David Povall

David Povall

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of David Povall's voice acting career, he has worked with Jeff Winkless the most times ... totalling 7 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 98
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Jeff Winkless7 times with
Jeff Winkless
Michael McConnohie6 times with
Michael McConnohie
Steve Kramer6 times with
Steve Kramer
Edie Mirman6 times with
Edie Mirman
Steve Bulen5 times with
Steve Bulen
Kerrigan Mahan4 times with
Kerrigan Mahan
Mike Reynolds3 times with
Mike Reynolds
Eddie Frierson3 times with
Eddie Frierson
Tony Oliver3 times with
Tony Oliver
Bob Bergen3 times with
Bob Bergen
Eleni Kelakos3 times with
Eleni Kelakos
Joyce Kurtz3 times with
Joyce Kurtz
Michael Forest3 times with
Michael Forest
Edward Mannix3 times with
Edward Mannix
Gregory Snegoff3 times with
Gregory Snegoff
Richard Epcar2 times with
Richard Epcar
Diane Michelle2 times with
Diane Michelle
Dan Lorge2 times with
Dan Lorge
Michelle Ruff2 times with
Michelle Ruff
Alexandra Kenworthy2 times with
Alexandra Kenworthy
Iona Morris2 times with
Iona Morris
Kirk Thornton2 times with
Kirk Thornton
Milton James2 times with
Milton James
Lex Lang2 times with
Lex Lang
Erin Matthews1 time with
Erin Matthews
Rick Burford1 time with
Rick Burford
Tom Wyner1 time with
Tom Wyner
William Dufris1 time with
William Dufris
William Ross1 time with
William Ross
David Hayter1 time with
David Hayter
Bob Sessions1 time with
Bob Sessions
Keith Szarabajka1 time with
Keith Szarabajka
Jason Klassi1 time with
Jason Klassi
Carl Macek1 time with
Carl Macek
Andy McAvin1 time with
Andy McAvin
Paul St Peter1 time with
Paul St Peter
Thom Adcox Hernandez1 time with
Thom Adcox Hernandez
Joe Romersa1 time with
Joe Romersa
Kevin Seymour1 time with
Kevin Seymour
Juliana Donald1 time with
Juliana Donald
Lia Sargent1 time with
Lia Sargent
Mike Kleinhenz1 time with
Mike Kleinhenz
Yuji Okumoto1 time with
Yuji Okumoto
Rebecca Forstadt1 time with
Rebecca Forstadt
Robert V Barron1 time with
Robert V Barron
Simon Prescott1 time with
Simon Prescott
John Snyder1 time with
John Snyder
Sean ONeel1 time with
Sean ONeel
John Swasey1 time with
John Swasey
Joan Carol OConnell1 time with
Joan Carol OConnell
Mia Korf1 time with
Mia Korf
Bill Fagerbakke1 time with
Bill Fagerbakke
Wally Burr1 time with
Wally Burr
Michael Gregory1 time with
Michael Gregory
Earl Boen1 time with
Earl Boen
Pamela Merrick1 time with
Pamela Merrick
Dorothy Fahn1 time with
Dorothy Fahn
Greg Weisman1 time with
Greg Weisman
Tom Clark1 time with
Tom Clark
Kira Vincent-Davis1 time with
Kira Vincent-Davis
Tamsin Hollo1 time with
Tamsin Hollo
Shawn Taylor1 time with
Shawn Taylor
Garrick Hagon1 time with
Garrick Hagon
Greg Starr1 time with
Greg Starr
Wendee Lee1 time with
Wendee Lee
Melanie MacQueen1 time with
Melanie MacQueen
Frank Catalano1 time with
Frank Catalano
Richard Cansino1 time with
Richard Cansino
Vic Mignogna1 time with
Vic Mignogna
Christian Campbell1 time with
Christian Campbell
Melora Harte1 time with
Melora Harte
Sean Barrett1 time with
Sean Barrett
Karlyn Michelson1 time with
Karlyn Michelson
Keith David1 time with
Keith David
Jean Gilpin1 time with
Jean Gilpin
Taliesin Jaffe1 time with
Taliesin Jaffe
Philip Gough1 time with
Philip Gough
Phil Ross1 time with
Phil Ross
Tony Clay1 time with
Tony Clay
Toni Barry1 time with
Toni Barry
Rick Simone1 time with
Rick Simone
Ardwight Chamberlain1 time with
Ardwight Chamberlain
Susan Chesler1 time with
Susan Chesler
Bob Papenbrook1 time with
Bob Papenbrook
Bridget Hoffman1 time with
Bridget Hoffman
John Dantona1 time with
John Dantona
William Roberts1 time with
William Roberts
Derek Stephen Prince1 time with
Derek Stephen Prince
Eric Meyers1 time with
Eric Meyers
Liza Ross1 time with
Liza Ross
Brigitte Bako1 time with
Brigitte Bako
Robert Axelrod1 time with
Robert Axelrod
Allan Wenger1 time with
Allan Wenger
Bodie Plecas1 time with
Bodie Plecas
Barbara Goodson1 time with
Barbara Goodson
Catherine Battistone1 time with
Catherine Battistone
Michael Sorich1 time with
Michael Sorich
Ray Lonnen1 time with
Ray Lonnen


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