Frederic Souterelle

Frederic Souterelle


Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Frederic Souterelle's voice acting career, they have worked with Antoine Tomé the most times ... totalling 7 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 178
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Antoine Tomé7 times with
Antoine Tomé
Adrien Solis5 times with
Adrien Solis
Martial Le Minoux5 times with
Martial Le Minoux
Celine Melloul4 times with
Celine Melloul
Agnes Manoury4 times with
Agnes Manoury
Francoise Escobar3 times with
Francoise Escobar
Marc Bretonniere3 times with
Marc Bretonniere
Bruno Meyere3 times with
Bruno Meyere
Pascale Chemin3 times with
Pascale Chemin
Thierry Bourdon3 times with
Thierry Bourdon
Cyrille Monge3 times with
Cyrille Monge
Valerie Siclay3 times with
Valerie Siclay
Stephane Ronchewski3 times with
Stephane Ronchewski
Nathalie Bienaime2 times with
Nathalie Bienaime
Natacha Gerritsen2 times with
Natacha Gerritsen
Philippe Dumond2 times with
Philippe Dumond
Marie Diot2 times with
Marie Diot
Kelly Marot2 times with
Kelly Marot
José Luccioni2 times with
José Luccioni
Dominique Vallee2 times with
Dominique Vallee
Marie Zidi2 times with
Marie Zidi
Isabelle Volpe2 times with
Isabelle Volpe
Marie Nonnenmacher2 times with
Marie Nonnenmacher
Adrien Antoine2 times with
Adrien Antoine
Michel Elias2 times with
Michel Elias
Boris Rehlinger2 times with
Boris Rehlinger
Eric Peter2 times with
Eric Peter
Alexandre Coadour2 times with
Alexandre Coadour
Karine Foviau2 times with
Karine Foviau
Mathieu Moreau2 times with
Mathieu Moreau
Jerome Pauwels2 times with
Jerome Pauwels
Arnaud Laurent2 times with
Arnaud Laurent
Nayeli Forest2 times with
Nayeli Forest
Benoit DuPac2 times with
Benoit DuPac
Genevieve Doang2 times with
Genevieve Doang
Jean-Claude Sachot2 times with
Jean-Claude Sachot
Thierry Kazazian2 times with
Thierry Kazazian
Patrick Bethune2 times with
Patrick Bethune
Francois Creton2 times with
Francois Creton
Gabriel Le Doze2 times with
Gabriel Le Doze
Veronique Desmadryl1 time with
Veronique Desmadryl
Serge Biavan1 time with
Serge Biavan
Ethel Houbiers1 time with
Ethel Houbiers
Eric Missoffe1 time with
Eric Missoffe
Patrick Raynal1 time with
Patrick Raynal
Olivia Nicosia1 time with
Olivia Nicosia
Gerard Surugue1 time with
Gerard Surugue
Martin Spinhayer1 time with
Martin Spinhayer
Celya Ansaldo1 time with
Celya Ansaldo
Hugues Martel1 time with
Hugues Martel
Pierre Hatet1 time with
Pierre Hatet
Stéphanie Lafforgue1 time with
Stéphanie Lafforgue
Malik Bentalha1 time with
Malik Bentalha
Nathanel Alimi1 time with
Nathanel Alimi
Paul Borne1 time with
Paul Borne
David Manet1 time with
David Manet
Jean-Louis Faure1 time with
Jean-Louis Faure
Laura Blanc1 time with
Laura Blanc
Michel Vigne1 time with
Michel Vigne
Yann Guillemot1 time with
Yann Guillemot
Malvina Germain1 time with
Malvina Germain
Sylvain Hetu1 time with
Sylvain Hetu
Jean-Baptiste Anoumon1 time with
Jean-Baptiste Anoumon
Laurence Crouzet1 time with
Laurence Crouzet
Guillaume Lebon1 time with
Guillaume Lebon
Mathieu Rivolier1 time with
Mathieu Rivolier
Delphine Moriau1 time with
Delphine Moriau
Marc Saez1 time with
Marc Saez
Alexandra Garuo1 time with
Alexandra Garuo
Vincent Violette1 time with
Vincent Violette
Patrick Osmond1 time with
Patrick Osmond
Alessandro Bevilacqua1 time with
Alessandro Bevilacqua
Caroline Pascal1 time with
Caroline Pascal
Vincent De Bouard1 time with
Vincent De Bouard
Noemie Orphelin1 time with
Noemie Orphelin
Emmanuel Garijo1 time with
Emmanuel Garijo
Suzanne Sindberg1 time with
Suzanne Sindberg
Bruno Magne1 time with
Bruno Magne
Sydney Kotto1 time with
Sydney Kotto
Julie Basecqz1 time with
Julie Basecqz
Sophie Planet1 time with
Sophie Planet
Jean Barney1 time with
Jean Barney
Evelyne Grandjean1 time with
Evelyne Grandjean
Laurent Vernin1 time with
Laurent Vernin
Axel Truchard1 time with
Axel Truchard
Patrick Laplace1 time with
Patrick Laplace
Fily Keita1 time with
Fily Keita
Emmanuel Rausenberger1 time with
Emmanuel Rausenberger
Camille Cottin1 time with
Camille Cottin
Corrine Wellong1 time with
Corrine Wellong
Olivier Korol1 time with
Olivier Korol
Sébastien Desjours1 time with
Sébastien Desjours
Guy Chapellier1 time with
Guy Chapellier
Bernard Gabay1 time with
Bernard Gabay
Patrice Melennec1 time with
Patrice Melennec
Jean-Francois Vlerick1 time with
Jean-Francois Vlerick
Lionel Tua1 time with
Lionel Tua
Philippe Peythieu1 time with
Philippe Peythieu
Adeline Chetail1 time with
Adeline Chetail
Michel Laroussi1 time with
Michel Laroussi

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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