Hervé Grull

Hervé Grull


Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Hervé Grull's voice acting career, they have worked with Benoit Du Pac the most times ... totalling 5 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 123
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Benoit Du Pac5 times with
Benoit Du Pac
Sylvain Lemarie4 times with
Sylvain Lemarie
Alexandre Gillet4 times with
Alexandre Gillet
Fily Keita4 times with
Fily Keita
Valerie Siclay3 times with
Valerie Siclay
Barbara Beretta3 times with
Barbara Beretta
Antoine Nouel3 times with
Antoine Nouel
Denis Boileau3 times with
Denis Boileau
Jeremie Covillault3 times with
Jeremie Covillault
Edwige Lemoine3 times with
Edwige Lemoine
Donald Reignoux2 times with
Donald Reignoux
Philippe Bozo2 times with
Philippe Bozo
Marie-Eugenie Marechal2 times with
Marie-Eugenie Marechal
Laura Prejean2 times with
Laura Prejean
Marc Bretonniere2 times with
Marc Bretonniere
Stephane Ronchewski2 times with
Stephane Ronchewski
Laura Blanc2 times with
Laura Blanc
Bruno Meyere2 times with
Bruno Meyere
Sébastien Desjours2 times with
Sébastien Desjours
Kelly Marot2 times with
Kelly Marot
Emmanuel Garijo2 times with
Emmanuel Garijo
Sylvie Jacob2 times with
Sylvie Jacob
Karine Foviau2 times with
Karine Foviau
Michel Vigne2 times with
Michel Vigne
Mathias Kozlowski2 times with
Mathias Kozlowski
Adeline Chetail2 times with
Adeline Chetail
Benjamin Bollen2 times with
Benjamin Bollen
Pierre Dourlens2 times with
Pierre Dourlens
Emmanuel Rausenberger2 times with
Emmanuel Rausenberger
Thierry Murzeau2 times with
Thierry Murzeau
Gérard Dessalles2 times with
Gérard Dessalles
Caroline Mozzone2 times with
Caroline Mozzone
Laëtitia Lefebvre2 times with
Laëtitia Lefebvre
Charlyne Pestel2 times with
Charlyne Pestel
Lila Lacombe2 times with
Lila Lacombe
Emmanuel Jacomy1 time with
Emmanuel Jacomy
Adrien Antoine1 time with
Adrien Antoine
Pierre Hatet1 time with
Pierre Hatet
Bruno Dubernat1 time with
Bruno Dubernat
Vincent Violette1 time with
Vincent Violette
Bruno Choel1 time with
Bruno Choel
Marc Alfos1 time with
Marc Alfos
Pascal Renwick1 time with
Pascal Renwick
Pierre Laurent1 time with
Pierre Laurent
Guy Nadon1 time with
Guy Nadon
Lucile Boulanger1 time with
Lucile Boulanger
Isabelle Volpe1 time with
Isabelle Volpe
Bernard Alane1 time with
Bernard Alane
Pascal Germain1 time with
Pascal Germain
Michel Papineschi1 time with
Michel Papineschi
Sylvain Hetu1 time with
Sylvain Hetu
Barbara Tissier1 time with
Barbara Tissier
Thierry Mercier1 time with
Thierry Mercier
Roger Carel1 time with
Roger Carel
Laurence Breheret1 time with
Laurence Breheret
Christophe Lemoine1 time with
Christophe Lemoine
Gilbert Levy1 time with
Gilbert Levy
Thierry Bourdon1 time with
Thierry Bourdon
Herve Jolly1 time with
Herve Jolly
Eric Gaudry1 time with
Eric Gaudry
Celine Monsarrat1 time with
Celine Monsarrat
Bruno Carna1 time with
Bruno Carna
Brigitte Lecordier1 time with
Brigitte Lecordier
Yann Le Madic1 time with
Yann Le Madic
Benoît Allemane1 time with
Benoît Allemane
Herve Rey1 time with
Herve Rey
Georges Claisse1 time with
Georges Claisse
Cyrille Monge1 time with
Cyrille Monge
Martial Le Minoux1 time with
Martial Le Minoux
Frederique Marlot1 time with
Frederique Marlot
Agnes Manoury1 time with
Agnes Manoury
Benjamin Pascal1 time with
Benjamin Pascal
Francoise Escobar1 time with
Francoise Escobar
Philippe Ariotti1 time with
Philippe Ariotti
Regine Teyssot1 time with
Regine Teyssot
Pascale Chemin1 time with
Pascale Chemin
Nathalie Homs1 time with
Nathalie Homs
Antoine Tome1 time with
Antoine Tome
Philippe Dumond1 time with
Philippe Dumond
Daniel Lobe1 time with
Daniel Lobe
Damien Boisseau1 time with
Damien Boisseau
Helene Bizot1 time with
Helene Bizot
Suzanne Sindberg1 time with
Suzanne Sindberg
Laetitia Godes1 time with
Laetitia Godes
Dorothee Pousseo1 time with
Dorothee Pousseo
Jean-Francois Vlerick1 time with
Jean-Francois Vlerick
Yann Pichon1 time with
Yann Pichon
Marie Zidi1 time with
Marie Zidi
Daniel Lefourcade1 time with
Daniel Lefourcade
Catherine Privat1 time with
Catherine Privat
Paolo Domingo1 time with
Paolo Domingo
Veronique Augereau1 time with
Veronique Augereau
Anatole de Bodinat1 time with
Anatole de Bodinat
Stéphanie Lafforgue1 time with
Stéphanie Lafforgue
Francois Siener1 time with
Francois Siener
Jessica Monceau1 time with
Jessica Monceau
Adrien Solis1 time with
Adrien Solis
Eric Legrand1 time with
Eric Legrand
Juliette Degenne1 time with
Juliette Degenne
Brigitte Aubry1 time with
Brigitte Aubry

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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