Henrik Koefoed

Henrik Koefoed


Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Henrik Koefoed's voice acting career, they have worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 4 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 120
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Lars Thiesgaard4 times with
Lars Thiesgaard
Kirsten Rolffes4 times with
Kirsten Rolffes
Ove Sprogoe3 times with
Ove Sprogoe
John Hahn-Petersen3 times with
John Hahn-Petersen
Torben Sekov2 times with
Torben Sekov
Peter Zhelder2 times with
Peter Zhelder
Jess Ingerslev2 times with
Jess Ingerslev
Jesper Klein2 times with
Jesper Klein
Preben Neergaard2 times with
Preben Neergaard
Lise Ringheim2 times with
Lise Ringheim
Elith Foss2 times with
Elith Foss
Buster Larsen2 times with
Buster Larsen
Donald Andersen2 times with
Donald Andersen
Thomas Mork2 times with
Thomas Mork
Aage Haugland2 times with
Aage Haugland
Pauline Rehne2 times with
Pauline Rehne
Peter Jorde2 times with
Peter Jorde
John Martinus2 times with
John Martinus
Bjorn Watt-Boolsen2 times with
Bjorn Watt-Boolsen
Nis Bank Mikkelsen1 time with
Nis Bank Mikkelsen
Morten Staugaard1 time with
Morten Staugaard
Jens Jacob Tychsen1 time with
Jens Jacob Tychsen
Ole Ernst1 time with
Ole Ernst
Julian Thiesgaard Kellerman1 time with
Julian Thiesgaard Kellerman
Peter Aude1 time with
Peter Aude
Rasmus Hammerich1 time with
Rasmus Hammerich
Sigurd Holmen le Dous1 time with
Sigurd Holmen le Dous
Thomas Eje1 time with
Thomas Eje
Marie Ingerslev1 time with
Marie Ingerslev
Steen Springborg1 time with
Steen Springborg
Lillian Tillegreen1 time with
Lillian Tillegreen
Paul Huttel1 time with
Paul Huttel
Nikolaj Bohm1 time with
Nikolaj Bohm
Jens Saetter-Lassen1 time with
Jens Saetter-Lassen
Sigurd Langberg1 time with
Sigurd Langberg
Knud Heglund1 time with
Knud Heglund
Vera Gebuhr1 time with
Vera Gebuhr
Dirch Passer1 time with
Dirch Passer
Kristian Boland1 time with
Kristian Boland
Ghita Norby1 time with
Ghita Norby
Esper Hagen1 time with
Esper Hagen
Pernille Hojgaard1 time with
Pernille Hojgaard
Ilselil Larsen1 time with
Ilselil Larsen
Amalie Dollerup1 time with
Amalie Dollerup
Astrid Villaume1 time with
Astrid Villaume
Svend Asmussen1 time with
Svend Asmussen
Ulrik Neumann1 time with
Ulrik Neumann
John Price1 time with
John Price
Sigrid Horne-Rasmussen1 time with
Sigrid Horne-Rasmussen
Arthur Jensen1 time with
Arthur Jensen
Susanne Lundberg1 time with
Susanne Lundberg
Torben Zeller1 time with
Torben Zeller
Henning Moritzen1 time with
Henning Moritzen
Soren Saetter-Lassen1 time with
Soren Saetter-Lassen
Henrik Sloth1 time with
Henrik Sloth
Dennis Otto Hansen1 time with
Dennis Otto Hansen
Michelle Bjorn-Andersen1 time with
Michelle Bjorn-Andersen
Gert Bastian1 time with
Gert Bastian
Jesper Langberg1 time with
Jesper Langberg
Susanne Bruun-Koppel1 time with
Susanne Bruun-Koppel
Anders Bircow1 time with
Anders Bircow
Ann Hjort1 time with
Ann Hjort
Andreas Hviid1 time with
Andreas Hviid
Amalie Ihle Alstrup1 time with
Amalie Ihle Alstrup
Lone Kellermann1 time with
Lone Kellermann
Peter Belli1 time with
Peter Belli
Stig Hoffmeyer1 time with
Stig Hoffmeyer
Kirsten Olesen1 time with
Kirsten Olesen
Kirsten Cenius1 time with
Kirsten Cenius
Grethe Mogensen1 time with
Grethe Mogensen
Soren Weiss1 time with
Soren Weiss
Peter Marcell1 time with
Peter Marcell
Marianne Flor1 time with
Marianne Flor
Aage Winther-Jorgensen1 time with
Aage Winther-Jorgensen
Preben Uglebjerg1 time with
Preben Uglebjerg
Birthe Buch1 time with
Birthe Buch
Michael Caroe1 time with
Michael Caroe
Kjeld Norgaard1 time with
Kjeld Norgaard
Daniel Kellermann1 time with
Daniel Kellermann
Christian Nissen1 time with
Christian Nissen
Birthe Neumann1 time with
Birthe Neumann
Mark Springborg1 time with
Mark Springborg
Willy Rathnov1 time with
Willy Rathnov
Lykke Nielsen1 time with
Lykke Nielsen
Torben Hundahl1 time with
Torben Hundahl
Walt Rosenberg Jr1 time with
Walt Rosenberg Jr
Mime Fonss1 time with
Mime Fonss
Otto Brandenburg1 time with
Otto Brandenburg
Morten Torp1 time with
Morten Torp
Birgitte Sphuler1 time with
Birgitte Sphuler
Soren Pilmark1 time with
Soren Pilmark
Nastja Maria Arcel1 time with
Nastja Maria Arcel
Mille Hoffmeyer Lehfeldt1 time with
Mille Hoffmeyer Lehfeldt
Albert Matthies1 time with
Albert Matthies
Waage Sando1 time with
Waage Sando
Bente Eskesen1 time with
Bente Eskesen
Charlotte Sieling1 time with
Charlotte Sieling
Niels Weyde1 time with
Niels Weyde
Chresten Spreggers-Simonsen1 time with
Chresten Spreggers-Simonsen
Ole Fick1 time with
Ole Fick

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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