Erica Schroeder

Erica Schroeder

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 Behind the Voice Actors posted this yesterday! Thought I'd share. Woohoo!!! 102 listed roles. Guess I should take this, run with it, and celebrate. Ever so grateful to do what I love. Thanks again to BTVA for working so hard to preserve our history and sometimes.....our memory... by reminding us of things we forgot. ;)
~ said on Sep 9 2016 via Facebook Post (hitting 100 BTVA credits)
 A big THANK YOU to Kevin Thompson over at Behind the Voice Actors for updating my page! That website astounds me. Truly. I don't know how they manage to follow and keep track of so many actors careers and do it so well. Check out the 9 new roles on there bringing my recorded roles on the site up to 98. I think there are many more coming, so keep an eye out. Thanks always for the love and support!
~ said on Sep 6 2016 via Facebook Post
 Thank YOU. I am continually amazed at the accuracy and integrity of the site and all of the people who maintain it. I talk about it at cons to let everybody know how amazing it is.

~ said on Apr 21 2014 via Email
 If you want to show your love for Valentines Day, show it on the voice behind the actors website on my page (and/or your other favorite voice actors respective pages). I think the website is wonderful and shows the careers of so many talented voice actors past and present. I commend their efforts and constant work to keep the website accurate and up to date. Enjoy!
~ said on Feb 8 2012 via Facebook Wall Post
 I am so impressed by this website, it is such an arduous, yet rewarding task Iíd think. It's phenomenal.
I commend you all on this endeavor. If you ever need help finding someone in my circle or have any questions about anything, donít hesitate to ask. Best of luck to you and yours, Erica.
~ said on Sep 27 2011 via Email


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