George DelHoyo

George DelHoyo

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of George DelHoyo's voice acting career, he has worked with Gregg Berger the most times ... totalling 3 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 374
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Gregg Berger3 times with
Gregg Berger
Jason Marsden2 times with
Jason Marsden
Townsend Coleman2 times with
Townsend Coleman
William H Macy2 times with
William H Macy
Christopher McDonald2 times with
Christopher McDonald
Bruce Timm2 times with
Bruce Timm
Brian George2 times with
Brian George
Corey Burton2 times with
Corey Burton
Larry Cedar2 times with
Larry Cedar
Neil Ross2 times with
Neil Ross
Lauren Tom2 times with
Lauren Tom
Shannon Kenny2 times with
Shannon Kenny
Charles Rocket2 times with
Charles Rocket
Matt Landers2 times with
Matt Landers
Pat Musick2 times with
Pat Musick
David Walsh2 times with
David Walsh
Larry Drake2 times with
Larry Drake
Scott Valentine2 times with
Scott Valentine
Joe Nipote2 times with
Joe Nipote
Frank Welker2 times with
Frank Welker
Clancy Brown2 times with
Clancy Brown
Sherman Howard2 times with
Sherman Howard
Robert David Hall2 times with
Robert David Hall
Robert Patrick2 times with
Robert Patrick
Clyde Kusatsu2 times with
Clyde Kusatsu
Jeff Bennett2 times with
Jeff Bennett
Vernee Watson Johnson2 times with
Vernee Watson Johnson
Carl Lumbly2 times with
Carl Lumbly
Cree Summer2 times with
Cree Summer
Xander Berkeley2 times with
Xander Berkeley
Stuart Pankin2 times with
Stuart Pankin
Miguel Sandoval2 times with
Miguel Sandoval
Kevin Conroy2 times with
Kevin Conroy
Phil Hayes2 times with
Phil Hayes
John Rubinow2 times with
John Rubinow
Peter Mark Richman2 times with
Peter Mark Richman
Kathleen Freeman2 times with
Kathleen Freeman
John Mariano2 times with
John Mariano
Mark Hamill2 times with
Mark Hamill
Don Harvey2 times with
Don Harvey
Sarah Douglas2 times with
Sarah Douglas
Melissa Disney2 times with
Melissa Disney
Dorian Harewood2 times with
Dorian Harewood
Victor Raider-Wexler2 times with
Victor Raider-Wexler
Joe Lala2 times with
Joe Lala
Marcelo Tubert2 times with
Marcelo Tubert
David Warner2 times with
David Warner
John Rubano2 times with
John Rubano
Ryan ODonohue2 times with
Ryan ODonohue
Tress MacNeille2 times with
Tress MacNeille
Tasia Valenza2 times with
Tasia Valenza
Jennifer Hale2 times with
Jennifer Hale
Kevin Michael Richardson2 times with
Kevin Michael Richardson
Stephen Root2 times with
Stephen Root
Barry Dennen1 time with
Barry Dennen
Jan Eddy1 time with
Jan Eddy
Johnny Galecki1 time with
Johnny Galecki
Hemky Madera1 time with
Hemky Madera
Michael York1 time with
Michael York
Alfred Molina1 time with
Alfred Molina
Bob Joles1 time with
Bob Joles
Ian Abercrombie1 time with
Ian Abercrombie
Amanda Donohoe1 time with
Amanda Donohoe
Al Roker1 time with
Al Roker
James Ward Byrkit1 time with
James Ward Byrkit
Yvette Lowenthal1 time with
Yvette Lowenthal
Rino Romano1 time with
Rino Romano
Victor Brandt1 time with
Victor Brandt
Beth Gramt1 time with
Beth Gramt
Kelly Schmidt1 time with
Kelly Schmidt
Dean Jones1 time with
Dean Jones
Theresa Saldana1 time with
Theresa Saldana
Nicholas Savalas1 time with
Nicholas Savalas
Lonnie Leavitt-Barker1 time with
Lonnie Leavitt-Barker
Robert Costanzo1 time with
Robert Costanzo
Seth Green1 time with
Seth Green
Ron Glass1 time with
Ron Glass
Dennis Haysbert1 time with
Dennis Haysbert
Scott McAfee1 time with
Scott McAfee
Castulo Guerra1 time with
Castulo Guerra
Bill Smitrovich1 time with
Bill Smitrovich
Charles Kimbrough1 time with
Charles Kimbrough
Alexandra Boyd1 time with
Alexandra Boyd
Lauren Robinson1 time with
Lauren Robinson
Shiri Appleby1 time with
Shiri Appleby
Mike Farrell1 time with
Mike Farrell
Stacy Keach1 time with
Stacy Keach
Mary Kay Bergman1 time with
Mary Kay Bergman
Roger Rose1 time with
Roger Rose
Charity James1 time with
Charity James
Paul H Williams1 time with
Paul H Williams
Kay E Kuter1 time with
Kay E Kuter
Joe Spano1 time with
Joe Spano
Dominic Armato1 time with
Dominic Armato
Marc Drotman1 time with
Marc Drotman
Joanna Hulce1 time with
Joanna Hulce
Charlie Schlatter1 time with
Charlie Schlatter
John Glover1 time with
John Glover
Rodger Bumpass1 time with
Rodger Bumpass
Debi Mae West1 time with
Debi Mae West

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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