Jenn Henry

Jenn Henry

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Jenn Henry's voice acting career, they have worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 1 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 69
[ Click on VA links below to view all the titles they worked on together ]

Aaron Dismuke1 time with
Aaron Dismuke
J.D. Cannon1 time with
J.D. Cannon
Chuck Brown1 time with
Chuck Brown
Marissa Lenti1 time with
Marissa Lenti
Harry Musselwhite1 time with
Harry Musselwhite
Cenophia Mitchell1 time with
Cenophia Mitchell
Kevin Buster1 time with
Kevin Buster
Cat Smith1 time with
Cat Smith
Ciara Walton1 time with
Ciara Walton
Lauren Synger1 time with
Lauren Synger
Tara McNeill1 time with
Tara McNeill
Marc Biagi1 time with
Marc Biagi
Lisa Suliteanu1 time with
Lisa Suliteanu
Jing Li1 time with
Jing Li
Christopher McCullough1 time with
Christopher McCullough
Gavin McClellan1 time with
Gavin McClellan
Loren Anthony1 time with
Loren Anthony
Luna Ebenwood1 time with
Luna Ebenwood
Courtney Rosemont1 time with
Courtney Rosemont
Bertrand Maudet1 time with
Bertrand Maudet
Anika Paris1 time with
Anika Paris
Isabell Rodriguez1 time with
Isabell Rodriguez
George Ledoux1 time with
George Ledoux
Genevieve Jones1 time with
Genevieve Jones
Sandra Espinoza1 time with
Sandra Espinoza
Donncha O'Dea1 time with
Donncha O'Dea
Jerry Wells1 time with
Jerry Wells
Eric Dieter1 time with
Eric Dieter
Keong Sim1 time with
Keong Sim
D Summer1 time with
D Summer
Peter Jessop1 time with
Peter Jessop
Mark Szkarosi1 time with
Mark Szkarosi
Janpo Serino1 time with
Janpo Serino
Anthony Sardinha1 time with
Anthony Sardinha
Marcus Cannello1 time with
Marcus Cannello
Chris McCann1 time with
Chris McCann
Winston Wuttunee1 time with
Winston Wuttunee
Geena Towne1 time with
Geena Towne
Michael Engelke1 time with
Michael Engelke
Liana Bdwi1 time with
Liana Bdwi
Ian O'Neill1 time with
Ian O'Neill
Joe Gaudet1 time with
Joe Gaudet
Tomek Ciezki1 time with
Tomek Ciezki
Brian Stivale1 time with
Brian Stivale
Sharon DiFronzo1 time with
Sharon DiFronzo
Stephanie Southerland1 time with
Stephanie Southerland
Elton E. Jones1 time with
Elton E. Jones
Keyondra Shanae1 time with
Keyondra Shanae
Mairead Carlin1 time with
Mairead Carlin
Lani Minella1 time with
Lani Minella
Phillip Sacramento1 time with
Phillip Sacramento
Chari Lavado1 time with
Chari Lavado
Sarah Blandy1 time with
Sarah Blandy
Brandon Lamar1 time with
Brandon Lamar
Soraya Butler1 time with
Soraya Butler
Deb DeVries1 time with
Deb DeVries
Michael Allen1 time with
Michael Allen
Omri Horowitz1 time with
Omri Horowitz
Brendan McDonald1 time with
Brendan McDonald
Andrea Balsa1 time with
Andrea Balsa
Stephanie Komure1 time with
Stephanie Komure
Tony Wijs1 time with
Tony Wijs
Alex Raun1 time with
Alex Raun
Stephen Fu1 time with
Stephen Fu
Rob O'Dwyer1 time with
Rob O'Dwyer
Raymond F. Pental1 time with
Raymond F. Pental
Jennifer Proctor1 time with
Jennifer Proctor
Abigail Turner1 time with
Abigail Turner
William C. Tate1 time with
William C. Tate


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