Hideki Tasaka

Hideki Tasaka


Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Hideki Tasaka's voice acting career, they have worked with Ryō Hirohashi the most times ... totalling 6 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 279
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Ryō Hirohashi6 times with
Ryō Hirohashi
Megumi Toyoguchi5 times with
Megumi Toyoguchi
Kaori Mizuhashi5 times with
Kaori Mizuhashi
Eri Kitamura5 times with
Eri Kitamura
Kikuko Inoue4 times with
Kikuko Inoue
Sayaka Ohara4 times with
Sayaka Ohara
Junko Iwao3 times with
Junko Iwao
Tomoko Kawakami3 times with
Tomoko Kawakami
Nobuo Tobita3 times with
Nobuo Tobita
Mai Nakahara3 times with
Mai Nakahara
Mamiko Noto3 times with
Mamiko Noto
Kōsuke Toriumi3 times with
Kōsuke Toriumi
Yukari Tamura3 times with
Yukari Tamura
Michiko Neya3 times with
Michiko Neya
Jōji Nakata3 times with
Jōji Nakata
Natsuko Kuwatani3 times with
Natsuko Kuwatani
Chiwa Saito3 times with
Chiwa Saito
Miyuki Sawashiro3 times with
Miyuki Sawashiro
Ryoko Shintani3 times with
Ryoko Shintani
Shizuka Itō3 times with
Shizuka Itō
Ai Nonaka3 times with
Ai Nonaka
Yuichi Nakamura3 times with
Yuichi Nakamura
Daisuke Ono3 times with
Daisuke Ono
Momoko Saito3 times with
Momoko Saito
Kana Asumi3 times with
Kana Asumi
Hikaru Midorikawa2 times with
Hikaru Midorikawa
Yuji Ueda2 times with
Yuji Ueda
Ai Orikasa2 times with
Ai Orikasa
Takehito Koyasu2 times with
Takehito Koyasu
Tomokazu Seki2 times with
Tomokazu Seki
Katsuyuki Konishi2 times with
Katsuyuki Konishi
Kazuhiko Inoue2 times with
Kazuhiko Inoue
Mitsuki Saiga2 times with
Mitsuki Saiga
Hisako Kyoda2 times with
Hisako Kyoda
Kumiko Watanabe2 times with
Kumiko Watanabe
Hiroshi Kamiya2 times with
Hiroshi Kamiya
Masumi Asano2 times with
Masumi Asano
Satsuki Yukino2 times with
Satsuki Yukino
Ryōtarō Okiayu2 times with
Ryōtarō Okiayu
Jun Fukuyama2 times with
Jun Fukuyama
Hiroyuki Yoshino2 times with
Hiroyuki Yoshino
Fumiko Orikasa2 times with
Fumiko Orikasa
Yoko Somi2 times with
Yoko Somi
Chikao Ōtsuka2 times with
Chikao Ōtsuka
Hisao Egawa2 times with
Hisao Egawa
Hideyuki Umezu2 times with
Hideyuki Umezu
Akeno Watanabe2 times with
Akeno Watanabe
Tetsuya Iwanaga2 times with
Tetsuya Iwanaga
Daisuke Gori2 times with
Daisuke Gori
Hochu Otsuka2 times with
Hochu Otsuka
Yutaka Nakano2 times with
Yutaka Nakano
Tomoyuki Shimura2 times with
Tomoyuki Shimura
Ami Koshimizu2 times with
Ami Koshimizu
Kozue Yoshizumi2 times with
Kozue Yoshizumi
Emiri Kato2 times with
Emiri Kato
Yuko Goto2 times with
Yuko Goto
Yosuke Akimoto2 times with
Yosuke Akimoto
Kenji Hamada2 times with
Kenji Hamada
Ayahi Takagaki2 times with
Ayahi Takagaki
Daisuke Namikawa2 times with
Daisuke Namikawa
Takuma Takewaka2 times with
Takuma Takewaka
Ryoko Shiraishi2 times with
Ryoko Shiraishi
Wataru Hatano2 times with
Wataru Hatano
Tomohisa Aso2 times with
Tomohisa Aso
Nobuhiko Okamoto2 times with
Nobuhiko Okamoto
Yoko Hikasa2 times with
Yoko Hikasa
Aoi Yuuki2 times with
Aoi Yuuki
Saki Fujita2 times with
Saki Fujita
Akiko Kawase2 times with
Akiko Kawase
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka2 times with
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Seiko Yoshida2 times with
Seiko Yoshida
Rica Matsumoto1 time with
Rica Matsumoto
Unshō Ishizuka1 time with
Unshō Ishizuka
Norio Wakamoto1 time with
Norio Wakamoto
Rica Fukami1 time with
Rica Fukami
Aya Hisakawa1 time with
Aya Hisakawa
Emi Shinohara1 time with
Emi Shinohara
Takeshi Aono1 time with
Takeshi Aono
Akiko Yajima1 time with
Akiko Yajima
Yuko Minaguchi1 time with
Yuko Minaguchi
Maaya Sakamoto1 time with
Maaya Sakamoto
Yukana1 time with
Akio Ōtsuka1 time with
Akio Ōtsuka
Miho Yamada1 time with
Miho Yamada
Yoshiko Sakakibara1 time with
Yoshiko Sakakibara
Kiyoyuki Yanada1 time with
Kiyoyuki Yanada
Ayako Kawasumi1 time with
Ayako Kawasumi
Yuka Imai1 time with
Yuka Imai
Mitsuo Iwata1 time with
Mitsuo Iwata
Noriko Hidaka1 time with
Noriko Hidaka
Ryusuke Obayashi1 time with
Ryusuke Obayashi
Takeshi Kusao1 time with
Takeshi Kusao
Shinichiro Miki1 time with
Shinichiro Miki
Atsuko Enomoto1 time with
Atsuko Enomoto
Satomi Kōrogi1 time with
Satomi Kōrogi
Chinami Nishimura1 time with
Chinami Nishimura
Yuki Matsuoka1 time with
Yuki Matsuoka
Yu Asakawa1 time with
Yu Asakawa
Hōko Kuwashima1 time with
Hōko Kuwashima
Kōji Ishii1 time with
Kōji Ishii

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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