Dick Gautier

Dick Gautier

Date Of Birth: Oct 30, 1931
Birth Place: Culver City, California, USA
Date Of Death: Jan 13, 2017

Popularity: 1,852nd All Time, 3,034th This Week

Trivia & Fun Facts:

He is frequently called "Richard Gautier". However, he has confirmed that "Dick" is in fact his birth name, and he never calls himself Richard.

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EPA Deane
said at 6:14 AM on Mon Mar 26 2018
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Ironic... The Voice Actor for Optimus Prime's Youthful Successor was Ten Years Older than Peter Cullen...
said at 7:46 AM on Mon Mar 26 2018
@EPA Deane Yeah, but I'm always amazed by the fact that he sounded younger than his age.

Oddly enough, he was the same age as Ed Gilbert, and yet when Dick replaced Ed as Senator Masterson, I thought he sounded too young for the role (since it's basically his Rodimus voice).
said at 7:35 AM on Sat Feb 3 2018
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Dick was such a talent he was great as Spike, Rodimus Prime, and Serpentor
said at 6:49 AM on Mon Oct 30 2017
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Happy Birthday and R.I.P. Dick Gautier!
said at 6:47 AM on Mon Oct 30 2017
Happy birthday and RIP Dick Gautier!!!

For me, he'll always be the perfect Hot Rod and Rodimus Prime. He sounded to sound inspirational yet reluctant and doubtful of his own abilities. Plus, I love how he subtly differentiates his Rodimus and Hot Rod voices ala Bud Collyer. Kinda makes me think that Dick would have been perfect as a George Reeves-esque Superman.

He was also awesome as Serpentor, Apeface and Firebolt and honestly, I've loved every role I've seen him play.
said at 7:58 AM on Mon Oct 30 2017
@Starscreamsfan I meant "He managed to sound inspirational yet reluctant and doubtful of his own abilities."
8000 Saiyans
said at 3:30 AM on Mon Oct 30 2017
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Happy birthday and R.I.P. Dick! You were great as Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime and Serpentor.
virtual revenger
said at 1:14 PM on Wed Jul 12 2017
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Rest in peace with sparks in the sky and with the nagas, Lord Serpentor in heavens
said at 4:36 PM on Sun Jan 15 2017
 6 Shout Outs!
RIP Dick Gautier.

He was definitely excellent as Rodimus Prime, probably even better than Judd was in the movie. While I preferred Nelson as Hot Rod, it was impressive that Dick was able to sound younger there. He also showed range as Apeface.

He was incredibly hammy and great as Serpentor, despite how much I disliked the character. Dick's great performance was the one good thing about the character.

I also liked him in his guest role in BTAS.

I really wish he could've returned to voice acting, as he seemed like a good person and great talent.

Rest in Peace Mr. Gautier. :(
said at 9:08 PM on Sat Jan 14 2017
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He deserves a parade or a holiday or something
said at 4:30 PM on Sat Jan 14 2017
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god damn it RIP Rodimus/Hot Rod
said at 11:21 AM on Sat Jan 14 2017
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RIP Dick Gautier!

You were amazing as Rodimus Prime/Hot Rod. As Starscreamsfan put it best, he really pulled a good Bud Collyer esque performance for the character being able to do a mature voice for Rodimus and a youthful voice for Hot Rod.

I only learned today that Dick actually was nominated for a Tony Award for his performance in the original Broadway production of Bye Bye Birdie. That is awesome.

It was also pretty awesome that he was impersonated Adam West's Batman in the public service announcement for equal pay for women. He really does a good job emulating Adam, it's a shame he never voiced Batman in anything. It was cool that he did a guest voice on Batman: The Animated Series though.

It was also cool that in 2013 he was a guest at TFCon.

He had such a varied career doing night clubs, game show contestant, Broadway theatre, television acting, voice acting...he once said in an interview he laments how he was too young to have done radio but still he did like almost everything. He was in the navy before he entered show business.

You will be missed Dick Gautier!
said at 11:03 AM on Sat Jan 14 2017
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R.I.P. Serpentor and Rodimus Prime!
said at 10:31 AM on Sat Jan 14 2017
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RIP MR. Gautier. I'll always remember you as Spike and Rodimus Prime :(
said at 9:16 AM on Sat Jan 14 2017
Can't believe he died yesterday, R.I.P
said at 8:44 AM on Sat Jan 14 2017
 2 Shout Outs!
R.I.P, Mr. Gautier, you'll be missed.
said at 8:44 AM on Sat Jan 14 2017
 3 Shout Outs!
R.I.P, Mr. Gautier, you'll be missed.
said at 8:33 AM on Sat Jan 14 2017
Fare thee well, Hymie from "Get Smart." Rest in Peace.
said at 8:10 AM on Sat Jan 14 2017
 1 Shout Out!
RIP Dick Gautier. :(

Thanks for all the memories. I'll always remember you as Rodimus Prime.
said at 3:15 PM on Sun Oct 30 2016
 1 Shout Out!
Happy Birthday Dick Gautier!!!

