Carrie Gordon-Lowrey

Carrie Gordon-Lowrey

Team Ups - VAs Most Worked With

Over the course of Carrie Gordon-Lowrey's voice acting career, she has worked the most with multiple voice actors ... totalling 3 team ups / collaborations across various titles *.

* Numbers above and below reflect titles and credits on BTVA that VAs have both voiced a character or more in (excludes Additional Voices).

Voice Actors Worked With on BTVA: 69
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Michael McConnohie3 times with
Michael McConnohie
Lani Minella3 times with
Lani Minella
Amanda Winn Lee3 times with
Amanda Winn Lee
Ed Trotta3 times with
Ed Trotta
Michael J. Gough2 times with
Michael J. Gough
Ari Ross2 times with
Ari Ross
David Jean Thomas2 times with
David Jean Thomas
Milton James2 times with
Milton James
Jeff Hobbs2 times with
Jeff Hobbs
Liana Young2 times with
Liana Young
Michael Bell2 times with
Michael Bell
Lia Sargent2 times with
Lia Sargent
Jessica Straus2 times with
Jessica Straus
Larry B Scott2 times with
Larry B Scott
Jan Rabson1 time with
Jan Rabson
Sara Thomas1 time with
Sara Thomas
Matthew Yang King1 time with
Matthew Yang King
Nina Minton1 time with
Nina Minton
Jonathan Stark1 time with
Jonathan Stark
Allison Keith1 time with
Allison Keith
William H Bassett1 time with
William H Bassett
Frank Gorshin1 time with
Frank Gorshin
Melodee Spevack1 time with
Melodee Spevack
Tiffany Hayes1 time with
Tiffany Hayes
Glenn Wissner1 time with
Glenn Wissner
Piera Coppola1 time with
Piera Coppola
Jim Killeen1 time with
Jim Killeen
Mona Marshall1 time with
Mona Marshall
Kai Vilhelmsen1 time with
Kai Vilhelmsen
Tony Pope1 time with
Tony Pope
Paul Eiding1 time with
Paul Eiding
Eve Brent1 time with
Eve Brent
Deem Bristow1 time with
Deem Bristow
Rebecca Lowman1 time with
Rebecca Lowman
Barbara Goodson1 time with
Barbara Goodson
Derek Stephen Prince1 time with
Derek Stephen Prince
Bill Roper1 time with
Bill Roper
Justin Gross1 time with
Justin Gross
Josh Synard1 time with
Josh Synard
Roz Witt1 time with
Roz Witt
Gary Gillett1 time with
Gary Gillett
Crispin Freeman1 time with
Crispin Freeman
Rachel Quaintance1 time with
Rachel Quaintance
Dave Wittenberg1 time with
Dave Wittenberg
Victor Raider-Wexler1 time with
Victor Raider-Wexler
David Lodge1 time with
David Lodge
Brian George1 time with
Brian George
Jeff Winkless1 time with
Jeff Winkless
Bernie Wilkins1 time with
Bernie Wilkins
Paula Tiso1 time with
Paula Tiso
Bryce Papenbrook1 time with
Bryce Papenbrook
James Harper1 time with
James Harper
Jodi Fleisher1 time with
Jodi Fleisher
Edie Mirman1 time with
Edie Mirman
Martitia Palmer1 time with
Martitia Palmer
Brian Morri1 time with
Brian Morri
Steve Blum1 time with
Steve Blum
Castulo Guerra1 time with
Castulo Guerra
Richard Epcar1 time with
Richard Epcar
Steve McGowan1 time with
Steve McGowan
Liam O'Brien1 time with
Liam O'Brien
Glynnis Talken-Campbell1 time with
Glynnis Talken-Campbell
Doug Stone1 time with
Doug Stone
Keith Arem1 time with
Keith Arem
Chris Metzen1 time with
Chris Metzen
Jennifer Smithee1 time with
Jennifer Smithee
Wendee Lee1 time with
Wendee Lee
Brian Silva1 time with
Brian Silva
Sandy Fox1 time with
Sandy Fox


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