Finola Hughes

Finola Hughes

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Finola Hughes's voice acting career, she has worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 3 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 244
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Frank Welker3 times with
Frank Welker
Kevin Michael Richardson3 times with
Kevin Michael Richardson
Ed Asner2 times with
Ed Asner
Matthew Gray Gubler2 times with
Matthew Gray Gubler
John DiMaggio2 times with
John DiMaggio
Michael J. Gough2 times with
Michael J. Gough
Robin Atkin Downes2 times with
Robin Atkin Downes
Cathy Cavadini2 times with
Cathy Cavadini
Brad Garrett2 times with
Brad Garrett
Christopher McDonald2 times with
Christopher McDonald
Xander Berkeley2 times with
Xander Berkeley
Grey DeLisle-Griffin2 times with
Grey DeLisle-Griffin
Matthew Lillard2 times with
Matthew Lillard
Jeff Bennett2 times with
Jeff Bennett
Laraine Newman2 times with
Laraine Newman
Cree Summer2 times with
Cree Summer
Brian George2 times with
Brian George
Jason Marsden2 times with
Jason Marsden
Chad Lowe1 time with
Chad Lowe
Billy Zane1 time with
Billy Zane
Michelle St John1 time with
Michelle St John
David Walsh1 time with
David Walsh
Dana Delany1 time with
Dana Delany
Ted Levine1 time with
Ted Levine
Dee Bradley Baker1 time with
Dee Bradley Baker
Danny Mann1 time with
Danny Mann
Sarah Douglas1 time with
Sarah Douglas
Marion Ross1 time with
Marion Ross
Lance Reddick1 time with
Lance Reddick
Ian James Corlett1 time with
Ian James Corlett
Jennifer Hale1 time with
Jennifer Hale
Fred Willard1 time with
Fred Willard
Mel Winkler1 time with
Mel Winkler
Pat Musick1 time with
Pat Musick
Jack Carter1 time with
Jack Carter
Rosalyn Sidewater1 time with
Rosalyn Sidewater
Tara Strong1 time with
Tara Strong
Lisa Edelstein1 time with
Lisa Edelstein
Greg Ellis1 time with
Greg Ellis
CCH Pounder1 time with
CCH Pounder
Sumalee Montano1 time with
Sumalee Montano
Tisha Terrasini Banker1 time with
Tisha Terrasini Banker
Cynthia Gibb1 time with
Cynthia Gibb
Lauren Tom1 time with
Lauren Tom
Brion James1 time with
Brion James
Ron Glass1 time with
Ron Glass
James Patrick Stuart1 time with
James Patrick Stuart
Valri Bromfield1 time with
Valri Bromfield
Arnold Vosloo1 time with
Arnold Vosloo
Matt L Jones1 time with
Matt L Jones
Anthony Ruivivar1 time with
Anthony Ruivivar
Gilbert Gottfried1 time with
Gilbert Gottfried
Mae Whitman1 time with
Mae Whitman
Sandra Bernhard1 time with
Sandra Bernhard
Irene Bedard1 time with
Irene Bedard
John Garry1 time with
John Garry
Peter Gallagher1 time with
Peter Gallagher
Arleen Sorkin1 time with
Arleen Sorkin
Alexis Denisof1 time with
Alexis Denisof
Robert Patrick1 time with
Robert Patrick
Brian Cox1 time with
Brian Cox
Obba Babatunde1 time with
Obba Babatunde
Jesse Batten1 time with
Jesse Batten
Corey Burton1 time with
Corey Burton
Miguel Ferrer1 time with
Miguel Ferrer
John Glover1 time with
John Glover
Vernee Watson Johnson1 time with
Vernee Watson Johnson
Beth Tapper1 time with
Beth Tapper
Emmanuelle Chriqui1 time with
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Hassan Nicholas1 time with
Hassan Nicholas
Michael Dorn1 time with
Michael Dorn
David Kaufman1 time with
David Kaufman
Steve Blum1 time with
Steve Blum
Roger Rose1 time with
Roger Rose
Phil Hayes1 time with
Phil Hayes
Melissa Disney1 time with
Melissa Disney
Robert Ito1 time with
Robert Ito
Udo Kier1 time with
Udo Kier
Marc Robinson1 time with
Marc Robinson
Leslie Easterbrook1 time with
Leslie Easterbrook
Tony Pope1 time with
Tony Pope
Victor Brandt1 time with
Victor Brandt
Susanne Blakeslee1 time with
Susanne Blakeslee
Abraham Benrubi1 time with
Abraham Benrubi
Lorin Dreyfuss1 time with
Lorin Dreyfuss
David Ogden Stiers1 time with
David Ogden Stiers
Steve Sandor1 time with
Steve Sandor
Kurtwood Smith1 time with
Kurtwood Smith
Scott Valentine1 time with
Scott Valentine
Henry Silva1 time with
Henry Silva
John Rubano1 time with
John Rubano
Ed Gilbert1 time with
Ed Gilbert
Ernie Hudson1 time with
Ernie Hudson
Larry Drake1 time with
Larry Drake
Stuart Pankin1 time with
Stuart Pankin
Andrea Martin1 time with
Andrea Martin
Jennifer Richards1 time with
Jennifer Richards
Tim Daly1 time with
Tim Daly
George Dzundza1 time with
George Dzundza
Townsend Coleman1 time with
Townsend Coleman

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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