Dave Franco

Dave Franco

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Dave Franco's voice acting career, he has worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 3 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 275
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James Arnold Taylor3 times with
James Arnold Taylor
Fred Tatasciore3 times with
Fred Tatasciore
Alison Brie2 times with
Alison Brie
Doug Nicholas2 times with
Doug Nicholas
Yuri Lowenthal2 times with
Yuri Lowenthal
Todd Hansen2 times with
Todd Hansen
David Sobolov2 times with
David Sobolov
Kari Wahlgren2 times with
Kari Wahlgren
David Burrows2 times with
David Burrows
Josh Keaton2 times with
Josh Keaton
Keith Ferguson1 time with
Keith Ferguson
Freddy Rodriguez1 time with
Freddy Rodriguez
Melissa Sturm1 time with
Melissa Sturm
Channing Tatum1 time with
Channing Tatum
Alex Jayne Go1 time with
Alex Jayne Go
Jeni Dean1 time with
Jeni Dean
Tamara Fritz1 time with
Tamara Fritz
Benjamin Diskin1 time with
Benjamin Diskin
Liam Neeson1 time with
Liam Neeson
Jacqueline Danell Obradors1 time with
Jacqueline Danell Obradors
Bella Thorne1 time with
Bella Thorne
Leiki Veskimets1 time with
Leiki Veskimets
Andy Field1 time with
Andy Field
Dani Chambers1 time with
Dani Chambers
Helen Slayton Hughes1 time with
Helen Slayton Hughes
David Kaye1 time with
David Kaye
Lacey Chabert1 time with
Lacey Chabert
Chris Hardwick1 time with
Chris Hardwick
Jonah Hill1 time with
Jonah Hill
Robbie Daymond1 time with
Robbie Daymond
Kelly Lafferty1 time with
Kelly Lafferty
Toby Turner1 time with
Toby Turner
Jesse Adam1 time with
Jesse Adam
Mike Mitchell1 time with
Mike Mitchell
Oded Fehr1 time with
Oded Fehr
Roger Jackson1 time with
Roger Jackson
Michael Leon Wooley1 time with
Michael Leon Wooley
Yuji Okumoto1 time with
Yuji Okumoto
Laura Kightlinger1 time with
Laura Kightlinger
Charlyne Yi1 time with
Charlyne Yi
Victoria Wong1 time with
Victoria Wong
Nicole Byer1 time with
Nicole Byer
Shadu Jackson1 time with
Shadu Jackson
Scott Menville1 time with
Scott Menville
Vanessa Marshall1 time with
Vanessa Marshall
Dwight Schultz1 time with
Dwight Schultz
Mark Rolston1 time with
Mark Rolston
Sarah Shahi1 time with
Sarah Shahi
Michael Peņa1 time with
Michael Peņa
Michael Strahan1 time with
Michael Strahan
Sandra Espinoza1 time with
Sandra Espinoza
Whitney Moore1 time with
Whitney Moore
Tim Curry1 time with
Tim Curry
Stephen Root1 time with
Stephen Root
Masasa Moyo1 time with
Masasa Moyo
Bryton James1 time with
Bryton James
Lucas Schuneman1 time with
Lucas Schuneman
Ali Wong1 time with
Ali Wong
Maya Tuttle1 time with
Maya Tuttle
Mar Andersons1 time with
Mar Andersons
Crispin Freeman1 time with
Crispin Freeman
Adrian Pasdar1 time with
Adrian Pasdar
Justin Theroux1 time with
Justin Theroux
Chris Romano1 time with
Chris Romano
Adande Thorne1 time with
Adande Thorne
Mel Gorsha1 time with
Mel Gorsha
Sandra Osborne1 time with
Sandra Osborne
Lauren Tom1 time with
Lauren Tom
JB Blanc1 time with
JB Blanc
James Remar1 time with
James Remar
Fred Armisen1 time with
Fred Armisen
Beth Payne1 time with
Beth Payne
Chris Paluszek1 time with
Chris Paluszek
Howard Wang1 time with
Howard Wang
Daniel Moss1 time with
Daniel Moss
Kevin Andrew Rivera1 time with
Kevin Andrew Rivera
Cree Summer1 time with
Cree Summer
Alyson Stoner1 time with
Alyson Stoner
Joel Swetow1 time with
Joel Swetow
Denise Boutte1 time with
Denise Boutte
Daisy Guevara1 time with
Daisy Guevara
Brian Stivale1 time with
Brian Stivale
Randall Park1 time with
Randall Park
Keyondra Shanae1 time with
Keyondra Shanae
Thom Adcox Hernandez1 time with
Thom Adcox Hernandez
Nolan North1 time with
Nolan North
Jason Spisak1 time with
Jason Spisak
Michael T Weiss1 time with
Michael T Weiss
Nicole Dubuc1 time with
Nicole Dubuc
Cobie Smulders1 time with
Cobie Smulders
Natalie Van Sistine1 time with
Natalie Van Sistine
Niko Jeremy Marquez1 time with
Niko Jeremy Marquez
Britt Baron1 time with
Britt Baron
Brent Spiner1 time with
Brent Spiner
Nika Futterman1 time with
Nika Futterman
Rob Lowe1 time with
Rob Lowe
Jacob Vargas1 time with
Jacob Vargas
Kamran Nikhad1 time with
Kamran Nikhad
Julie Shields1 time with
Julie Shields
Jared J. Lee1 time with
Jared J. Lee

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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