Jaime Roca

Jaime Roca


Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Jaime Roca's voice acting career, he has worked with Miguel Angel Perez the most times ... totalling 7 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 87
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Miguel Angel Perez7 times with
Miguel Angel Perez
Alfredo Martinez6 times with
Alfredo Martinez
Juan Carlos Lozano5 times with
Juan Carlos Lozano
Salvador Serrano5 times with
Salvador Serrano
Luis Vincente Ivars5 times with
Luis Vincente Ivars
Raul Anaya3 times with
Raul Anaya
Blanca Rada3 times with
Blanca Rada
Dafnis Fernandez3 times with
Dafnis Fernandez
Gerardo Reyero3 times with
Gerardo Reyero
Salvador Reyes3 times with
Salvador Reyes
Mar Bordallo3 times with
Mar Bordallo
Rafael Azcarraga3 times with
Rafael Azcarraga
Carlo Vazquez2 times with
Carlo Vazquez
Jhonny Torres2 times with
Jhonny Torres
Vicente Gil2 times with
Vicente Gil
Jose Posada2 times with
Jose Posada
Ines Blazquez2 times with
Ines Blazquez
Mercedes Cepeda2 times with
Mercedes Cepeda
Luis Bajo2 times with
Luis Bajo
Moises Ivan Mora2 times with
Moises Ivan Mora
Pedro Tena2 times with
Pedro Tena
Melanie Henriquez2 times with
Melanie Henriquez
Mario Arvizu2 times with
Mario Arvizu
Karla Falcon2 times with
Karla Falcon
Miguel del Hoyo2 times with
Miguel del Hoyo
Rebeca Aponte2 times with
Rebeca Aponte
Rosalba Sotelo2 times with
Rosalba Sotelo
Jose Antonio Macias2 times with
Jose Antonio Macias
Juan Carlos Tinoco2 times with
Juan Carlos Tinoco
Carlos Inigo2 times with
Carlos Inigo
Maythe Guedes2 times with
Maythe Guedes
Jorge Santos2 times with
Jorge Santos
Jessica Toledo1 time with
Jessica Toledo
Inma Gallego1 time with
Inma Gallego
Cesar Diaz Capilla1 time with
Cesar Diaz Capilla
Fernando Hernandez1 time with
Fernando Hernandez
Belen Rodriguez1 time with
Belen Rodriguez
Lorenzo Beteta1 time with
Lorenzo Beteta
Angelica Villa1 time with
Angelica Villa
Oscar Flores1 time with
Oscar Flores
Juan Fernandez Mejias1 time with
Juan Fernandez Mejias
Diana Perez1 time with
Diana Perez
Ruben Leon1 time with
Ruben Leon
Frank Maneiro1 time with
Frank Maneiro
Jose Arenas1 time with
Jose Arenas
Daniel del Roble1 time with
Daniel del Roble
Luis Carreno1 time with
Luis Carreno
Humberto Solorzano1 time with
Humberto Solorzano
Bardo Miranda1 time with
Bardo Miranda
Marisol Romero1 time with
Marisol Romero
Arturo Casanova1 time with
Arturo Casanova
Ana Esther Alborg1 time with
Ana Esther Alborg
Carlos Kaniowski1 time with
Carlos Kaniowski
Karina Altamirano1 time with
Karina Altamirano
Carlos del Campo1 time with
Carlos del Campo
Eduardo Fonseca1 time with
Eduardo Fonseca
Juan Guzman1 time with
Juan Guzman
Luis Miguel Perez1 time with
Luis Miguel Perez
Yaraivi Alcedo1 time with
Yaraivi Alcedo
Pedro Molina1 time with
Pedro Molina
Jorge Garcia Insua1 time with
Jorge Garcia Insua
Maria Jose Estevez1 time with
Maria Jose Estevez
Miguel Angel Sanroman1 time with
Miguel Angel Sanroman
Edson Matus1 time with
Edson Matus
Juan Amador Pulido1 time with
Juan Amador Pulido
Octavio Rojas1 time with
Octavio Rojas
Ledner Belisario1 time with
Ledner Belisario
Noe Velazquez1 time with
Noe Velazquez
Xochitl Ugarte1 time with
Xochitl Ugarte
Sergio Gutierrez Coto1 time with
Sergio Gutierrez Coto
Cristina Yuste1 time with
Cristina Yuste
Hector Garay1 time with
Hector Garay
Antonio Esquivias1 time with
Antonio Esquivias
Jose Luis Angulo1 time with
Jose Luis Angulo
Fran Jimenez1 time with
Fran Jimenez
Alejandro Villeli1 time with
Alejandro Villeli
Luis Alfonso Mendoza1 time with
Luis Alfonso Mendoza
Abel Navarro1 time with
Abel Navarro
Mireya Mendoza1 time with
Mireya Mendoza
Olga Velasco1 time with
Olga Velasco
Rene Sagastume1 time with
Rene Sagastume
Roberto Encinas1 time with
Roberto Encinas
Rolando de Castro1 time with
Rolando de Castro
Nallely Solis1 time with
Nallely Solis
Arturo Castaneda1 time with
Arturo Castaneda
Rubén Moya1 time with
Rubén Moya
Sergio Pinto1 time with
Sergio Pinto


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