Jeff Gurner

Jeff Gurner

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Jeff Gurner's voice acting career, he has worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 2 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 433
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Chris Phillips2 times with
Chris Phillips
Bill Buell2 times with
Bill Buell
Geoffrey Cantor2 times with
Geoffrey Cantor
John Doman2 times with
John Doman
Erik Bergmann2 times with
Erik Bergmann
Matt Walton2 times with
Matt Walton
Lloyd Floyd2 times with
Lloyd Floyd
Peter Appel2 times with
Peter Appel
P.J. Sosko2 times with
P.J. Sosko
Michael Mulheren2 times with
Michael Mulheren
James McCaffrey2 times with
James McCaffrey
Andrew Totolos2 times with
Andrew Totolos
Jay Potter1 time with
Jay Potter
Howard Pinhasik1 time with
Howard Pinhasik
Paul Guyet1 time with
Paul Guyet
Max Meisel1 time with
Max Meisel
Duke LaFoon1 time with
Duke LaFoon
John Rue1 time with
John Rue
Ralph Adriel Johnson1 time with
Ralph Adriel Johnson
Jonathan Spivey1 time with
Jonathan Spivey
Leslie Alexander1 time with
Leslie Alexander
Stephen Reich1 time with
Stephen Reich
Adam Sietz1 time with
Adam Sietz
Clark Warren1 time with
Clark Warren
Kate Miller1 time with
Kate Miller
Gerardo Rodriguez1 time with
Gerardo Rodriguez
David Rossmer1 time with
David Rossmer
Stephen Gevedon1 time with
Stephen Gevedon
Scott Richard Foster1 time with
Scott Richard Foster
Steve Routman1 time with
Steve Routman
Paul Niebanck1 time with
Paul Niebanck
Andrew Mayer1 time with
Andrew Mayer
James Murtaugh1 time with
James Murtaugh
Christian Conn1 time with
Christian Conn
John O'Hurley1 time with
John O'Hurley
Michael Stoyanov1 time with
Michael Stoyanov
Chris McKinney1 time with
Chris McKinney
Joe Delgado1 time with
Joe Delgado
Linda Cook1 time with
Linda Cook
John Henry Cox1 time with
John Henry Cox
J.R. Horne1 time with
J.R. Horne
Barry Carl1 time with
Barry Carl
John Hickok1 time with
John Hickok
Catherine Curtin1 time with
Catherine Curtin
Dylan Dawson1 time with
Dylan Dawson
Danny Bolero1 time with
Danny Bolero
Andrew Weems1 time with
Andrew Weems
Nicholas Calhoun1 time with
Nicholas Calhoun
Donall O'Healai1 time with
Donall O'Healai
John Randolph Jones1 time with
John Randolph Jones
Peter Blomquist1 time with
Peter Blomquist
Navid Khonsari1 time with
Navid Khonsari
Ben Folds1 time with
Ben Folds
Evan Seinfeld1 time with
Evan Seinfeld
Sasha The Fire Gypsy1 time with
Sasha The Fire Gypsy
Justin L. Wilson1 time with
Justin L. Wilson
Adam McNulty1 time with
Adam McNulty
Catherine Mary Stewart1 time with
Catherine Mary Stewart
Sydney Shepherd1 time with
Sydney Shepherd
Julian Rozzwell Jr.1 time with
Julian Rozzwell Jr.
Gregory Salata1 time with
Gregory Salata
Jason Nuzzo1 time with
Jason Nuzzo
Joe Dalo1 time with
Joe Dalo
Dennis Ostermaier1 time with
Dennis Ostermaier
Curzon Dobell1 time with
Curzon Dobell
Richard Mover1 time with
Richard Mover
Rebecca Watson1 time with
Rebecca Watson
Beau Baxter1 time with
Beau Baxter
Tim McGeever1 time with
Tim McGeever
Jill Jackson1 time with
Jill Jackson
Lucien Jones1 time with
Lucien Jones
Weird Al Yankovic1 time with
Weird Al Yankovic
Grayson Sandford1 time with
Grayson Sandford
Graham Greene1 time with
Graham Greene
Gary Swanson1 time with
Gary Swanson
Dominic Hawksley1 time with
Dominic Hawksley
Jim Bentley1 time with
Jim Bentley
Gabriel Sloyer1 time with
Gabriel Sloyer
Jo Armenioux1 time with
Jo Armenioux
Adrian Blake Enscoe1 time with
Adrian Blake Enscoe
Jonathan Stewart1 time with
Jonathan Stewart
Brady Dowad1 time with
Brady Dowad
Justin Campbell1 time with
Justin Campbell
Tony Crane1 time with
Tony Crane
Anna Pipoyan1 time with
Anna Pipoyan
Alanna Ubach1 time with
Alanna Ubach
Kyle Fabel1 time with
Kyle Fabel
Victoria Pontecorvo1 time with
Victoria Pontecorvo
Karim Naraghi1 time with
Karim Naraghi
Mark Deklin1 time with
Mark Deklin
Kate Weiman1 time with
Kate Weiman
Aria Capria1 time with
Aria Capria
James Anthony McBride1 time with
James Anthony McBride
Alfredo Narciso1 time with
Alfredo Narciso
Andrew Berg1 time with
Andrew Berg
Guyviaud Joseph1 time with
Guyviaud Joseph
Colin Hanlon1 time with
Colin Hanlon
Michael Keyloun1 time with
Michael Keyloun
Patrick Murney1 time with
Patrick Murney
Stephanie D'Abruzzo1 time with
Stephanie D'Abruzzo

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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