Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Christopher Lee's voice acting career, they have worked with Chris Edgerly the most times ... totalling 4 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 231
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Chris Edgerly4 times with
Chris Edgerly
John Rhys Davies3 times with
John Rhys Davies
Ian McKellen3 times with
Ian McKellen
Corey Burton2 times with
Corey Burton
Frank Welker2 times with
Frank Welker
Ryan O'Donohue2 times with
Ryan O'Donohue
Crispin Freeman2 times with
Crispin Freeman
Richard Epcar2 times with
Richard Epcar
Kirk Thornton2 times with
Kirk Thornton
Haley Joel Osment2 times with
Haley Joel Osment
Kevin Michael Richardson2 times with
Kevin Michael Richardson
Quinton Flynn2 times with
Quinton Flynn
Roger Jackson2 times with
Roger Jackson
David Gallagher2 times with
David Gallagher
James Arnold Taylor2 times with
James Arnold Taylor
Brian George2 times with
Brian George
Robin Atkin Downes2 times with
Robin Atkin Downes
Elijah Wood2 times with
Elijah Wood
Stephen Stanton2 times with
Stephen Stanton
Ken Sansom2 times with
Ken Sansom
James Patrick Stuart2 times with
James Patrick Stuart
Bill Farmer2 times with
Bill Farmer
Jesse McCartney2 times with
Jesse McCartney
Tony Anselmo2 times with
Tony Anselmo
Paul St Peter2 times with
Paul St Peter
Paul Whitehouse2 times with
Paul Whitehouse
Michael Gough2 times with
Michael Gough
Enn Reitel2 times with
Enn Reitel
Jane Horrocks2 times with
Jane Horrocks
Andy Serkis2 times with
Andy Serkis
Jo Anne Worley2 times with
Jo Anne Worley
David Dayan Fisher2 times with
David Dayan Fisher
Sean Astin2 times with
Sean Astin
Wayne Allwine2 times with
Wayne Allwine
Angela Lansbury2 times with
Angela Lansbury
Billy Boyd2 times with
Billy Boyd
Rob Rackstraw2 times with
Rob Rackstraw
Jason Carter2 times with
Jason Carter
Dominic Monaghan2 times with
Dominic Monaghan
Dan Castellaneta1 time with
Dan Castellaneta
Will Friedle1 time with
Will Friedle
Tress MacNeille1 time with
Tress MacNeille
Tara Strong1 time with
Tara Strong
Jack Angel1 time with
Jack Angel
Jim Cummings1 time with
Jim Cummings
Kath Soucie1 time with
Kath Soucie
George Newbern1 time with
George Newbern
David Ogden Stiers1 time with
David Ogden Stiers
Christopher Daniel Barnes1 time with
Christopher Daniel Barnes
Robert Costanzo1 time with
Robert Costanzo
Gilbert Gottfried1 time with
Gilbert Gottfried
Rachael Leigh Cook1 time with
Rachael Leigh Cook
Gregg Berger1 time with
Gregg Berger
Russi Taylor1 time with
Russi Taylor
Cam Clarke1 time with
Cam Clarke
Jeff Bennett1 time with
Jeff Bennett
Steve Blum1 time with
Steve Blum
Carlos Alazraqui1 time with
Carlos Alazraqui
Don Messick1 time with
Don Messick
Dave Wittenberg1 time with
Dave Wittenberg
Vincent Corazza1 time with
Vincent Corazza
Derek Stephen Prince1 time with
Derek Stephen Prince
Wally Wingert1 time with
Wally Wingert
Mae Whitman1 time with
Mae Whitman
Jess Harnell1 time with
Jess Harnell
Scott Weinger1 time with
Scott Weinger
Linda Larkin1 time with
Linda Larkin
Tom Kane1 time with
Tom Kane
Charles Martinet1 time with
Charles Martinet
Chris Sarandon1 time with
Chris Sarandon
Brittany Snow1 time with
Brittany Snow
Dee Bradley Baker1 time with
Dee Bradley Baker
Vanessa Marshall1 time with
Vanessa Marshall
Jonathan Taylor Thomas1 time with
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Hugo Weaving1 time with
Hugo Weaving
Kevin Delaney1 time with
Kevin Delaney
Doug Erholtz1 time with
Doug Erholtz
Kim Mai Guest1 time with
Kim Mai Guest
Michael J. Gough1 time with
Michael J. Gough
Sean Marquette1 time with
Sean Marquette
Rene Auberjonois1 time with
Rene Auberjonois
Andre Stojka1 time with
Andre Stojka
Lani Minella1 time with
Lani Minella
Cheech Marin1 time with
Cheech Marin
Robert Guillaume1 time with
Robert Guillaume
Ernie Sabella1 time with
Ernie Sabella
James Earl Jones1 time with
James Earl Jones
Jodi Benson1 time with
Jodi Benson
Pat Carroll1 time with
Pat Carroll
Kenneth Mars1 time with
Kenneth Mars
Steve Burton1 time with
Steve Burton
Keith Ferguson1 time with
Keith Ferguson
Hedy Burress1 time with
Hedy Burress
Isaac C Singleton Jr1 time with
Isaac C Singleton Jr
Glenn Shadix1 time with
Glenn Shadix
James Horan1 time with
James Horan
Paul Frees1 time with
Paul Frees
Matthew Russell Wood1 time with
Matthew Russell Wood
Samuel L Jackson1 time with
Samuel L Jackson
James Woods1 time with
James Woods

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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