Francois Creton

Francois Creton


Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Francois Creton's voice acting career, they have worked with Pascale Chemin the most times ... totalling 5 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 66
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Pascale Chemin5 times with
Pascale Chemin
Francoise Escobar4 times with
Francoise Escobar
Antoine Tomé3 times with
Antoine Tomé
Stephane Ronchewski3 times with
Stephane Ronchewski
Gilles Morvan3 times with
Gilles Morvan
Laura Blanc3 times with
Laura Blanc
Guy Chapellier3 times with
Guy Chapellier
Boris Rehlinger3 times with
Boris Rehlinger
Jerome Pauwels2 times with
Jerome Pauwels
Alain Choquet2 times with
Alain Choquet
Serge Thiriet2 times with
Serge Thiriet
Yumi Fujimori2 times with
Yumi Fujimori
Nayeli Forest2 times with
Nayeli Forest
Martial Le Minoux2 times with
Martial Le Minoux
Xavier Fagnon2 times with
Xavier Fagnon
Frederic Souterelle2 times with
Frederic Souterelle
Benoît Allemane2 times with
Benoît Allemane
Nathalie Bienaime2 times with
Nathalie Bienaime
Gilbert Levy2 times with
Gilbert Levy
Geraldine Asselin2 times with
Geraldine Asselin
Suzanne Sindberg2 times with
Suzanne Sindberg
Marie Diot2 times with
Marie Diot
Celine Melloul2 times with
Celine Melloul
Tony Marot1 time with
Tony Marot
Ariane Deviegue1 time with
Ariane Deviegue
Lila Lacombe1 time with
Lila Lacombe
Blanche Ravalec1 time with
Blanche Ravalec
Karine Pinoteau1 time with
Karine Pinoteau
Nicolas Justamon1 time with
Nicolas Justamon
Sylvain Lemarie1 time with
Sylvain Lemarie
Thierry Mercier1 time with
Thierry Mercier
Adeline Chetail1 time with
Adeline Chetail
Philippe Catoire1 time with
Philippe Catoire
Mario Bastelica1 time with
Mario Bastelica
Agnes Manoury1 time with
Agnes Manoury
Nadine Girard1 time with
Nadine Girard
Patrice Baudrier1 time with
Patrice Baudrier
Chantal Baroin1 time with
Chantal Baroin
Jessica Barrier1 time with
Jessica Barrier
Adrien Solis1 time with
Adrien Solis
Georges Claisse1 time with
Georges Claisse
Juliette Poissonnier1 time with
Juliette Poissonnier
Xavier Couleau1 time with
Xavier Couleau
Daniel Gall1 time with
Daniel Gall
Pascal Germain1 time with
Pascal Germain
Jean-Francois Aupied1 time with
Jean-Francois Aupied
Jeremie Bedrune1 time with
Jeremie Bedrune
Pierre Alam1 time with
Pierre Alam
Anthony Carter1 time with
Anthony Carter
Vincent Ropion1 time with
Vincent Ropion
Bruno Meyere1 time with
Bruno Meyere
Victor Niverd1 time with
Victor Niverd
Eilias Changuel1 time with
Eilias Changuel
Marc Alfos1 time with
Marc Alfos
Isabelle Volpe1 time with
Isabelle Volpe
Emmanuel Bonami1 time with
Emmanuel Bonami
Cyrille Monge1 time with
Cyrille Monge
Camille Lamache1 time with
Camille Lamache
Benoit DuPac1 time with
Benoit DuPac
Slimane Yefsah1 time with
Slimane Yefsah
Sophie Riffont1 time with
Sophie Riffont
Alexandre Coadour1 time with
Alexandre Coadour
Maxime Hoareau1 time with
Maxime Hoareau
Jochen Haegele1 time with
Jochen Haegele
Marc Bretonniere1 time with
Marc Bretonniere
Alessandro Bevilacqua1 time with
Alessandro Bevilacqua


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