Chuck Kourouklis

Chuck Kourouklis

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Chuck Kourouklis's voice acting career, he has worked with Roger Jackson the most times ... totalling 6 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 162
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Roger Jackson6 times with
Roger Jackson
Andrew Chaikin5 times with
Andrew Chaikin
Brian Sommer4 times with
Brian Sommer
Gavin Hammon4 times with
Gavin Hammon
Adam Harrington4 times with
Adam Harrington
Erik Braa4 times with
Erik Braa
Terry McGovern4 times with
Terry McGovern
Ruby Butterfield3 times with
Ruby Butterfield
Melissa Hutchison3 times with
Melissa Hutchison
Dave Fennoy3 times with
Dave Fennoy
Julian Kwasneski3 times with
Julian Kwasneski
Vegas E. Trip3 times with
Vegas E. Trip
Cissy Jones3 times with
Cissy Jones
Rebecca Schweitzer3 times with
Rebecca Schweitzer
Owen Thomas3 times with
Owen Thomas
Nicki Rapp3 times with
Nicki Rapp
Erin Yvette2 times with
Erin Yvette
Rashida Clendening2 times with
Rashida Clendening
Mark Barbolak2 times with
Mark Barbolak
Jacob Battersby2 times with
Jacob Battersby
Anthony Lam2 times with
Anthony Lam
Benjie Ross2 times with
Benjie Ross
David Boyll2 times with
David Boyll
Clarence Lum2 times with
Clarence Lum
Sam Joan2 times with
Sam Joan
Ben Knoll2 times with
Ben Knoll
Colin Benoit2 times with
Colin Benoit
Tim Talbot2 times with
Tim Talbot
Ryan Kaufman2 times with
Ryan Kaufman
Jared Emerson-Johnson2 times with
Jared Emerson-Johnson
Cathleen Riddley2 times with
Cathleen Riddley
Nick Herman1 time with
Nick Herman
Amy Ingersoll1 time with
Amy Ingersoll
Cia Court1 time with
Cia Court
Christina Marie1 time with
Christina Marie
Katie Leigh1 time with
Katie Leigh
Susan DeMerit1 time with
Susan DeMerit
Dorothy Gallagher1 time with
Dorothy Gallagher
Chris Abell1 time with
Chris Abell
Doug Boyd1 time with
Doug Boyd
John Douglas Joy1 time with
John Douglas Joy
Sirenetta Leoni1 time with
Sirenetta Leoni
Benjamin Trapp1 time with
Benjamin Trapp
Deborah Eliezer1 time with
Deborah Eliezer
Nora Magyar1 time with
Nora Magyar
Matthew Chavez1 time with
Matthew Chavez
Johnny Rose1 time with
Johnny Rose
Chris Waltner1 time with
Chris Waltner
Lea Gulino1 time with
Lea Gulino
Wally Wingert1 time with
Wally Wingert
Jace Smykel1 time with
Jace Smykel
Kevin Howarth1 time with
Kevin Howarth
Lou Spiegel1 time with
Lou Spiegel
Jeff Kramer1 time with
Jeff Kramer
Kevin Burns1 time with
Kevin Burns
Javier J Espinosa1 time with
Javier J Espinosa
Sydney Rainin1 time with
Sydney Rainin
CJ Norde1 time with
CJ Norde
Andrew Langley1 time with
Andrew Langley
Rudy Muldoon1 time with
Rudy Muldoon
Cristina Milizia1 time with
Cristina Milizia
Kevin Blackton1 time with
Kevin Blackton
Peter Barto1 time with
Peter Barto
Graham Ross1 time with
Graham Ross
Andy Kay1 time with
Andy Kay
Luis Daniel Ramirez Santiago1 time with
Luis Daniel Ramirez Santiago
Dominic Armato1 time with
Dominic Armato
Max Kaufman1 time with
Max Kaufman
Will Wheeler1 time with
Will Wheeler
Wendy Levy1 time with
Wendy Levy
Earl Boen1 time with
Earl Boen
Sean Ainsworth1 time with
Sean Ainsworth
Molly Benson1 time with
Molly Benson
Robert Vickers1 time with
Robert Vickers
William Kasten1 time with
William Kasten
Jolie Menzel1 time with
Jolie Menzel
Rebekah Gamin1 time with
Rebekah Gamin
Noam Smooha1 time with
Noam Smooha
Evan Wood1 time with
Evan Wood
Majus Fietzek1 time with
Majus Fietzek
Lisa Hilgers1 time with
Lisa Hilgers
Andrew Ceglio1 time with
Andrew Ceglio
Jason Pimentel1 time with
Jason Pimentel
Jonathan Straw1 time with
Jonathan Straw
Stephen Kearney1 time with
Stephen Kearney
Phillip Adrian Vasquez1 time with
Phillip Adrian Vasquez
Laura Bailey1 time with
Laura Bailey
Evelyn Huynh1 time with
Evelyn Huynh
Irene Trapp1 time with
Irene Trapp
Mark Middleton1 time with
Mark Middleton
James Dzierwa1 time with
James Dzierwa
Dustin Rubin1 time with
Dustin Rubin
Sam O'Byrne1 time with
Sam O'Byrne
Alan Johnson1 time with
Alan Johnson
Jason Victor1 time with
Jason Victor
Peggy VanPatten1 time with
Peggy VanPatten
Bruce Blau1 time with
Bruce Blau
Amy Provenzano1 time with
Amy Provenzano
Eric Parsons1 time with
Eric Parsons
Alexandra Ament1 time with
Alexandra Ament

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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