George Carlin

George Carlin

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of George Carlin's voice acting career, they have worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 3 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 591
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Michael Keaton3 times with
Michael Keaton
John Ratzenberger3 times with
John Ratzenberger
Paul Newman3 times with
Paul Newman
Jay Leno2 times with
Jay Leno
EJ Holowicki2 times with
EJ Holowicki
Guido Quaroni2 times with
Guido Quaroni
Darrell Waltrip2 times with
Darrell Waltrip
John DiMaggio2 times with
John DiMaggio
Jonas Rivera2 times with
Jonas Rivera
Owen Wilson2 times with
Owen Wilson
Katherine Helmond2 times with
Katherine Helmond
Lindsey Collins2 times with
Lindsey Collins
Cheech Marin2 times with
Cheech Marin
Paul Dooley2 times with
Paul Dooley
Tony Shalhoub2 times with
Tony Shalhoub
Kath Soucie2 times with
Kath Soucie
Lou Romano2 times with
Lou Romano
Michael Wallis2 times with
Michael Wallis
Elissa Knight2 times with
Elissa Knight
Glenn Close2 times with
Glenn Close
John Goodman2 times with
John Goodman
Larry the Cable Guy2 times with
Larry the Cable Guy
Ringo Starr2 times with
Ringo Starr
Tress MacNeille2 times with
Tress MacNeille
Sarah Michelle Gellar2 times with
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Adrian Ochoa2 times with
Adrian Ochoa
Jenifer Lewis2 times with
Jenifer Lewis
Bonnie Hunt2 times with
Bonnie Hunt
Alec Baldwin2 times with
Alec Baldwin
Richard Petty2 times with
Richard Petty
Tony Rodriguez1 time with
Tony Rodriguez
Jack McBrayer1 time with
Jack McBrayer
Matt Groening1 time with
Matt Groening
Max von Sydow1 time with
Max von Sydow
Marisa Tomei1 time with
Marisa Tomei
Hank Williams Jr1 time with
Hank Williams Jr
Frank Welker1 time with
Frank Welker
Joe Namath1 time with
Joe Namath
Rosey Grier1 time with
Rosey Grier
Weird Al Yankovic1 time with
Weird Al Yankovic
Andre Agassi1 time with
Andre Agassi
Mickey Rooney1 time with
Mickey Rooney
Nigel Pilkington1 time with
Nigel Pilkington
Harvey Fierstein1 time with
Harvey Fierstein
Page McConnell1 time with
Page McConnell
Jose Canseco1 time with
Jose Canseco
George Segal1 time with
George Segal
Bobcat Goldthwait1 time with
Bobcat Goldthwait
Jules de Jongh1 time with
Jules de Jongh
Pierce Brosnan1 time with
Pierce Brosnan
Zach Galifianakis1 time with
Zach Galifianakis
George Wendt1 time with
George Wendt
Maurice LaMarche1 time with
Maurice LaMarche
Adam Clayton1 time with
Adam Clayton
June Foray1 time with
June Foray
Michael Chabon1 time with
Michael Chabon
Jeremy Irons1 time with
Jeremy Irons
Teller1 time with
Sacha Baron Cohen1 time with
Sacha Baron Cohen
Mary Lynn Rajskub1 time with
Mary Lynn Rajskub
Joe Ranft1 time with
Joe Ranft
Jane Fonda1 time with
Jane Fonda
Tom Magliozzi1 time with
Tom Magliozzi
Lena Dunham1 time with
Lena Dunham
Dana Gould1 time with
Dana Gould
Nick Bakay1 time with
Nick Bakay
John Roberts1 time with
John Roberts
Kristen Bell1 time with
Kristen Bell
Martin T Sherman1 time with
Martin T Sherman
Tom Smothers1 time with
Tom Smothers
Albert Brooks1 time with
Albert Brooks
Arik Marshall1 time with
Arik Marshall
Jess Harnell1 time with
Jess Harnell
Daniel Radcliffe1 time with
Daniel Radcliffe
Mike Judge1 time with
Mike Judge
Stephen Jay Gould1 time with
Stephen Jay Gould
Tracey Ullman1 time with
Tracey Ullman
Robert Trujillo1 time with
Robert Trujillo
Jane Lynch1 time with
Jane Lynch
Gary Larson1 time with
Gary Larson
Alex Rocco1 time with
Alex Rocco
Christopher Ragland1 time with
Christopher Ragland
Martin Mull1 time with
Martin Mull
Lisa Kaplan1 time with
Lisa Kaplan
Justin Roiland1 time with
Justin Roiland
Ryan Seacrest1 time with
Ryan Seacrest
Eva Longoria1 time with
Eva Longoria
Dan Castellaneta1 time with
Dan Castellaneta
Woody Harrelson1 time with
Woody Harrelson
Russi Taylor1 time with
Russi Taylor
JK Rowling1 time with
JK Rowling
Edward James Olmos1 time with
Edward James Olmos
Jeffrey Ross1 time with
Jeffrey Ross
Kipp Lennon1 time with
Kipp Lennon
Blake Anderson1 time with
Blake Anderson
Patrick Warburton1 time with
Patrick Warburton
Jerry Springer1 time with
Jerry Springer
Joe C.1 time with
Joe C.
Lily Tomlin1 time with
Lily Tomlin
Kevin Feige1 time with
Kevin Feige

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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