Isaac Hayes

Isaac Hayes

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Isaac Hayes's voice acting career, they have worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 5 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 150
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Trey Parker5 times with
Trey Parker
Matt Stone5 times with
Matt Stone
Mary Kay Bergman4 times with
Mary Kay Bergman
Jennifer Howell3 times with
Jennifer Howell
Toddy Walters2 times with
Toddy Walters
Jesse Howell2 times with
Jesse Howell
George Clooney2 times with
George Clooney
Bruce Howell2 times with
Bruce Howell
Anne Garefino1 time with
Anne Garefino
Corey Burton1 time with
Corey Burton
Eliza Jane Schneider1 time with
Eliza Jane Schneider
Camryn Manheim1 time with
Camryn Manheim
Jessica Makinson1 time with
Jessica Makinson
Karin Perrotta1 time with
Karin Perrotta
Brent Spiner1 time with
Brent Spiner
Jose R Brown1 time with
Jose R Brown
Maria Arce1 time with
Maria Arce
David Silveria1 time with
David Silveria
Paula Holmberg Benson1 time with
Paula Holmberg Benson
David DeLuise1 time with
David DeLuise
Richard Belzer1 time with
Richard Belzer
Robert Smith1 time with
Robert Smith
Bobby Peer1 time with
Bobby Peer
Mike Judge1 time with
Mike Judge
John Leguizamo1 time with
John Leguizamo
Kyle McCulloch1 time with
Kyle McCulloch
Celeste Javier1 time with
Celeste Javier
Ken Hudson Campbell1 time with
Ken Hudson Campbell
Cedric the Entertainer1 time with
Cedric the Entertainer
Howard McGillin1 time with
Howard McGillin
Toby Morton1 time with
Toby Morton
Pam Brady1 time with
Pam Brady
Kath Soucie1 time with
Kath Soucie
Arnold Schwarzenegger1 time with
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Elton John1 time with
Elton John
Dimitri Mendoza1 time with
Dimitri Mendoza
Norman Lear1 time with
Norman Lear
Mona Marshall1 time with
Mona Marshall
Lisa Kudrow1 time with
Lisa Kudrow
Bob Odenkirk1 time with
Bob Odenkirk
Reginald Arvizu1 time with
Reginald Arvizu
Griffin Lennon1 time with
Griffin Lennon
Michael Rapaport1 time with
Michael Rapaport
Kevin Harvick1 time with
Kevin Harvick
Ed O'Brien1 time with
Ed O'Brien
David L Lander1 time with
David L Lander
Jonathan Kimmel1 time with
Jonathan Kimmel
Michael Ann Young1 time with
Michael Ann Young
Sia1 time with
Joe Pesci1 time with
Joe Pesci
Mandy Moore1 time with
Mandy Moore
Renee Taylor1 time with
Renee Taylor
Natasha Henstridge1 time with
Natasha Henstridge
Dakota Sky1 time with
Dakota Sky
Rob Paulsen1 time with
Rob Paulsen
David Cross1 time with
David Cross
Kevin Pollak1 time with
Kevin Pollak
Jonathan Howsmon Davis1 time with
Jonathan Howsmon Davis
Yao1 time with
Eric Idle1 time with
Eric Idle
Deb Adair1 time with
Deb Adair
Adrien Beard1 time with
Adrien Beard
Dave Tennant1 time with
Dave Tennant
BJ McCrory1 time with
BJ McCrory
April Stewart1 time with
April Stewart
Terry Sweeney1 time with
Terry Sweeney
Joe Strummer1 time with
Joe Strummer
Peter Serafinowicz1 time with
Peter Serafinowicz
Jonathan Katz1 time with
Jonathan Katz
Eric Stough1 time with
Eric Stough
Nick Rhodes1 time with
Nick Rhodes
Louis Price1 time with
Louis Price
Nancy Cartwright1 time with
Nancy Cartwright
Clyde Kusatsu1 time with
Clyde Kusatsu
Connor Villard1 time with
Connor Villard
Nico Agnone1 time with
Nico Agnone
Jason Jerone Powell1 time with
Jason Jerone Powell
Andy Dick1 time with
Andy Dick
John Witherspoon1 time with
John Witherspoon
Tara Mercurio1 time with
Tara Mercurio
Brian Welch1 time with
Brian Welch
Nicole Drago1 time with
Nicole Drago
Jess Harnell1 time with
Jess Harnell
Mike Deleon1 time with
Mike Deleon
Jonny Greenwood1 time with
Jonny Greenwood
Georgia Engel1 time with
Georgia Engel
Joey Lauren Adams1 time with
Joey Lauren Adams
Stanley G Sawicki1 time with
Stanley G Sawicki
Skyler James Sandak1 time with
Skyler James Sandak
Marcus Vaughn1 time with
Marcus Vaughn
Jamie Kennedy1 time with
Jamie Kennedy
Hal Sparks1 time with
Hal Sparks
Matt Prager1 time with
Matt Prager
Jack Shih1 time with
Jack Shih
Michael McKean1 time with
Michael McKean
Melique Berger1 time with
Melique Berger
Jacob Vargas1 time with
Jacob Vargas
Rochelle Leffler1 time with
Rochelle Leffler
Jason Tumpane1 time with
Jason Tumpane
Phil Proctor1 time with
Phil Proctor

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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