Christopher Gray

Christopher Gray

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Christopher Gray's voice acting career, they have worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 5 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 107
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Paul Dobson5 times with
Paul Dobson
Kathleen Barr5 times with
Kathleen Barr
Cathy Weseluck4 times with
Cathy Weseluck
Scott McNeil4 times with
Scott McNeil
David Kaye3 times with
David Kaye
Andrea Libman3 times with
Andrea Libman
Michael Dobson3 times with
Michael Dobson
Jim Byrnes3 times with
Jim Byrnes
Ellen Kennedy3 times with
Ellen Kennedy
Chiara Zanni2 times with
Chiara Zanni
Michael Donovan2 times with
Michael Donovan
Venus Terzo2 times with
Venus Terzo
Chantal Strand2 times with
Chantal Strand
Danny McKinnon2 times with
Danny McKinnon
Kelly Sheridan2 times with
Kelly Sheridan
Colin Murdock2 times with
Colin Murdock
Dale Wilson2 times with
Dale Wilson
Richard Newman2 times with
Richard Newman
Garry Chalk2 times with
Garry Chalk
Andrew Francis2 times with
Andrew Francis
Sam Vincent2 times with
Sam Vincent
Terry Klassen2 times with
Terry Klassen
Maggie Blue OHara2 times with
Maggie Blue OHara
Bill Switzer2 times with
Bill Switzer
Janyse Jaud2 times with
Janyse Jaud
French Tickner2 times with
French Tickner
Christopher Judge1 time with
Christopher Judge
Lee Tockar1 time with
Lee Tockar
Gavin Blair1 time with
Gavin Blair
Alec Willows1 time with
Alec Willows
Debbie Reynolds1 time with
Debbie Reynolds
John Goodman1 time with
John Goodman
Myriam Sirois1 time with
Myriam Sirois
Carmen Twillie1 time with
Carmen Twillie
Matt Hill1 time with
Matt Hill
Brittney Irvin1 time with
Brittney Irvin
Matthew Sinclair1 time with
Matthew Sinclair
Mark Gibbon1 time with
Mark Gibbon
Michael Monroe Heyward1 time with
Michael Monroe Heyward
Ian James Corlett1 time with
Ian James Corlett
Ron Halder1 time with
Ron Halder
Christopher Gaze1 time with
Christopher Gaze
Richard Ian Cox1 time with
Richard Ian Cox
Lenore Zann1 time with
Lenore Zann
Donal Gibson1 time with
Donal Gibson
Pauline Newstone1 time with
Pauline Newstone
Mary Kate Olsen1 time with
Mary Kate Olsen
Kirby Morrow1 time with
Kirby Morrow
Don Brown1 time with
Don Brown
Judith Maxie1 time with
Judith Maxie
John Novak1 time with
John Novak
Eric Idle1 time with
Eric Idle
Gillian Anderson1 time with
Gillian Anderson
Mike Coleman1 time with
Mike Coleman
Alex Doduk1 time with
Alex Doduk
Jesse Moss1 time with
Jesse Moss
Moneca Stori1 time with
Moneca Stori
Long John Baldry1 time with
Long John Baldry
Terry Chen1 time with
Terry Chen
Tabitha St Germain1 time with
Tabitha St Germain
Eric Pospisil1 time with
Eric Pospisil
Andrew Doucette1 time with
Andrew Doucette
Alexandra Carter1 time with
Alexandra Carter
Elizabeth Carol Savenkoff1 time with
Elizabeth Carol Savenkoff
Michael Benyaer1 time with
Michael Benyaer
Vanessa Morley1 time with
Vanessa Morley
Megan Leitch1 time with
Megan Leitch
John Payne1 time with
John Payne
Shirley Millner1 time with
Shirley Millner
Meghan Carey Black1 time with
Meghan Carey Black
Sharon Alexander1 time with
Sharon Alexander
Tyler Thompson1 time with
Tyler Thompson
Blu Mankuma1 time with
Blu Mankuma
Lisa Ann Beley1 time with
Lisa Ann Beley
Phil Hayes1 time with
Phil Hayes
Mark Hildreth1 time with
Mark Hildreth
Bob Newhart1 time with
Bob Newhart
Michael Adamthwaite1 time with
Michael Adamthwaite
Richard Simmons1 time with
Richard Simmons
Tony Sampson1 time with
Tony Sampson
Whoopi Goldberg1 time with
Whoopi Goldberg
Brendan Beiser1 time with
Brendan Beiser
Alessandro Juliani1 time with
Alessandro Juliani
Gabe Khouth1 time with
Gabe Khouth
Colombe Demers1 time with
Colombe Demers
Rhys Huber1 time with
Rhys Huber
Kaj Erik Eriksen1 time with
Kaj Erik Eriksen
Neil Denis1 time with
Neil Denis
Teryl Rothery1 time with
Teryl Rothery
David A Kaye1 time with
David A Kaye
Michael Kopsa1 time with
Michael Kopsa
Colleen Wheeler1 time with
Colleen Wheeler
Giacomo Baessato1 time with
Giacomo Baessato
Saffron Henderson1 time with
Saffron Henderson
Andrew Kavadas1 time with
Andrew Kavadas
Jason Connery1 time with
Jason Connery
Campbell Lane1 time with
Campbell Lane
Kirsten Williamson1 time with
Kirsten Williamson
Stevie Vallance1 time with
Stevie Vallance
Kimberly Hawthorne1 time with
Kimberly Hawthorne

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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