Elisa Melendez

Elisa Melendez

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Elisa Melendez's voice acting career, she has worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 2 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 219
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Monica Rial2 times with
Monica Rial
Chris Hardwick2 times with
Chris Hardwick
Randall Pitchford2 times with
Randall Pitchford
Jeremy Schwartz2 times with
Jeremy Schwartz
Jamie Marchi2 times with
Jamie Marchi
Daniel Penz2 times with
Daniel Penz
J Michael Tatum2 times with
J Michael Tatum
Phil Parsons2 times with
Phil Parsons
Ashly Burch2 times with
Ashly Burch
Micah Solusod2 times with
Micah Solusod
Jennifer Green2 times with
Jennifer Green
Ric Spiegel2 times with
Ric Spiegel
Tia Ballard2 times with
Tia Ballard
Jason Liebrecht2 times with
Jason Liebrecht
Ricco Fajardo2 times with
Ricco Fajardo
Brina Palencia2 times with
Brina Palencia
Jeremy Inman2 times with
Jeremy Inman
Colleen Clinkenbeard2 times with
Colleen Clinkenbeard
Joel McDonald2 times with
Joel McDonald
Blythe Renay2 times with
Blythe Renay
Sonny Strait2 times with
Sonny Strait
Cherami Leigh2 times with
Cherami Leigh
Connor Cleary2 times with
Connor Cleary
Jesse Lemons2 times with
Jesse Lemons
Bruce DuBose2 times with
Bruce DuBose
Greg Carson2 times with
Greg Carson
Lynne Rutherford2 times with
Lynne Rutherford
Brad Jackson2 times with
Brad Jackson
Ian Sinclair2 times with
Ian Sinclair
Mike McFarland2 times with
Mike McFarland
Jason Douglas2 times with
Jason Douglas
Martha Harms2 times with
Martha Harms
Curry McKnight2 times with
Curry McKnight
Jim Foronda2 times with
Jim Foronda
Cris George2 times with
Cris George
Michael Turner2 times with
Michael Turner
Raison Varner2 times with
Raison Varner
Christopher Sabat2 times with
Christopher Sabat
Brandon Potter2 times with
Brandon Potter
Josh Grelle2 times with
Josh Grelle
R Bruce Elliott2 times with
R Bruce Elliott
Chris Rager2 times with
Chris Rager
Dameon Clarke2 times with
Dameon Clarke
Alexis Tipton2 times with
Alexis Tipton
Marcus Mauldin2 times with
Marcus Mauldin
Mark Stoddard2 times with
Mark Stoddard
Zach Bolton1 time with
Zach Bolton
Penn Jillette1 time with
Penn Jillette
Daman Mills1 time with
Daman Mills
Taylor Harris1 time with
Taylor Harris
Michelle Pennington1 time with
Michelle Pennington
Eric Vale1 time with
Eric Vale
Todd Haberkorn1 time with
Todd Haberkorn
Greg Dulcie1 time with
Greg Dulcie
Lindsay Seidel1 time with
Lindsay Seidel
Jeff Plunk1 time with
Jeff Plunk
Adam Croasdell1 time with
Adam Croasdell
Alex Mai1 time with
Alex Mai
Liam Martel1 time with
Liam Martel
Anastasia Munoz1 time with
Anastasia Munoz
Emily Gray1 time with
Emily Gray
Francis Henry1 time with
Francis Henry
Oscar Seung1 time with
Oscar Seung
Liz Katz1 time with
Liz Katz
Mikayla Jackson1 time with
Mikayla Jackson
Kent Williams1 time with
Kent Williams
Zehra Fazal1 time with
Zehra Fazal
Jack Reeder1 time with
Jack Reeder
Caleb Yen1 time with
Caleb Yen
Ice T1 time with
Ice T
Leo Fabian1 time with
Leo Fabian
Ethan Gallardo1 time with
Ethan Gallardo
Carl Shedd1 time with
Carl Shedd
Andrew Love1 time with
Andrew Love
Scott Frerichs1 time with
Scott Frerichs
SungWon Cho1 time with
SungWon Cho
Danny Homan1 time with
Danny Homan
Kara Edwards1 time with
Kara Edwards
Tyler Walker1 time with
Tyler Walker
Felecia Angelle1 time with
Felecia Angelle
Jim White1 time with
Jim White
Kevin Duc1 time with
Kevin Duc
Corey Pettit1 time with
Corey Pettit
Jerry Jewell1 time with
Jerry Jewell
Alex Moore1 time with
Alex Moore
Brandon McInnis1 time with
Brandon McInnis
Jesse Kirstein1 time with
Jesse Kirstein
Patricia Menelly1 time with
Patricia Menelly
Chad Cline1 time with
Chad Cline
Sue Roberts Birch1 time with
Sue Roberts Birch
Mallorie Rodak1 time with
Mallorie Rodak
Howard Wang1 time with
Howard Wang
Matt Cox1 time with
Matt Cox
Bryce O'Brien1 time with
Bryce O'Brien
Chris Burnett1 time with
Chris Burnett
Katelyn Barr1 time with
Katelyn Barr
Eric Rolon1 time with
Eric Rolon
Michael Roth1 time with
Michael Roth
Mary Morgan1 time with
Mary Morgan
Lynn Andrews III1 time with
Lynn Andrews III

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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