Heather Pennington

Heather Pennington

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Heather Pennington's voice acting career, she has worked with Cristina Valenzuela the most times ... totalling 3 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 67
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Cristina Valenzuela3 times with
Cristina Valenzuela
Carrie Keranen2 times with
Carrie Keranen
Xanthe Huynh2 times with
Xanthe Huynh
Laura Post2 times with
Laura Post
Christine Marie Cabanos2 times with
Christine Marie Cabanos
Laura Bailey2 times with
Laura Bailey
Shelby Lindley2 times with
Shelby Lindley
Amanda Celine Miller2 times with
Amanda Celine Miller
Cassandra Lee Morris2 times with
Cassandra Lee Morris
Jason Wishnov2 times with
Jason Wishnov
Karen Strassman2 times with
Karen Strassman
Sarah Williams2 times with
Sarah Williams
Scott McNeil1 time with
Scott McNeil
Melissa Hutchison1 time with
Melissa Hutchison
Erica Lindbeck1 time with
Erica Lindbeck
Michelle Ann Dunphy1 time with
Michelle Ann Dunphy
Trevor Devall1 time with
Trevor Devall
Owen Thomas1 time with
Owen Thomas
Kevin M Connolly1 time with
Kevin M Connolly
Adam Harrington1 time with
Adam Harrington
Doug Boyd1 time with
Doug Boyd
Lisa Lindsley1 time with
Lisa Lindsley
Spike Spencer1 time with
Spike Spencer
Erin Fitzgerald1 time with
Erin Fitzgerald
Travis Willingham1 time with
Travis Willingham
Marianne Miller1 time with
Marianne Miller
Carrie Savage1 time with
Carrie Savage
Erik Braa1 time with
Erik Braa
Gavin Hammon1 time with
Gavin Hammon
Kelly Burge1 time with
Kelly Burge
Richard Epcar1 time with
Richard Epcar
David Lodge1 time with
David Lodge
Brian Sommer1 time with
Brian Sommer
Quinton Flynn1 time with
Quinton Flynn
Rebecca Schweitzer1 time with
Rebecca Schweitzer
Matthew Mercer1 time with
Matthew Mercer
Dennis Collins Johnson1 time with
Dennis Collins Johnson
Cristina Milizia1 time with
Cristina Milizia
Vic Mignogna1 time with
Vic Mignogna
Stephanie Sheh1 time with
Stephanie Sheh
Jonathan Meza1 time with
Jonathan Meza
Keith Silverstein1 time with
Keith Silverstein
Rashida Clendening1 time with
Rashida Clendening
Eugene McDaniels1 time with
Eugene McDaniels
Michael McConnohie1 time with
Michael McConnohie
Lily Truncale1 time with
Lily Truncale
Liam O'Brien1 time with
Liam O'Brien
Amanda Lee1 time with
Amanda Lee
Tara Platt1 time with
Tara Platt
Danielle McRae1 time with
Danielle McRae
Harlan Hogan1 time with
Harlan Hogan
Kyle Hebert1 time with
Kyle Hebert
Antony Del Rio1 time with
Antony Del Rio
Josh Petersdorf1 time with
Josh Petersdorf
Tony Oliver1 time with
Tony Oliver
Lauren Landa1 time with
Lauren Landa
Patrick Seitz1 time with
Patrick Seitz
Erika Harlacher1 time with
Erika Harlacher
Neil Kaplan1 time with
Neil Kaplan
Josh Tomar1 time with
Josh Tomar
Marcella Lentz-Pope1 time with
Marcella Lentz-Pope
Faye Mata1 time with
Faye Mata
Wendee Lee1 time with
Wendee Lee
Muriel Hofmann1 time with
Muriel Hofmann
Jamieson Price1 time with
Jamieson Price
J.S. Gilbert1 time with
J.S. Gilbert
Cia Court1 time with
Cia Court


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