Frances McDormand

Frances McDormand

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Frances McDormand's voice acting career, they have worked with Bryan Cranston the most times ... totalling 3 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 543
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Bryan Cranston3 times with
Bryan Cranston
Ben Stiller2 times with
Ben Stiller
Sacha Baron Cohen2 times with
Sacha Baron Cohen
John Ratzenberger2 times with
John Ratzenberger
Frank Welker2 times with
Frank Welker
Benedict Cumberbatch2 times with
Benedict Cumberbatch
Edward Norton2 times with
Edward Norton
Harry Shearer2 times with
Harry Shearer
Maya Rudolph1 time with
Maya Rudolph
Joshua Jackson1 time with
Joshua Jackson
Paz Vega1 time with
Paz Vega
Bob Balaban1 time with
Bob Balaban
Stacy Keach1 time with
Stacy Keach
Raymond Ochoa1 time with
Raymond Ochoa
Edward James Olmos1 time with
Edward James Olmos
Andres Cantor1 time with
Andres Cantor
Elizabeth Taylor1 time with
Elizabeth Taylor
Jane Fonda1 time with
Jane Fonda
Tom Petty1 time with
Tom Petty
Laura Ingraham1 time with
Laura Ingraham
Gary Coleman1 time with
Gary Coleman
Chuck Liddell1 time with
Chuck Liddell
Steve Carell1 time with
Steve Carell
Drew Barrymore1 time with
Drew Barrymore
Justin Roiland1 time with
Justin Roiland
Anjelica Huston1 time with
Anjelica Huston
Vinnie Jones1 time with
Vinnie Jones
Lady Gaga1 time with
Lady Gaga
Rod Steiger1 time with
Rod Steiger
Kim Cattrall1 time with
Kim Cattrall
Joe Mantegna1 time with
Joe Mantegna
Nick Offerman1 time with
Nick Offerman
Hugh Laurie1 time with
Hugh Laurie
Alex Trebek1 time with
Alex Trebek
Chris Rock1 time with
Chris Rock
Jack Sheldon1 time with
Jack Sheldon
Jordan Nagai1 time with
Jordan Nagai
Mandy Freund1 time with
Mandy Freund
Justin Timberlake1 time with
Justin Timberlake
Jenny Yokobori1 time with
Jenny Yokobori
George Harrison1 time with
George Harrison
Butch Patrick1 time with
Butch Patrick
Anne Bancroft1 time with
Anne Bancroft
Marisa Tomei1 time with
Marisa Tomei
Ben Schwartz1 time with
Ben Schwartz
Larry Mullen, Jr.1 time with
Larry Mullen, Jr.
Hank Azaria1 time with
Hank Azaria
Tom Wolfe1 time with
Tom Wolfe
George Takei1 time with
George Takei
Kid Rock1 time with
Kid Rock
Keone Young1 time with
Keone Young
Jack Lemmon1 time with
Jack Lemmon
Stan Lee1 time with
Stan Lee
Marcus Scribner1 time with
Marcus Scribner
Mandy Moore1 time with
Mandy Moore
Johnny Vegas1 time with
Johnny Vegas
Tim Bentinck1 time with
Tim Bentinck
Henry Winkler1 time with
Henry Winkler
Tracy Morgan1 time with
Tracy Morgan
Meryl Streep1 time with
Meryl Streep
Lea Michele1 time with
Lea Michele
Ed McMahon1 time with
Ed McMahon
Chad Smith1 time with
Chad Smith
Neil Patrick Harris1 time with
Neil Patrick Harris
Gerry Cooney1 time with
Gerry Cooney
Danny DeVito1 time with
Danny DeVito
Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima1 time with
Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima
Sab Shimono1 time with
Sab Shimono
Jack White1 time with
Jack White
Tom McGrath1 time with
Tom McGrath
Mike Scioscia1 time with
Mike Scioscia
Courtney B Vance1 time with
Courtney B Vance
Chris Benz1 time with
Chris Benz
Dana Gould1 time with
Dana Gould
Steven Wright1 time with
Steven Wright
Chris Kirkpatrick1 time with
Chris Kirkpatrick
Sam Elliott1 time with
Sam Elliott
Placido Domingo1 time with
Placido Domingo
Bret Hart1 time with
Bret Hart
Tony Blair1 time with
Tony Blair
Maurice LaMarche1 time with
Maurice LaMarche
Dick Smothers1 time with
Dick Smothers
Kevin Michael Richardson1 time with
Kevin Michael Richardson
Anderson Cooper1 time with
Anderson Cooper
Willem Dafoe1 time with
Willem Dafoe
Kirk Douglas1 time with
Kirk Douglas
Mr T1 time with
Mr T
Darryl Strawberry1 time with
Darryl Strawberry
Alex Rocco1 time with
Alex Rocco
Neil Gaiman1 time with
Neil Gaiman
Eddie Izzard1 time with
Eddie Izzard
Penny Marshall1 time with
Penny Marshall
Larry King1 time with
Larry King
Steve Zahn1 time with
Steve Zahn
Ryan Seacrest1 time with
Ryan Seacrest
Fran Drescher1 time with
Fran Drescher
Nick Fletcher1 time with
Nick Fletcher
Dick Cavett1 time with
Dick Cavett
Maggie Roswell1 time with
Maggie Roswell
Pete Sampras1 time with
Pete Sampras

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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