Excellent performances as Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime, Serpentor (Even though I despise the character), & Teddy in BTAS!!!

Shame he hasn't done anything since the '90s. I think he could be a good Sentinel Prime nowadays.
said at 5:38 AM on Sun Oct 30 2016
Happy Birthday Dick Gautier.
said at 3:37 AM on Sat Oct 31 2015
said at 3:09 PM on Fri Oct 30 2015
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Happy Birthday Dick Gautier!

Does anyone see a bit of irony that not only does he voice Rodimus Prime but is also Serpentor too?
said at 5:11 AM on Fri Oct 30 2015
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Happy birthday, Dick Gautier!!!

A shame he's retired now, because he was really good in his craft.

Man, I just loved him as Serpentor, Rodimus Prime, Hot Rod and Apeface.

His Serpentor is just classic, full of menace and really bombastic. Plus, you can't go wrong with his classic "THIS I COMMAND!!!"

As Hot Rod and Rodimus, he really nailed it. He used the same trick that Bud Collyer used for his Superman role in making one of the personas sound different, but still keeping something that makes him recognizable. His Hot Rod sounded like a pretty convincing hotheaded teenager voice while his Rodimus was pretty cool sounding and inspiring. Plus, the writing really helped Rodimus a lot, IMO. He wasn't as confident as his predecessor, he had troubles with being leader, and that made him a more relatable character.

His Apeface was, like all the performances on the "Rebirth" saga, a pretty intriguing and fun performance. His brutish voice was pretty unique. What I loved the most about his Apeface is that it wasn't the typical deep voice that most people want for this type of character. Instead, Gautier went with a voice that wasn't so deep, yet it wasn't so high, but it had the proper amount of gruffness needed for this character. Plus, Apeface was the first Transformers character to ever say the word "puke". XD

A really enjoyable performer, and from those reunion featurettes made by Shout! Factory, he also seems like a pretty sweet yet pretty hilarious guy.
said at 3:39 AM on Sat Oct 31 2015
@Starscreamsfan and Cobra lalalalala! :P LOL
said at 3:51 AM on Sat Oct 31 2015
@Megsgirl247 Oh, yes. That's pretty awesome. XD
said at 4:07 AM on Sat Oct 31 2015
@Starscreamsfan It's my ring tone lol XP
said at 4:10 AM on Fri Oct 30 2015
 1 Shout Out!
Happy Birthday Spike. Dear Dad!
Polyester Funk
said at 12:22 AM on Thu Oct 30 2014
 3 Shout Outs!
Happy birthday Serpentor, Rodimus Prime, Pyre and Crygen.
said at 4:21 PM on Sat May 5 2012
 2 Shout Outs!
As a young girl, I was a bit of a "tom boy". Sure, I loooved the 'ponies', but I was CRAAZY over the Transformes from the first episode and when the Season 3 came out, Rodimus was my FAVORITE! Now, I'm ...older...LOL okay, I just turned 35, and I always kept up with the actors behind my favorites, but I never COULD find Rodmius. I'm glad I did. He was my total Fave...and admittedly, my Crush on the Transformers, Yes, little girls have the STRANGEST crushes, my daughter thinks Alvin, from the Chipmunks is HER boyfriend...she DID until I told her she isn't dating until shes WELL past 30!

I enjoyed Mr. Gautier as Rodimus and while Judd Nelson has that special, 'Rebel' sound and ...wildness to his voice...Mr. Gautier lent Rodimus something that I just didn't find in Judd or any of the other actors. For me, HE was Rodimus. I did this look up after watching some of the episdoes with my five year old on Netflix and WOW...I'm amazed I get to see it again...

I'm glad there are GOOD actors out there. I see a lot of these cheap made 'cartoons with a message' shows for my girl, and whew...the actors get on my NERVES....

I'm glad I had good toons and GOOD actors/actresses behind them!

Good job and thanks!
said at 4:16 PM on Sat May 5 2012
I have always loved the art of Voice Acting...it is the first thing that crosses my MIND when I hear a good character's voice. People don't realize a lot goes behind bringing some color, lines, and pixels to life than just opening your mouth and spitting out some words. My daughter loves when I do my voices, especially "Fluttershy", "Pikachu", and BEST of all, the "Bunny Family members we've created. Add a little flavor to your character, try some voices. There's no silliness to it, just FUN. ;)
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