Emiko Takeuchi

Emiko Takeuchi


Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Emiko Takeuchi's voice acting career, she has worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 2 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 141
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Tomoaki Maeno2 times with
Tomoaki Maeno
Takashi Onozuka2 times with
Takashi Onozuka
Tarusuke Shingaki2 times with
Tarusuke Shingaki
Haruka Jinya2 times with
Haruka Jinya
Yasuyuki Kase2 times with
Yasuyuki Kase
Aina Suzuki2 times with
Aina Suzuki
Kōki Miyata2 times with
Kōki Miyata
Aki Kanada2 times with
Aki Kanada
Kanae Oki2 times with
Kanae Oki
Wataru Komada2 times with
Wataru Komada
Atsushi Kisaichi2 times with
Atsushi Kisaichi
Hisako Kanemoto2 times with
Hisako Kanemoto
Kana Uetake1 time with
Kana Uetake
Rie Murakawa1 time with
Rie Murakawa
Aika Kobayashi1 time with
Aika Kobayashi
Hekiru Shiina1 time with
Hekiru Shiina
Ayaka Ohashi1 time with
Ayaka Ohashi
Anna Mugiho1 time with
Anna Mugiho
Tetsu Inada1 time with
Tetsu Inada
Rina Sato1 time with
Rina Sato
Kanae Ito1 time with
Kanae Ito
So Asakura1 time with
So Asakura
Hayato Fujii1 time with
Hayato Fujii
Kikuko Inoue1 time with
Kikuko Inoue
Eri Kitamura1 time with
Eri Kitamura
Ayano Yamamoto1 time with
Ayano Yamamoto
Asami Yano1 time with
Asami Yano
Akari Kiyama1 time with
Akari Kiyama
Megumi Toyoguchi1 time with
Megumi Toyoguchi
Koko Tsukimoto1 time with
Koko Tsukimoto
Kozue Harashima1 time with
Kozue Harashima
Shunsuke Takeuchi1 time with
Shunsuke Takeuchi
Nana Mizuki1 time with
Nana Mizuki
Kana Asumi1 time with
Kana Asumi
Isamu Yusen1 time with
Isamu Yusen
Kanako Takatsuki1 time with
Kanako Takatsuki
Hisao Egawa1 time with
Hisao Egawa
Hideo Ishikawa1 time with
Hideo Ishikawa
Yui Sakakibara1 time with
Yui Sakakibara
Mami Ozaki1 time with
Mami Ozaki
Shugo Nakamura1 time with
Shugo Nakamura
Ryoko Shiraishi1 time with
Ryoko Shiraishi
Manabu Sakamaki1 time with
Manabu Sakamaki
Yu Serizawa1 time with
Yu Serizawa
Ayaka Nishiwaki1 time with
Ayaka Nishiwaki
Nobuo Tobita1 time with
Nobuo Tobita
Hiro Nakajima1 time with
Hiro Nakajima
Rina Honizumi1 time with
Rina Honizumi
Hinata Tadokoro1 time with
Hinata Tadokoro
Keiichi Nanba1 time with
Keiichi Nanba
Tetsuharu Ota1 time with
Tetsuharu Ota
Ayako Takeuchi1 time with
Ayako Takeuchi
Ai Furihata1 time with
Ai Furihata
Akemi Kanda1 time with
Akemi Kanda
Ayana Taketatsu1 time with
Ayana Taketatsu
Kenta Okuma1 time with
Kenta Okuma
Shuka Saito1 time with
Shuka Saito
Akeno Watanabe1 time with
Akeno Watanabe
Shizuka Itō1 time with
Shizuka Itō
China Kitahara1 time with
China Kitahara
Chikahiro Kobayashi1 time with
Chikahiro Kobayashi
Koichi Sakaguchi1 time with
Koichi Sakaguchi
Yuta Kasuya1 time with
Yuta Kasuya
Rie Takahashi1 time with
Rie Takahashi
Hana Sato1 time with
Hana Sato
Yuji Mitsuya1 time with
Yuji Mitsuya
Jin Yamanoi1 time with
Jin Yamanoi
Asami Tano1 time with
Asami Tano
Kenta Miyake1 time with
Kenta Miyake
Ryoichi Tanaka1 time with
Ryoichi Tanaka
Hiroko Ushida1 time with
Hiroko Ushida
Arisa Komiya1 time with
Arisa Komiya
Shinji Kawada1 time with
Shinji Kawada
Yuki Kodaira1 time with
Yuki Kodaira
Mao Ichimichi1 time with
Mao Ichimichi
Masaaki Ihara1 time with
Masaaki Ihara
Toshihide Tsuchiya1 time with
Toshihide Tsuchiya
Mai Goto1 time with
Mai Goto
Inori Minase1 time with
Inori Minase
Kento Shiraishi1 time with
Kento Shiraishi
Atsuko Tanaka1 time with
Atsuko Tanaka
Fuyuka Ono1 time with
Fuyuka Ono
Kenji Sugimura1 time with
Kenji Sugimura
Saki Yamakita1 time with
Saki Yamakita
Soshiro Hori1 time with
Soshiro Hori
Rie Kugimiya1 time with
Rie Kugimiya
Masayuki Kato1 time with
Masayuki Kato
Hideto Nitta1 time with
Hideto Nitta
Ryota Osaka1 time with
Ryota Osaka
Rikako Aida1 time with
Rikako Aida
Yusaku Yara1 time with
Yusaku Yara
Hikaru Hanada1 time with
Hikaru Hanada
Soma Saito1 time with
Soma Saito
Katsunori Okai1 time with
Katsunori Okai
Ken Uo1 time with
Ken Uo
Ryota Takeuchi1 time with
Ryota Takeuchi
Marika Kono1 time with
Marika Kono
Yuka Kashino1 time with
Yuka Kashino
Toshihiko Seki1 time with
Toshihiko Seki
Tomohisa Aso1 time with
Tomohisa Aso

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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