Chelsea Miller

Chelsea Miller

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Chelsea Miller's voice acting career, she has worked with Alyssya Swales the most times ... totalling 3 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 74
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Alyssya Swales3 times with
Alyssya Swales
Kathleen Barr2 times with
Kathleen Barr
Claire Corlett2 times with
Claire Corlett
Michael Adamthwaite2 times with
Michael Adamthwaite
Kazumi Evans2 times with
Kazumi Evans
Sam Vincent2 times with
Sam Vincent
Bronwen Holmes2 times with
Bronwen Holmes
Rebecca Shoichet2 times with
Rebecca Shoichet
Taylor Dianne Robinson2 times with
Taylor Dianne Robinson
Kelly Sheridan2 times with
Kelly Sheridan
Amelia Shoichet-Stoll2 times with
Amelia Shoichet-Stoll
Michael Daingerfield2 times with
Michael Daingerfield
David A Kaye2 times with
David A Kaye
Morgan Taylor Campbell1 time with
Morgan Taylor Campbell
Patricia Drake1 time with
Patricia Drake
Natasha Strickey1 time with
Natasha Strickey
Lucas Gilbertson1 time with
Lucas Gilbertson
Tim Dixon1 time with
Tim Dixon
Griffin Kingston1 time with
Griffin Kingston
Neil Minor1 time with
Neil Minor
Brian Drummond1 time with
Brian Drummond
Rhona Rees1 time with
Rhona Rees
Maryke Hendrikse1 time with
Maryke Hendrikse
Allie Campbell1 time with
Allie Campbell
Gabe Khouth1 time with
Gabe Khouth
Octavian Kaul1 time with
Octavian Kaul
Reece Thompson1 time with
Reece Thompson
Logan Gervais1 time with
Logan Gervais
Brenda M Crichlow1 time with
Brenda M Crichlow
Adam Pateman1 time with
Adam Pateman
Carol Anne Day1 time with
Carol Anne Day
Joanne Wilson1 time with
Joanne Wilson
Dean Redman1 time with
Dean Redman
Bill Newton1 time with
Bill Newton
Adrian Petriw1 time with
Adrian Petriw
William Ashman1 time with
William Ashman
Richard Newman1 time with
Richard Newman
Jeff Evans Todd1 time with
Jeff Evans Todd
Tenaj Williams1 time with
Tenaj Williams
Matt Edworthy1 time with
Matt Edworthy
Don Brown1 time with
Don Brown
Sabrina Pitre1 time with
Sabrina Pitre
Lee Tockar1 time with
Lee Tockar
Sunni Westbrook1 time with
Sunni Westbrook
Peter New1 time with
Peter New
Aidan Wessels1 time with
Aidan Wessels
Paul Dobson1 time with
Paul Dobson
Kira Tozer1 time with
Kira Tozer
Erica Lindbeck1 time with
Erica Lindbeck
Brittney Irvin1 time with
Brittney Irvin
Roger Rhodes1 time with
Roger Rhodes
Alex Barima1 time with
Alex Barima
Mark Oliver1 time with
Mark Oliver
Valin Shinyei1 time with
Valin Shinyei
Scott McNeil1 time with
Scott McNeil
Mike Shepherd1 time with
Mike Shepherd
Zachary Young1 time with
Zachary Young
Michael Kopsa1 time with
Michael Kopsa
Rebecca Husain1 time with
Rebecca Husain
Brady Roberts1 time with
Brady Roberts
Russell Roberts1 time with
Russell Roberts
Katrina Salisbury1 time with
Katrina Salisbury
Adam Hunter1 time with
Adam Hunter
Phoebe Lawrenson1 time with
Phoebe Lawrenson
Natasha Calis1 time with
Natasha Calis
Marco Soriano1 time with
Marco Soriano
Tabitha St Germain1 time with
Tabitha St Germain
Mark Acheson1 time with
Mark Acheson
Evans Johnson1 time with
Evans Johnson
Murray Farnell1 time with
Murray Farnell
Matthew Scaglione1 time with
Matthew Scaglione
Matt Hill1 time with
Matt Hill
Michael Strusievici1 time with
Michael Strusievici
Brian Dobson1 time with
Brian Dobson


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