micucci
Kelly Hu1 time with
Kelly Hu
Amy Landecker1 time with
Amy Landecker


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