Danny Goldman

Danny Goldman

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Danny Goldman's voice acting career, he has worked with Frank Welker the most times ... totalling 7 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 626
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Frank Welker7 times with
Frank Welker
Don Messick5 times with
Don Messick
Michael Bell4 times with
Michael Bell
Alan Oppenheimer4 times with
Alan Oppenheimer
Lucille Bliss4 times with
Lucille Bliss
Jim Cummings4 times with
Jim Cummings
June Foray4 times with
June Foray
Bill Callaway3 times with
Bill Callaway
Pat Musick3 times with
Pat Musick
Hamilton Camp3 times with
Hamilton Camp
Russi Taylor3 times with
Russi Taylor
Charlie Adler3 times with
Charlie Adler
Rob Paulsen2 times with
Rob Paulsen
Jonathan Winters2 times with
Jonathan Winters
Jason Marsden2 times with
Jason Marsden
Ron Perlman2 times with
Ron Perlman
Jean Smart2 times with
Jean Smart
Barry Gordon2 times with
Barry Gordon
BJ Ward2 times with
BJ Ward
Alan Young2 times with
Alan Young
Julie McWhirter Dees2 times with
Julie McWhirter Dees
Robert Ito2 times with
Robert Ito
Henry Polic II2 times with
Henry Polic II
Kip King2 times with
Kip King
Townsend Coleman2 times with
Townsend Coleman
Maurice LaMarche2 times with
Maurice LaMarche
Noelle North2 times with
Noelle North
Hal Smith2 times with
Hal Smith
Paul Eiding2 times with
Paul Eiding
Mark Hamill2 times with
Mark Hamill
Jeff Doucette2 times with
Jeff Doucette
Dorian Harewood2 times with
Dorian Harewood
Rene Auberjonois2 times with
Rene Auberjonois
Seth Green2 times with
Seth Green
Neil Patrick Harris2 times with
Neil Patrick Harris
Paul Winchell2 times with
Paul Winchell
Takayo Fischer2 times with
Takayo Fischer
JoBeth Williams1 time with
JoBeth Williams
Victor Yerrid1 time with
Victor Yerrid
Robert Culp1 time with
Robert Culp
George Dzundza1 time with
George Dzundza
Kevin Shinick1 time with
Kevin Shinick
Lennie Weinrib1 time with
Lennie Weinrib
George Murdock1 time with
George Murdock
Mae Whitman1 time with
Mae Whitman
Nicholas Savalas1 time with
Nicholas Savalas
Laurie O'Brien1 time with
Laurie O'Brien
Saoirse Ronan1 time with
Saoirse Ronan
Todd Haberkorn1 time with
Todd Haberkorn
Ginnifer Goodwin1 time with
Ginnifer Goodwin
Danny Mann1 time with
Danny Mann
Skeet Ulrich1 time with
Skeet Ulrich
Breckin Meyer1 time with
Breckin Meyer
George R R Martin1 time with
George R R Martin
Stuart Pankin1 time with
Stuart Pankin
Marilu Henner1 time with
Marilu Henner
Kat Dennings1 time with
Kat Dennings
Judy Greer1 time with
Judy Greer
James Marsden1 time with
James Marsden
Bruce Timm1 time with
Bruce Timm
Rebecca Gilchrist1 time with
Rebecca Gilchrist
Mona Marshall1 time with
Mona Marshall
Lindsay Crouse1 time with
Lindsay Crouse
Quinton Flynn1 time with
Quinton Flynn
Suzanne Stone1 time with
Suzanne Stone
George DiCenzo1 time with
George DiCenzo
Tamara Garfield1 time with
Tamara Garfield
Alan Rachins1 time with
Alan Rachins
Ross Marquand1 time with
Ross Marquand
Jeannie Elias1 time with
Jeannie Elias
Rick Schroder1 time with
Rick Schroder
Jason Sudeikis1 time with
Jason Sudeikis
Paul Wesley1 time with
Paul Wesley
Jill Talley1 time with
Jill Talley
Scarlett Johansson1 time with
Scarlett Johansson
Michael Des Barres1 time with
Michael Des Barres
Scott Porter1 time with
Scott Porter
Ashton Kutcher1 time with
Ashton Kutcher
Bever-Leigh Banfield1 time with
Bever-Leigh Banfield
Jennifer Darling1 time with
Jennifer Darling
David Haskell1 time with
David Haskell
James Van Der Beek1 time with
James Van Der Beek
Paul Rudd1 time with
Paul Rudd
Zeb Wells1 time with
Zeb Wells
Joe Leahy1 time with
Joe Leahy
Robert Kazinsky1 time with
Robert Kazinsky
Ralph Garman1 time with
Ralph Garman
Eric Weiner1 time with
Eric Weiner
Dom DeLuise1 time with
Dom DeLuise
Wendy Shapero1 time with
Wendy Shapero
Micky Dolenz1 time with
Micky Dolenz
Robert Pastorelli1 time with
Robert Pastorelli
Henry Winkler1 time with
Henry Winkler
Brenda Song1 time with
Brenda Song
Rory Thost1 time with
Rory Thost
Dan Milano1 time with
Dan Milano
Hector Elizondo1 time with
Hector Elizondo
Michael Winslow1 time with
Michael Winslow
John Moschitta1 time with
John Moschitta
Virginia Capers1 time with
Virginia Capers

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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