Chinatsu Hirose

Chinatsu Hirose


Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Chinatsu Hirose's voice acting career, they have worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 2 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 107
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Eiji Hanawa2 times with
Eiji Hanawa
Kōki Uchiyama2 times with
Kōki Uchiyama
Reina Ueda2 times with
Reina Ueda
Haruka Shiraishi2 times with
Haruka Shiraishi
Ikuto Kanemasa2 times with
Ikuto Kanemasa
Kotomi Aihara2 times with
Kotomi Aihara
Kotono Mitsuishi1 time with
Kotono Mitsuishi
Nobuo Tobita1 time with
Nobuo Tobita
Mai Nakahara1 time with
Mai Nakahara
Mitsuru Miyamoto1 time with
Mitsuru Miyamoto
Junichi Suwabe1 time with
Junichi Suwabe
Banjō Ginga1 time with
Banjō Ginga
Gara Takashima1 time with
Gara Takashima
Hiroshi Naka1 time with
Hiroshi Naka
Hiroki Tōchi1 time with
Hiroki Tōchi
Satoshi Hino1 time with
Satoshi Hino
Daisuke Namikawa1 time with
Daisuke Namikawa
Hidenobu Kiuchi1 time with
Hidenobu Kiuchi
Mitsuru Ogata1 time with
Mitsuru Ogata
Daisuke Hirakawa1 time with
Daisuke Hirakawa
Sayuri Sadaoka1 time with
Sayuri Sadaoka
Manta Yamamoto1 time with
Manta Yamamoto
Atsushi Ono1 time with
Atsushi Ono
Yasuhiro Mamiya1 time with
Yasuhiro Mamiya
Takuma Terashima1 time with
Takuma Terashima
Shunsuke Sakuya1 time with
Shunsuke Sakuya
Hironori Kondo1 time with
Hironori Kondo
Mami Fujita1 time with
Mami Fujita
Takahiro Fujiwara1 time with
Takahiro Fujiwara
Junichi Yanagita1 time with
Junichi Yanagita
Aya Suzaki1 time with
Aya Suzaki
Ai Kakuma1 time with
Ai Kakuma
Kosuke Kobayashi1 time with
Kosuke Kobayashi
Masamichi Kitada1 time with
Masamichi Kitada
Yoshihito Sasaki1 time with
Yoshihito Sasaki
Satoshi Mikami1 time with
Satoshi Mikami
Takayuki Miyamoto1 time with
Takayuki Miyamoto
Miku Ito1 time with
Miku Ito
Sumire Uesaka1 time with
Sumire Uesaka
Makoto Furukawa1 time with
Makoto Furukawa
Misa Kato1 time with
Misa Kato
Inori Minase1 time with
Inori Minase
Riho Sugiyama1 time with
Riho Sugiyama
Toshiki Iwasawa1 time with
Toshiki Iwasawa
Junya Enoki1 time with
Junya Enoki
Naoto Kobayashi1 time with
Naoto Kobayashi
Ryosuke Higa1 time with
Ryosuke Higa
Ruriko Aoki1 time with
Ruriko Aoki
Kaede Hondo1 time with
Kaede Hondo
Rina Honizumi1 time with
Rina Honizumi
Koichi Soma1 time with
Koichi Soma
Yu Wakabayashi1 time with
Yu Wakabayashi
Miyu Tomita1 time with
Miyu Tomita
Takahiro Shimada1 time with
Takahiro Shimada
Akiha Matsui1 time with
Akiha Matsui
Chikahiro Kobayashi1 time with
Chikahiro Kobayashi
Taiki Yamashita1 time with
Taiki Yamashita
Koji Okino1 time with
Koji Okino
Misao Kobayashi1 time with
Misao Kobayashi
Masafumi Kobatake1 time with
Masafumi Kobatake
Taito Ban1 time with
Taito Ban
Hinata Tadokoro1 time with
Hinata Tadokoro
Daichi Hayashi1 time with
Daichi Hayashi
Ryota Suzuki1 time with
Ryota Suzuki
Yuji Murai1 time with
Yuji Murai
Yuichi Jose1 time with
Yuichi Jose
Wakana Kowaka1 time with
Wakana Kowaka
Yohei Hamada1 time with
Yohei Hamada
Akihiro Tajima1 time with
Akihiro Tajima
Yukiko Motoyoshi1 time with
Yukiko Motoyoshi
Akane Ouchi1 time with
Akane Ouchi
Mirei Kumagai1 time with
Mirei Kumagai
Hazuki Ogino1 time with
Hazuki Ogino
Yuuki Shin1 time with
Yuuki Shin
Natsumi Haruse1 time with
Natsumi Haruse
Yujiro Kakuda1 time with
Yujiro Kakuda
Katsuyuki Miura1 time with
Katsuyuki Miura
Mayu Minami1 time with
Mayu Minami
Shota Hayama1 time with
Shota Hayama
Ayako Mitani1 time with
Ayako Mitani
Shion Wakayama1 time with
Shion Wakayama
Eiji Yoshitomi1 time with
Eiji Yoshitomi
Mitsuki Nakamura1 time with
Mitsuki Nakamura
Masaki Nakanishi1 time with
Masaki Nakanishi
Tomohiro Ono1 time with
Tomohiro Ono
Takumi Takiguchi1 time with
Takumi Takiguchi
Kazuki Kyan1 time with
Kazuki Kyan
Genta Nakamura1 time with
Genta Nakamura
Shinya Nishiyama1 time with
Shinya Nishiyama
Masayuki Sato1 time with
Masayuki Sato
Seiyu Fujiwara1 time with
Seiyu Fujiwara
Kozue Saito1 time with
Kozue Saito
Ayato Morinaga1 time with
Ayato Morinaga
Haruna Mikawa1 time with
Haruna Mikawa
Anna Kitamoto1 time with
Anna Kitamoto
Reina Takeshita1 time with
Reina Takeshita
Kakeru Hatano1 time with
Kakeru Hatano
Naoyuki Ageishi1 time with
Naoyuki Ageishi
Miyu Terashima1 time with
Miyu Terashima
Daisuke Ogawa1 time with
Daisuke Ogawa

(The displayed list is limited to the Top 100 team ups)


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