James Earl Jones

James Earl Jones

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of James Earl Jones's voice acting career, he has worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 7 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 872
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Ernie Sabella7 times with
Ernie Sabella
Jim Cummings7 times with
Jim Cummings
Frank Oz6 times with
Frank Oz
Frank Welker5 times with
Frank Welker
Robert Guillaume5 times with
Robert Guillaume
Cam Clarke5 times with
Cam Clarke
Tress MacNeille4 times with
Tress MacNeille
Mark Hamill4 times with
Mark Hamill
Nathan Lane4 times with
Nathan Lane
Ed Asner4 times with
Ed Asner
Cheech Marin3 times with
Cheech Marin
Vanessa Marshall3 times with
Vanessa Marshall
Corey Burton3 times with
Corey Burton
Whoopi Goldberg3 times with
Whoopi Goldberg
Jeff Bennett3 times with
Jeff Bennett
Anthony Daniels3 times with
Anthony Daniels
Samuel L Jackson3 times with
Samuel L Jackson
Jess Harnell3 times with
Jess Harnell
Dee Bradley Baker3 times with
Dee Bradley Baker
Jonathan Taylor Thomas3 times with
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Ryan ODonohue3 times with
Ryan ODonohue
Phil LaMarr3 times with
Phil LaMarr
Matthew Russell Wood3 times with
Matthew Russell Wood
Moira Kelly3 times with
Moira Kelly
Brent Spiner3 times with
Brent Spiner
Russi Taylor3 times with
Russi Taylor
Tom Kane2 times with
Tom Kane
Sarah Michelle Gellar2 times with
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Ashley Eckstein2 times with
Ashley Eckstein
Jeremy Irons2 times with
Jeremy Irons
Werner Klemperer2 times with
Werner Klemperer
Mel Brooks2 times with
Mel Brooks
Greg Ellis2 times with
Greg Ellis
Rob Paulsen2 times with
Rob Paulsen
Bill Farmer2 times with
Bill Farmer
Helen Hunt2 times with
Helen Hunt
Kath Soucie2 times with
Kath Soucie
Andrew Kishino2 times with
Andrew Kishino
Henry Corden2 times with
Henry Corden
Matthew Broderick2 times with
Matthew Broderick
Adam Driver2 times with
Adam Driver
Gregg Berger2 times with
Gregg Berger
Hayden Christensen2 times with
Hayden Christensen
Gedde Watanabe2 times with
Gedde Watanabe
Susan Sarandon2 times with
Susan Sarandon
Chris Edgerly2 times with
Chris Edgerly
Robby Benson2 times with
Robby Benson
John Oliver2 times with
John Oliver
Stephen Stanton2 times with
Stephen Stanton
Doug Jones2 times with
Doug Jones
Fred Tatasciore2 times with
Fred Tatasciore
Michael Bell2 times with
Michael Bell
Randy Jackson2 times with
Randy Jackson
Ben Burtt2 times with
Ben Burtt
Freddie Prinze Jr2 times with
Freddie Prinze Jr
James Woods2 times with
James Woods
Halle Berry2 times with
Halle Berry
Jennifer Hale2 times with
Jennifer Hale
Keone Young2 times with
Keone Young
Suzanne Pleshette2 times with
Suzanne Pleshette
Harvey Fierstein2 times with
Harvey Fierstein
Julie Dolan2 times with
Julie Dolan
Kevin Michael Richardson2 times with
Kevin Michael Richardson
Robin Atkin Downes2 times with
Robin Atkin Downes
Larry Ward2 times with
Larry Ward
Grey DeLisle-Griffin2 times with
Grey DeLisle-Griffin
David Acord2 times with
David Acord
Kipsang Rotich2 times with
Kipsang Rotich
Kevin Schon2 times with
Kevin Schon
Angela Bassett2 times with
Angela Bassett
Rowan Atkinson2 times with
Rowan Atkinson
Adrienne Barbeau2 times with
Adrienne Barbeau
William Daniels2 times with
William Daniels
Dan Castellaneta2 times with
Dan Castellaneta
Ewan McGregor2 times with
Ewan McGregor
Jay Leno2 times with
Jay Leno
Liam Neeson2 times with
Liam Neeson
James Arnold Taylor2 times with
James Arnold Taylor
Neve Campbell2 times with
Neve Campbell
Seth Rogen2 times with
Seth Rogen
Niketa Calame2 times with
Niketa Calame
Harry Morgan2 times with
Harry Morgan
Joe Spano1 time with
Joe Spano
Bryan Cranston1 time with
Bryan Cranston
JC Chasez1 time with
JC Chasez
Kevin Delaney1 time with
Kevin Delaney
Jackie Hoffman1 time with
Jackie Hoffman
Dante Basco1 time with
Dante Basco
Marisa Tomei1 time with
Marisa Tomei
Elizabeth Taylor1 time with
Elizabeth Taylor
Terry Bradshaw1 time with
Terry Bradshaw
Brian Blessed1 time with
Brian Blessed
Dick Clark1 time with
Dick Clark
Darryl Hickman1 time with
Darryl Hickman
Max Charles1 time with
Max Charles
Marvin Hamlisch1 time with
Marvin Hamlisch
Brandon Quintin Adams1 time with
Brandon Quintin Adams
Amber Riley1 time with
Amber Riley
Kim Cattrall1 time with
Kim Cattrall
Alex Rocco1 time with
Alex Rocco

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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